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  • "10story's"
Published August 13, 2011, for ¥1,500


10story's is a compilation album. It contains twenty-two tracks, consisting of ten songs and their stories narrated by Miyuki Sawashiro. It was released along side hammer2.

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1."Ten Stories Opening Theme"Toraboruta-P, RingoToraboruta-P, RingoMiyuki Sawashiro 
2."狐ノ嫁入リ -Story- (Kitsune no Yomeiri)" (A Fox's Wedding)OSTER project, Roletta Miyuki Sawashiro3:50
3."狐ノ嫁入リ (Kitsune no Yomeiri)" (A Fox's Wedding)OSTER projectOSTER projectKagamine Rin4:50
4."ボクらのコスモロジー -Story- (Bokura no Cosmology)" (Our Cosmology)cosMo Miyuki Sawashiro 
5."ボクらのコスモロジー (Bokura no Cosmology)" (Our Cosmology)cosMocosMoHatsune Miku4:18
6."新米シェフとなまいきなネコ -Story- (Shinmai Chef to Namaikina Neko)" (The Novice Chef and The Cheeky Cat)Ringo Miyuki Sawashiro2:31
7."新米シェフとなまいきなネコ (Shinmai Chef to Namaikina Neko)" (The Novice Chef and The Cheeky Cat)RingoRingoHatsune Miku3:13
8."ウェンディーと魔法の森 -Story- (Wendy to Mahou no Mori)" (Wendy and the Magic Forest)Toraboruta-P Miyuki Sawashiro1:59
9."ウェンディーと魔法の森 (Wendy to Mahou no Mori)" (Wendy and the Magic Forest)Toraboruta-PToraboruta-PKagamine Rin and Len5:49
10."暗礁 -Story- (Anshou)" (Reef)Machigerita-P Miyuki Sawashiro2:13
11."暗礁 (Anshou)" (Reef)Machigerita-PMachigerita-PHatsune Miku5:13
12."始まらない夏 -Story- (Hajimaranai Natsu)" (The Summer that Won't Start)kiichi Miyuki Sawashiro 
13."始まらない夏 (Hajimaranai Natsu)" (The Summer that Won't Start)kiichikiichiHatsune Miku 
14."デイライ -Story- (Daylight)"Furukawa-P Miyuki Sawashiro 
15."デイライ (Daylight)"Furukawa-PFurukawa-PHatsune Miku 
16."闇へのドア -Story- (Yami e no Doa)" (The Door to Darkness)Captain Mirai Miyuki Sawashiro 
17."闇へのドア (Yami e no Doa)" (The Door to Darkness)Captain MiraiCaptain MiraiKagamine Rin4:19
18."clock[07:07] -Story-"Yuuyu-P Miyuki Sawashiro3:56
19."clock[07:07]"Yuuyu-PYuuyu-PHatsune Miku3:32
20."メリーとニコラウス -Story- (Merry to Nicolaus)" (Merry and Nicolaus)buzzG Miyuki Sawashiro 
21."メリーとニコラウス (Merry to Nicolaus)" (Merry and Nicolaus)buzzGbuzzGHatsune Miku5:50
22."Ten Stories Ending Theme" Toraboruta-P, Ringo  


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