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"ADIEU" is a song featuring DEX by Zion XYZ. The song is from the perspective of an abuser. He harms his victim and tells them everything is their fault while he spreads lies about them. He tells everyone the victim is really abusing him and that everyone shouldn't talk to the victim because they're an awful person.


Why, hello, how are you?
I really don't care.
Our feelings won't be mutual.
You hear that?

Underneath this friendliness hides a plan.
To twist their words and manipulate.
I'm a liar, I'm a liar.

So say it all again,
How you're hurting
Tell me again why anyone would really care?

You're stuck in a world of endless hate,
Created just for you.
You seek for their attention.
You are such a pitiful display.
Stuck in a place of heavenly hell,
Designed for your liking.
Your putrid soul petrifies everyone all around you,
Isn't it disgusting?

Let's wash away the sins.
Let me explain bout how I'm hurting on the inside,
What about me?

Do you know that I can feel pain aswell?
I'm not some heartless creature you clearly, so dont lie!
These bullshit excuses are tiring me out.
All these familiar faces really just want you dead

Oh how you twist my words around.
You know that i deserve better.
Oh how you twist my words around.
How could you do that to me?
Oh how you twist my words around.
Oh how you twist my words around, around, around

yalpsid lufitip a hcus era uoY
noitnetta rieht rof kees uoY
uoy rof tsuj detaerC
etah sseldne fo dlrow a ni kcuts er'uoY

You're speaking terrifying words,
No warning no signs out
You twist my words right around.
You don't know how I also feeling inside.
Judgement day arrives,
 and the evil devils arive.
Deep in your mind is clouded.
So tell me was all this swell, or just some kind of hell?

So shut your mouth,
No one wants to hear about your damn woes.
It isn't sad we all experience pain
Youre not special, please shut the hell up.
I'm no abuser, please stop.
You're the one spreading diseases.
I do not regret anything
Why do you grin at me like that?
How are you not dead?!

Now I'm all alone.
You're still left behind.
You'll still suffer pain and get over it.
So adieu!

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