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1st PLACE Co., Ltd. initially began business in the development, management and use of musical works such as albums (a few of which feature VOCALOIDs). They also worked in marketing and more recently, music software. After IA's release there was at first no indication that they would create another vocal synth. However, as of January 27, 2015, they have revealed and released ONE, a CeVIO Creative Studio project and the second installment of the -ARIA ON THE PLANETES- software series.



Promotional involvement[]


A division of 1st PLACE founded upon IA's initial release, aimed specifically towards promoting and supporting musicians, artists, and movie/PV creators that utilize the VOCALOID software as their creative medium. The project is also behind the promotional material and collaborative events involving IA and different companies; two well known collaborators being Lexus Team SARD and Autobacs Super GT.

IA PROJECT also has a record label by the same name. This features official albums for music created using IA's vocal libraries. Several well-known VOCALOID producers have had their songs featured in each of these albums.


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Video Games[]

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Music Production[]

Flaming June[]

This record label features songs written and composed by Jun Maeda, one of the co-founders of Key VisualArts, and singer-songwriter Nagi Yanagi.

Queens Label[]

This record label features music performed by IA's voice provider, Lia.


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