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|date = August 11, 2012
|date = August 11, 2012
|image2 = Shuen Rewrite.jpg
|image2 = Shuen Rewrite.jpg
|page2 = [[Shuuen_-Re:write-_(終焉-Re:write-)|Shuuen -Re:write-]]
|page2 = [[Shuuen -Re:write- (終焉-Re:write-)|Shuuen -Re:write-]]
|producer2 = 150P
|producer2 = 150P
|date2 = February 27, 2013}}
|date2 = February 27, 2013}}

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150P (read as ワンハーフP / One Half-P) is a composer most notable for his song Lost Destination; his first work to have reached Nico Hall of fame (exceeding 100,000 views) originally sung by a 12-chorus Len, later on becoming KAITO Append "demo".

Other notable works from 150P include sweet vengeance sung by Rin and his Bookmark of Demise Project series.

STATUS:July 2009 → Present
150 Icon
GENRE:Rock; Pop
ASSOCIATIONS:Hekicha; Suzumu; komine; Saine
URL(s)Twitter, PIAPRO
PLAYLIST(s):Nico Nico Douga1 Nico Nico Douga2
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "Jigen Campanella" (Rin) (Jul.18.2009)
  2. "Koina Nairo" (Rin) (Oct.04.2009)
  3. "Shigosen Delight" (Miku) (Oct.27.2009)
  4. "Gadget no Yume" (Rin & Len) (Dec.26.2009)
  5. "sweet vengeance" (Rin) (Mar.31.2010)
  6. "Heart Sutra ~beauty flower "budda" mix~" (Rin) (Sep.11.2010)
  7. "Danzai ~dan・zai~" (Rin, Len) (Sep.18.2010)
  8. "Danzai ~dan・zai~ (downgraded version)" (Rin, Len) (Sep.22.2010)
  9. "sweet vengeance (short ver." (Rin) (Oct.16.2010)
  10. "sweet vengeance -version 2-" (Rin) (Oct.17.2010)
  11. "Gin no Shoujo - awaking mix -" (Rin) (Nov.12.2010)
  12. "t.i.m.e - the end of the world -" (Ren) (Nov.20.2010)
  13. ""THE THIRD HOPE - short ver." (rin) (Dec.26.2010)
  14. "Tales of cartoon" (Miku) (Jul.12.2011)
  15. "Lost Destination" (Len) (Aug.10.2011)
  16. "Lost Destination" (Len & KAITO) (Apr.02.2012)
  17. "Kodoku no Kakurenbo" (IA) (May.12.2012) with subtitles
  18. "Nisemono Chuuihou" (IA) (Jun.10.2012)
  19. "Kanzen Hanzai Love Letter" (IA) (Jun.23.2012)
  20. "Saru Mane Isutori Game" (IA) (Oct.27.2012)
  21. "Arikitari Heroes" (Miku, Rin, GUMI & MAYU) (Jan.13.2012)
  22. "Shuuen Re:write-" (Album Crossfade) (Mar.02.2013)
  23. "Makeinu Shijou Shugi" (IA) (Mar.16.2013)
  24. "Guren no Yumiya" (Miku, Rin, Len, GUMI, IA & MAYU) (Cover / REVO) (June.11.2013)
  25. "Shuuen no Shiori" (IA) (Aug.09.2013)

Songs / Featured Works

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sweet vengeance

Uploaded 2010.03.31 Featuring Kagamine Rin
Music 150P Main article sweet vengeance
Lyrics 150P
Video Suzumi (illust), Doara-P (video)
150P's -Project DIVA- Arcade entry.

Tales of cartoon

Uploaded 2011.07.12 Featuring Hatsune Miku Append
Music 150P Main article Tales of cartoon
Lyrics Umi Usagi
Video Hinanosuke (illust, video)
150P's first work featuring Miku.

Lost Destination

Uploaded 2011.08.11 Featuring Kagamine Len
Music 150P Main article Lost Destination
Lyrics Umi Usagi
Video Hekicha (illust), HDLV (video)
150P's first song to have reached 100,000 views. It's sung by a "12-chorus Len" (using all of Len's voicebanks from act1 to Appends). It was later covered by KAITO Append as well.

ニセモノ注意報 (Nisemono Chuuihou)

Uploaded 2012.06.10 Featuring IA
Music 150P (music), Gibson (guitar solo) Main article ニセモノ注意報 (Nisemono Chuuihou)
Lyrics Suzumu
Video Komine (illust, video), Saine (main design)


150P album Debut!
Title Debut!
Producer 150P 150P
Release Date May 9, 2010 January 16, 2011
Bookmark Album
Title Re:Houkago Shuuen Game
Shuen Rewrite
Shuuen -Re:write-
Producer 150P 150P
Release Date August 11, 2012 February 27, 2013

Compilation Albums

  • Abnormal Voice -Released: October 31, 2010
    (Song(s) featured: insidexoutside, THE THIRD HOPE)
  • kagamination -Released: June 12, 2011
    (Song(s) featured: はなくらべ)
  • Sequence -Released: June 12, 2011
    (Song(s) featured: Soconite)
  • TOXICOSIS -Released: August 13, 2011
    (Song(s) featured: Lost Destination, 恋愛ストラテジー, Tales of cartoon, 銀の少女-awaking mix- (Miku Ver.))
  • SHUFFLE!!!!! -Released: December 31, 2011
    (Song(s) featured: モテット, sweet vengeance -鏡音レンAppend Ver.-)
  • TIME MACHINE -Released: May 29, 2013
    (Song(s) featured: 嘘みたいな想い出〜ハイサイおばちゃま爆進記〜)
  • V Love 25 -Gloria- -Released: July 17, 2013
    (Song(s) featured: Lv.100のアイドルにありがちなこと)
  • EXISTENCE -Released: December 31, 2013
    (Song(s) featured: 迷彩スナイパーBANG)
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