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66 (ロロ / Roro) is an unofficial VY2 mascot illustrated by Tsukasa Ryugu (Manbou No Ane).


During VesFes 2011, there was a fan competition to illustrate a mascot for the VY1 and VY2 software as a method of perceiving how the fandom thought of VY1 and VY2. Manbou No Ane won for VY2 with Roro while Rimiko won for VY1. These mascots were later refined for an illustration book. While they are being used promotionally it is to be noted that these winning mascots are not official designs for the VY software.

Since then, Roro has been illustrated in many PVs for VY2, most notably done by Tsukasa Ryugu herself. Numerous fanart has also been made of Roro.


  • Due to his popularity, many fans have confused him to be the official mascot of VY2. This is not the case as VY2 was intended to be avatarless.
    • Because of this, Tsukasa Ryugu asked fans to think of Roro as one of the many possible designs for VY2 instead of considering it as VY2's official avatar.[2]
  • Roro appeared as a recurring character in Ryugu's manga Ukare Bakemono no Hogaraka na Hatan. He is known under the name Rokugou in this universe, and is human rather than an android.



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