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Image of "鬼蜘蛛ト狐ノ獅子ト (Onigumo to Kitsune no Shishi to)"
Song title
  • "鬼蜘蛛ト狐ノ獅子ト"
  • Romaji: Onigumo to Kitsune no Shishi to
  • English: The Demon Spider and the Fox-like Lion
Published August 18, 2011 (NND) and November 24, 2011 (YT), with 6,500+ Niconico views and 79,000+ YouTube views
  • masa (music, lyrics, illust, video)
  • Rppi (Miku illust)


Come now, welcome to the brute's nadir
—Author's comment (translated)

"Onigumo to Kitsune no Shishi to" is the first song of The Story of the Kitsune and the Demon, as confirmed by Masa himself.

The story is about the show hosted at the Shishikusa theater, where Ryou Shishikusa (GUMI) tortures and "kills" Akari Oborodzuka (Miku), who curses her before dying.

Masa has stated that Ryou was not conscious of her actions until she killed her, which made her laugh against her will.

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