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Album title
  • "4321"
Published December 13, 2015, for $5 (starting price) then for free (after label's dissolution)
  • AdyS (music, lyrics)
  • Pearlloid (illust)

Background[edit | edit source]

"4321" is the fifth album by AdyS. It contains 10 original songs featuring CYBER DIVA and kokone.

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Track listing[edit | edit source]

1."Quad"CYBER DIVA4:00
2."Diva"CYBER DIVA4:22
3."High"CYBER DIVA, kokone5:03
4."Tertia"CYBER DIVA4:20
5."Edge"CYBER DIVA5:42
6."Box"CYBER DIVA4:11
7."Bia"CYBER DIVA4:52
8."Paper Plane"CYBER DIVA4:54
9."Paper Tree"CYBER DIVA5:33
10."Uni"CYBER DIVA4:07
Total length:47:04

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