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*Luna is a music producer. Debuting since early 2012, they primarily used GUMI in their works. Since 2015, their choice of VOCALOIDs have ranged variously, this includes Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Len, IA.

Known for their relatively rapid music production, they have released various albums so far. On some occasions, they have posted new songs in short span of time. In recent years, their music has been more well-received, with many of their videos consecutively exceeds 100,000 views on Niconico and especially YouTube. Their most notable song is "Manic", which has gained over 1 million views.

They are also the creator of the "Nouryokusha Series" (能力者シリーズ).

STATUS:January 2012 → Present
GENRE:Pop; Ballad
ASSOCIATIONS:Bibi; Haluo; Omutatsu; Zhibujiloom
OFFICIAL:Website: Wix,
Blog: Blogspot, Ameba
URL(s)Channels: Niconico, YouTube, SoundCloud, piapro, bilibili, Spotify, nana
Social Media:Tumblr, Twitter, LINE
Misc: Bandcamp, Booth, Pixiv, Apple Music, LINE Music
PLAYLIST(s):MyList, YouTube
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "Chase" (GUMI) (Jan.22.2012)
  2. "Natsukure" (GUMI) (Feb.05.2012)
  3. "Disappear" (GUMI) (Feb.17.2012)
  4. "Kotonoha" (GUMI) (Mar.03.2012)
  5. "Hantai Kotoba" (GUMI) (Mar.29.2012)
  6. "Restore" (GUMI) (May.18.2012)
  7. "Kimi to Boku no Michi" (GUMI) (Jun.23.2012)
  8. "Natsuiro Container" (GUMI) (Sep.10.2012)
  9. "Koko Dake no Hanashi" (GUMI) (Sep.14.2012)
  10. "Sogai-Disembroil" (GUMI) (Oct.06.2012)
  11. "Anki-Manipulate" (GUMI) (Oct.20.2012)
  12. "Bankai-Distinct" (GUMI) (Nov.03.2012)
  13. "Haiki-Artificial" (GUMI) (Nov.03.2012)
  14. "Kairi-Engender" (GUMI) (Nov.11.2012)
  15. "Kaimaku-Replacement" (GUMI) (Nov.17.2012)
  16. "Giman-Disable" (GUMI) (Dec.01.2012)
  17. "Placard" (GUMI) (Jan.04.2013)
  18. "Valentine no Uta" (GUMI) (Feb.18.2013)
  19. "Manatsubi Step" (GUMI) (Aug.25.2013)
  20. "Natsu no Kaze no Mukou" (GUMI) (Nov.18.2013)
  21. "ACCEPTANCE" (GUMI) (Jan.03.2014)
  22. "Enshi" (GUMI) (Apr.18.2014)
  23. "Shittoshin" (GUMI) (Jun.20.2014)
  24. "Natsuiro Container (acoustic ver)" (GUMI, Rana) (Jun.27.2014)
  25. "Connection" (GUMI) (Jul.05.2014)
  26. "Yaruki ga Denai" (GUMI) (Jul.12.2014)
  27. "Wasurenai Mono" (GUMI) (Jul.18.2014)
  28. "Yumeoi Katari" (GUMI) (Jul.25.2014)
  29. "Kimatsu Shiken" (GUMI) (Aug.01.2014)
  30. "Kotonoha (Remake)" (GUMI) (Dec.14.2014)
  31. "Tsumaranai Hito" (GUMI) (Jan.23.2015)
  32. "Super Child" (IA, GUMI) (Feb.01.2015)
  33. "Oh My Darling" (GUMI) (Feb.06.2015)
  34. "Dance Party ☆ Midnight on 2.14" (GUMI) (Feb.14.2015)
  35. "Yonaoshi Rockin Girl" (GUMI) (Mar.20.2015)
  36. "Ostracized" (GUMI) (Mar.29.2015)
  37. "Harukase Nostalgy" (GUMI) (May.15.2015)
  38. "Veil no Oku o Nozokanaide" (GUMI) (May.22.2015)
