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This song started while I was doing the dishes one day. I heard crows while doing the dishes and my first thought was, "Hm. Crows remind me of 5AM". By the time I had finished the dishes, I had the melody and lyrics to the final chorus in my head.
—Pumpkin Head

"5AM" is a song featuring AVANNA by Pumpkin Head. It is part of the 24 Hour Vocaloid Project. The song, as told by them and cited above, came to be when they were doing the dishes one time and the idea came into their head. This is also their song that took the quickest to compose, at around only 2 days. The total song production took around 2 months. The artist for the video, Nikvii, began to hype up and announce the song as they were drawing for it, which increased the song's popularity greatly before it had even released.

The song itself seems to be about someone who's friends with someone else, but even though they like them tries to hide away from them, as when time moved on they started to change a lot.

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Crows remind me of 5AM
When the sky's dull blue
And the birds cry red
I don't know if I want this to end...

Crows remind me of 5AM
When your dull blue hue
Stains my world again
I don't want the morning to move again

When the morning came I looked away
Too scared to face what you'd become
But in a way you never changed
And all my worrying meant none
And so today I'll walk away
And hide from the sun in my bed
And hope or pray that come one day
I'll find my 5AM

Crows remind me of 5AM
When the world's subdued
And the heartless dead
I don't think that you really understand...

When tomorrow came, I couldn't stay
Or hide from your words in my bed
I choose to lay in nests of gray
Hidden ten feet above your head
And so today, those clouds of gray
Have stolen every trace of dawn
But that's okay, 'cause there's remains
Of my own 5AM

You remind me of 5AM
With your hollow eyes
And your claws stained red
I don't know if I want to see you...

You remind me of 5AM
With your countless lies
And your bleached-white skin
I don't know if you were ever here...


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