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Song title
  • "*ハロー、プラネット。"
  • English: *Hello, Planet.
  • Official English: *Hello, Planet
Published May 24, 2009, with 4,495,000+ Niconico views and 541,200+ YouTube views


This is the fourth song in the Doomsday Series.

*Hello, Planet. tells the story of an android (portrayed by Miku) who wakes up alone in a shelter. She discovers that the world is in an apocalyptic state. She sets herself to take care of the pot containing the last surviving plant. She waits for it to sprout, and to receive a message from the exterior of the shelter. With neither situation taking place and her master missing, she takes the plant and embarks in a journey to find him.

Throughout her journey, she greets every object and place that she meets in a clueless, innocent, and cheerful way. After beginning to deteriorate and break from the journey, she arrives to where her master is, yet she discovers that he has passed. Stricken with sadness, she begins to cry, and her tears make the plant sprout. She dies, but the plant's vines rise through the sky, time, and space, to finally arrive in heaven, where she meets with her master again.

The PV ends with showing the planet's vegetation as beginning to restore, while it displays the phrase "The Last, LOVE SONG from our planet..." Meanwhile, in the shelter from before, a mysterious letter finally arrives. After the letter's delivery, the "deceased" android is depicted resting next to her master's grave along with the plant growing from the pot.

The PV simulates a video game and is similar to "Nijiiro*Adventure", another sasakure.UK song. A melody from the classic composer Johann Sebastian Bach is present throughout the song.

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This song is featured on the compilation albums Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- extend Complete Collection, DEBUTANTE2, EXIT TUNES PRESENTS STARDOM 2, VOCA NICO☆PARTY, VOCALOID BEST from ニコニコ動画(あお), Hatsune Miku DVD~impacts~, and Hatsune Miku 5th Anniversary Best ~memories~.

It is also featured on sasakure.UK's albums *Hello, Shuumatsu Cine-camera., Lalala Shuumatsu-ron. and Vocaloid wa Shuumatsu Tori no Yume o Miru ka?.

Covers and remixes are located on additional albums.


Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
シェルターのおと ひとりめがさめた sherutaa no oto hitori me ga sameta
ピピピピ とくにいじょうないようだ pipipipi toku ni ijou naiyou da
ポストのなかは きっとカラッポだ posuto no naka wa kitto karappo da
うえきばちのめ きょうもでてこないや uekibachi no me kyou mo detekonai ya

やさしい あおぞら おっこちて yasashii aozora okkochite
しずか しずかな ほしになる shizuka shizuka na hoshi ni naru

つなぐつながる ユメとメトロジカ tsunagu tsunagaru yume to metorojika
まわるまわるよ ミチのエントロピカ mawaru mawaru yo michi no entoropika
イエスか ノーか フシギのコトバニカ iesu ka noo ka fushigi no kotobanika
マエか ウシロか すすめテクノポリカ mae ka ushiro ka susume tekunoporika

"まるばつ さかだち おつきさま" "maru batsu sakadachi otsukisama"
キミをキミを さがしにいきたいの kimi wo kimi wo sagashi ni ikitai no
たのしいはなし もっとしたいの したいの tanoshii wa nashi motto shitai no shitai no

ヒトリボッチのベッドに オハヨーハヨー hitoribocchi no beddo ni ohayoohayoo
シーラカンスのシッポに オハヨーハヨー shiirakansu no shippo ni ohayoohayoo
スフィンクスのナゾナゾに オハヨーハヨー sufinkusu no nazo nazo ni ohayoohayoo
メモリのなかのキミに オハヨーハヨー memori no naka no kimi ni ohayoohayoo

たいせつなモノ たくさんあるけれど taisetsu na mono takusan aru keredo
いまはこれだけ もっていればいい ima wa kore dake motteireba ii
キミがさいごに おしえてくれたモノ kimi ga saigo ni oshietekureta mono
うえきばちのめ きょうもでてこないや uekibachi no me kyou mo detekonai ya

"ガレキの あめだま ふってきた" "gareki no amedama futtekita"
プラスチックでできたカサ さそうよ purasuchikku de dekita kasa sasou yo
ココロ サビついて しまわぬように kokoro sabitsuite shimawanu youni

ヒナタボッコのてんしに オハヨーハヨー hinatabokko no tenshi ni ohayoohayoo
ミズタマダンスのそらに オハヨーハヨー mizutama dansu no sora ni ohayoohayoo
マーマレードのだいちに オハヨーハヨー maamareedo no daichi ni ohayoohayoo
メモリのなかのキミは オハヨーハヨー memori no naka no kimi wa ohayoohayoo

しずかに ねむる きみをみた shizuka ni nemuru kimi wo mita
ポタリ ポタリ オトをたててシズク potari potari oto wo tatete shizuku
どうして かなしいよ doushite kanashii yo
こんなに コンナニ   コ ン ナ  ニ .... konnani konnani ko n na ni....

チキュウぼっこのラブに オハヨーハヨー chikyuubokko no rabu ni ohayoohayoo
あさとひるとよるに オハヨーハヨー asa to hiru to yoru ni ohayoohayoo
ウチュウギンガのリズムに オハヨーハヨー uchuu ginga no rizumu ni ohayoohayoo
アダムとイブのあいだに オハヨーハヨー adamu to ibu no aida ni ohayoohayoo

あいたかったの"キミ"に オハヨーハヨー aitakatta no "kimi" ni ohayoohayoo
うまれたばかりの"キミ"に オハヨーハヨー… umareta bakari no "kimi" ni ohayoohayoo...


ASK's Cover
Featuring ASK
Category Human cover
Ritsuka's Cover
Featuring Ritsuka
Category Human cover
Nico Nico Chorus
Featuring Various
Category Nico Nico Chorus


A combination of utaites, ensoushitemitas, odorites, and Brother-P's PV.

Brother-P's PV
Featuring Hatsune Miku
Category Fanmade PV


An animation PV of the original PV by Brother-P. This PV became quite popular, reaching over 800,000 views on Nico Nico.
FerretGirl3's MMD PV
Featuring Hatsune Miku
Category MMD PV


An MMD PV made for the 1st MOMI CUP.

Raishi's Pokemon Parody
Featuring Hatsune Miku
Category Fanmade PV; Parody


A Pokemon Parody by Raishi.

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Piano sheet music appeared in the Piano Solo Yasashiku Hikeru 2 collection.


This song was featured in the following concerts.


This song received its own mini-game in the expansion pack for Project DIVA: "DLC 1: Miku Uta, Okawari". This is a platform video game with 4 levels, and an 8-bit style similar to the one shown in the original PV. It also features two different endings.

Featured in the game(s)...
Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- (DLC) YouTube
Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- extend YouTube
Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- Arcade Niconico YouTube
Miku Flick/02 (DLC)
Hatsune Miku Project mirai 2 YouTube


  • The final score shown in the PV, "105900", actually is wordplay. The number 1059 can be read as 10-5-9 (テン-五-九 ten-go-ku). 天国 (Tengoku) means 'heaven', which fits with the moment when Miku ascends to Heaven and meets her beloved one.[1] There are also multiple other references, such as 003390 for Sasakure, while 022160, nijiiro, has been speculated to be related to Nijiiro*Adventure, another sasakure.UK song with a similar style of PV.



  1. OtakuxGamer - a look back: Hatsune Miku looks good in 8 bits

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