  39. "Favorite" (GUMI) (Jun.06.2015)
  40. "White" (GUMI) (Jul.26.2015)
  41. "Fräulein=Biblioteca" (flower) (Collab with bibi) (Song of nyanyannya) (Jul.26.2015)
  42. "Boku wa Tobu" (GUMI) (Aug.09.2015)
  43. "Kimi to Byebye" (Miku) (Aug.31.2015)
  44. "Natsu no Kouri Kimi no Kage" (GUMI) (Sep.03.2015)
  45. "Affected Girl" (GUMI) (Oct.28.2015)
  46. "classroom" (Chika, KAITO, KYO, Lily, MAYU, MEIKO, flower, VY1, Rion, Anon, Kanon Zunko, Yuki, Piko, Iroha, Yukari) (Nov.01.2015)
  47. "Shittoshin" (Rana) (Self-Cover) (Nov.19.2015)
  48. "Illumination Gift (GUMI) (Dec.25.2015)
  49. "Main Character" (Len) (Apr.23.2016)
  50. "Natsu no Kouri to Kimi no Kage" (acoustic ver) (GUMI) (Aug.15.2016)
  51. "Conceited Boy" (IA) (Sep.12.2016)
  52. "Walker" (Miku) (Sep.19.2016)
  53. "Natsu no Mahou" (IA) (Sep.30.2016)
  54. "Hanauta Shopping" (Rin) (Oct.7.2016)
  55. "Yorimo" (GUMI) (Nov.19.2016)
  56. "ACCEPTANCE (Remake)" (GUMI) (Dec.24.2016)
  57. "Apostrophe" (Len) (Dec.29.2016)
  58. "Reunion" (GUMI) (Dec.31.2016)
  59. "Harukaze Nostalgy" (GUMI) (Feb.24.2017)
  60. "Sugar Addiction" (GUMI) (Mar.31.2017)
  61. "Haru no Mahou" (IA) (Apr.7.2017)
  62. "Heal Me" (Nana) (Apr.15.2017)
  63. "Addicted Theory" (Len) (Apr.21.2017)
  64. "Another Dreamer" (Len) (May.19.2017)
  65. "Boukan no Zaika" (IA) (Jun.2.2017)
  66. "White" (Miku) (Self-Cover) (Jul.7.2017)
  67. "Seiteinoa" (Rin) (Jul.21.2017)
  68. "Manic" (Una, Rana) (Aug.16.2017)
  69. "STEP by STEP UP↑↑↑↑" (GUMI) (Song of Fourfolium) (Aug.30.2017)
  70. "Kieta Natsu no Yume" (Miku) (Aug.31.2017)
  71. "Heal Me" (piano arrange) (Miku) (Self-Cover) (Sep.02.2017)
  72. "Lyra" (Miku) (Collab with Liz., Guiano, Tama, bibi) (Nov.4.2017)
  73. "Hanabi" (Iroha) (Dec.15.2017)
  74. "Ernest" (Len) (Dec.29.2017)
  75. "HITOMEBORE Night" (MAYU) (Feb.2.2018)
  76. "Start Line" (IA) (Mar.2.2018)
  77. "Aimai Rettoukan" (GUMI) (Mar.10.2018)
  78. "Tell Me" (Nana) (Apr.6.2018)
  79. "GIMMICK" (Azuki, Matcha) (Apr.13.2018)
  80. "Epilogue" (GUMI) (Apr.20.2018)
  81. "Reunion (remastered)" (Akari) (Jun.1.2018)
  82. "Identity" (Len) (Jun.30.2018)
  83. "8.32" (flower) (Jul.07.2018)
  84. "Chatlüge" (Una, Rana) (Jul.28.2018)
  85. "Bokura no Natsu wa Mata Megutte" (IA) (Aug.11.2018)
  86. "Harebare Answer" (Rin, Len) (Self-Cover) (Aug.22.2018)
  87. "Sayonara no Asa" (Miku, GUMI) (Oct.06.2018)
  88. "Ultimate" (Len) (Oct.26.2018)
  89. "Aimless Walker" (Rana) (Dec.15.2018)
  90. "Anti-realism" (Una, flower) (Mar.3.2019)
  91. "Lazurite" (VY1) (Mar.30.2019)
  92. "Excuse" (Miku) (Jun.28.2019)
  93. "Someday in that Summer" (Una, Rana) (Aug.16.2019)
  94. "8.32" (acoustic ver) (Miku) (Aug.31.2019)
  95. "I hate bad end movies" (Miku) (Dec.7.2019)
  96. "Crown of Glass" (LUMi) (Mar.20.2020)
  97. "Black Out" (GUMI) (Jun.07.2020)

