Image of "5/29 -ボクノオト- (5/29 -Boku No Oto-)"
Song title
  • "5/29 -ボクノオト-"
  • Romaji: 5/29 -Boku No Oto-
  • English: 5/29 -My Sound-
Published December 30, 2009 (album release date)

Background Edit

Not much is known about this short song, aside from it being the outro to the DECO*27 independent album, Love Gazer, as well as the counterpart the instrumental intro to said album, "5/29 -キミノオト-" (5/29 -Kimi No Oto). The lyrics are fairly vague, but suggest that the protagonist of the song is crying, and wants someone (unbeknownst to or possibly just us) to stay with them until the crying stops.

This song is exclusive to the album Love Gazer (ラヴゲイザー).

Lyrics Edit

Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
また泣いてるのかな?おいでここまで mata naiteru no kana? oide koko made
あと少しで鳴り止む 僕を聴いてね ato sukoshi de nari yamu boku wo kiite ne

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