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Series title
  • "ハロウィン"
  • Romaji: 1031
  • English: Halloween Series
Published October 30, 2008


The Halloween series consists of songs uploaded on or close to Halloween each year from 2008 to 2012.

Each song (except for Halloween Monster Party Night) has the numbers "1031" somewhere in the song. This is read as "Halloween". Most of the songs also have "lulilu lilala" sung, sometimes more than once. It is usually mentioned as a "spell" or "cursed words".

Halloween Monster Party NightEdit

This song is sung from the point of view of dead people having a party and ignoring all the bad things of the "other world".

This is the only song in the series to not have 1031 or "lulilu lilala" in the lyrics.

Dream Meltic HalloweenEdit

Much like the last song, it is sung by a group of monsters having a party surrounded by the dead and other monsters. At the end "you" utter the spell (lulilu lilala) and are turned into a monster yourself.

This song started the 1031 and luliu lilala pattern.

Pumpkin Head Spooky DanceEdit

A song about a pumpkin monster. This is the only song to be sung by a single VOCALOID. It does not have "lulilu lilala" in the song, but it does have 1031.

Halloween Patisserie Tricka TorkaEdit

A song of three sinister patisseries named Fraisier, Orangette, and Granita.

Darker Halloween YumYummyGilliaEdit

The last song in the series. It references all the previous songs in the bridge.

Karakurishi to MidoriEdit

The backstory of the Puppeteer in Darker Halloween YumYummyGillia, it's about his love for his doll Veldea and Veldea feeling guilt over not being able to keep the promise they made.

Track listingEdit

List of main tracksEdit

All tracks written by Machigerita-P, with PVs done by Tawashi.
1."ハロウィンモンスタァパーティナイト (Halloween Monster Party Night)"03:02
2."ドリィムメルティックハロウィン (Dream Meltic Halloween)"03:42
3."パンプキンヘッドスプーキィダンス (Pumpkin Head Spooky Dance)"04:35
4."ハロウィンパティスリトリカトルカ (Halloween Patisserie Tricka Torka)"04:11
5."ダァカァハロウィンヤムヤミギリア (Darker Halloween YumYummyGillia)"04:49
Total length:20:19

Related tracksEdit

1."絡繰師と碧 (Karakurishi to Midori)" (The Puppeteer and Emerald)04:17


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