Songs / Featured Works[edit | edit source]


Uploaded 2014.01.03 Featuring GUMI
Music *Luna (music) Main article ACCEPTANCE
Lyrics *Luna
Video Shigeta Haruo (illust)

君とバイバイ (Kimi to Byebye)

Uploaded 2015.08.31 Featuring Hatsune Miku
Music *Luna (music), Bibi (tuning) Main article 君とバイバイ (Kimi to Byebye)
Lyrics *Luna
Video akiyume (illust), akiyume (video)


Uploaded 2015.11.01 Featuring Chika, Utatane Piko, Nekomura Iroha, anon, kanon, Lily, KYO, flower, VY1, KAITO, Kaai Yuki, Tone Rion, Tohoku Zunko, Yuzuki Yukari, MAYU, MEIKO
Music *Luna (music), Waka (mixing, mastering), Bibi (tuning) Main article classroom
Lyrics *Luna
Video Bibi (illust), Neginuki (video)

嫉妬心 (Shittoshin)

Favicon-nn.pngFavicon-yt.png(Refresh if 'Oh no!')
Uploaded 2015.11.19 Featuring Rana
Music *Luna (music), Haluo (mixing, mastering), Bibi (tuning)
Lyrics *Luna
Video Nora (illust)
Remastered version of the original song. It has entered the Hall of Fame.

メインキャラクター (Main Character)

Uploaded 2016.04.23 Featuring Kagamine Len
Music *Luna (music), Haluo (mixing, mastering), Bibi (tuning)
Lyrics *Luna
Video Kaito (illust, video)
This song has entered the Hall of Fame.

夏の魔法 (Natsu no Mahou)

Uploaded 2016.12.24 Featuring IA, (Sumizora), (Onyu), (Ichigo), (Akame), (Bibi), (Chuuta), (Yuriyo), (yu-na*)
Music *Luna (music), Haluo (mixing, mastering), Bibi (tuning), Kaito (special thanks)
Lyrics *Luna
Video Bibi (logo) (illust)

アポストロフィー (Apostrophe)

Uploaded 2016.12.29 Featuring Kagamine Len
Music *Luna (music), Haluo (mixing, mastering), Bibi (tuning)
Lyrics *Luna
Video Omutatsu (illust)

春の魔法 (Haru no Mahou)

Uploaded 2017.04.07 Featuring IA
Music *Luna (music), Haluo (mixing, mastering), Bibi (tuning) Main article 春の魔法 (Haru no Mahou)
Lyrics *Luna
Video Nora (illust), Kaito (video)

Heal Me

Uploaded 2017.04.15 Featuring Macne Nana
Music *Luna (music), Haluo (mixing), cillia (tuning), Nontan (special thanks)
Lyrics *Luna
Video Omutatsu (illust)

アディクテッド・セオリー (Addicted Theory)

Uploaded 2017.04.21 Featuring Kagamine Len
Music *Luna (music), Haluo (mixing, mastering), Bibi (tuning)
Lyrics *Luna
Video Omutatsu (illust), Nontan (video)

マニック (Manic)

Favicon-nn.pngFavicon-yt.pngFavicon-bb.png(Refresh if 'Oh no!')
Uploaded 2017.08.16 Featuring Otomachi Una, Rana
Music *Luna (music), Haluo (mixing), Bibi (tuning) Main article マニック (Manic)
Lyrics *Luna
Video Yayaya (illust), Kaito (video)
*Luna's most notable work. This song has entered the Hall of Fame, and has exceeded over 1 million views on YouTube.

