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Song title
  • "국회"
  • Romaja: Gukhoe
  • English: National Assembly
Published November 22, 2011, with 31,000+ YouTube views

Background Edit

"국회" is an original SeeU song. It's one of the first songs created by Sangnoksu. "국회" is a very basic, abstract criticism of the Korean government. The two lyrics, (국회의사당), compare the Korean republic to a "barn", or that it is full of animals. The criticism is simply stating that the government is not strong, and is poorly organized. The lyrics are continuously repeated throughout the song, and the piece is completely acapella.

* Note that the criticism is not meant to be taken seriously; it is a form of satire, meant to entertain and not be taken too seriously.

Lyrics Edit

Korean (한국어 가사) Romaja (로마자)
국회 gukhoe
국회의사당 gukhoe-uisadang

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