消えた夏の夢 (Kieta Natsu no Yume)

Favicon-nn.pngFavicon-yt.pngFavicon-bb.png(Refresh if 'Oh no!')
Uploaded 2017.08.31 Featuring Hatsune Miku
Music *Luna (music), Haluo (mix), Bibi (tuning) Main article 消えた夏の夢 (Kieta Natsu no Yume)
Lyrics *Luna
Video Yayaya (illust), Kaito (video)

Tell Me/*Luna

Favicon-nn.pngFavicon-yt.pngFavicon-bb.png(Refresh if 'Oh no!')
Uploaded 2018.04.06 Featuring Macne Nana
Music *Luna (music), Haluo (mixing), Bibi (tuning) Main article Tell Me/*Luna
Lyrics *Luna
Video Omutatsu (illust), Nontan (video)

Reunion (*Luna song)

Uploaded 2018.06.01 Featuring Kizuna Akari
Music *Luna (music), Haluo (mixing), Bibi (tuning) Main article Reunion (*Luna song)
Lyrics *Luna
Video Jungoro (illust, animation), Nontan (movie direction)
Remastered version of the original song.


Favicon-nn.pngFavicon-yt.pngFavicon-bb.png(Refresh if 'Oh no!')
Uploaded 2018.07.07 Featuring flower, (WaMi), (來), (Shiho), (Gao), (Houkago no Aitsu)
Music *Luna (music), Haluo (mixing), Bibi (tuning)
Lyrics *Luna
Video Yayaya (illust), Kaito (video)
This song has entered the Hall of Fame.

シャリューゲ (Chatlüge)

Favicon-nn.pngFavicon-yt.pngFavicon-bb.png(Refresh if 'Oh no!')
Uploaded 2018.07.28 Featuring Otomachi Una, Rana
Music *Luna (music), Haluo (mixing), Bibi (tuning), Nontan (special thanks) Main article シャリューゲ (Chatlüge)
Lyrics *Luna
Video Zhibujiloom (illust)
This song has entered the Hall of Fame.

アンチリアリズム (Anti-Realism)

Uploaded 2019.03.03 Featuring flower, Otomachi Una
Music *Luna (music), Haluo (mixing), Bibi (tuning) Main article アンチリアリズム (Anti-Realism)
Lyrics *Luna
Video *Luna

Discography[edit | edit source]

Albums[edit | edit source]

H**rtful Pieces.jpg
Title H**rtful Pieces
Main Character (メインキャラクター)
Producer *Luna *Luna
Release Date November 14, 2015 April 29, 2016
春の魔法 - Magic of Youth -.png
春の魔法 - Magic of Youth -
Producer *Luna *Luna
Release Date December 31, 2016 April 30, 2017
冬のライラ (Fuyu no Lyra)
Producer *Luna *Luna, Liz., Guiano, Tama
Release Date September 02, 2017 November 12, 2017
Title ガールズコレクション (Girl's Collection)
君だけがいない夏 (Kimi Dake ga Inai Natsu)
Producer *Luna, Liz., Guiano, Tama *Luna
Release Date April 28, 2018 August 25, 2018
Una-Chance! feat.音街ウナ.jpg
Title Una-Chance! feat.音街ウナ
Producer Various artists *Luna, Liz., Guiano, Tama
Release Date October 24, 2018 November 18, 2018

Compilation Albums[edit | edit source]

  • ボカロのダンスカーニバル feat. 初音ミク -Released: May 30, 2015
    (Song(s) featured: Favorite)
  • classroom -Released: October 11, 2015
    (Song(s) featured: classroom, 優等生)
  • Next stage for New world feat.GUMI -Released: December 18, 2015
    (Song(s) featured: 夢追い語り)
  • 空ノ落トシ物 -Released: April 24, 2016
    (Song(s) featured: Entrustdays)
  • 絶景魔法 -Released: July 16, 2018
    (Song(s) featured: ピリラリルー)
  • Una-Chance! feat.音街ウナ -Released: October 24, 2018
    (Song(s) featured: マニック)

Gallery[edit | edit source]

*Luna's previous avatar
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