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AH-Software Co. Ltd. (株式会社AH-Software, originally Artist House Solutions Co. Ltd. or ArtistHouse Software[1]) or AHS Co., Ltd. (株式会社AHS) officially, is an importer of digital audio workstation and encoders in Tokyo, Japan. It is also known as the developer of the VOICEROID series.


AH-Software was established in 2005 as an importer and seller of music software in Tokyo, Japan. Planning of the first three AH-Software Co. Ltd. vocals began in 2007. In November 2009, they announced that they were going to distribute VOCALOID2 and Voiceroid products in December 2009. AH-Software became the fifth developer of music voice synthesis software with this release.

After the retirement of the VOCALOID STORE, they also began to sell physical copies of Macne Nana.

After a successful campaign in Germany, they began to expand and announced their plans in Vienna, Austria.[2]

On June 26, 2020, they announced they would distribute Synthesizer V Studio products starting on July 30, 2020.[3]


VOICEROID is a speech synthesizer program developed by AH-Software, released on December 4, 2009. Its name is derived from "VOCALOID"; however, while VOCALOID is meant for singing, VOICEROID is meant for speaking.

The VOICEROID software has several uses including music, education, and for those with disabilities that may impede speech. Later versions are capable of several emotions, and the software is overall considered very simple to use.


The user is able to adjust the speed, pitch, and intonation to make the speech generated by the program sound more natural. VOICEROID enables the user to type in any word or phrase and the selected character will repeat it back to them.[4] All original VOICEROID and VOICEROID+ products were packaged with the animating software, Crazy Talk SE.[5]

There have been two versions of the software so far, VOICEROID and VOICEROID2.

It uses AITalk, though it is not compatible with any other Talk software used by other VOCALOIDs. Because it uses a different engine from VOCALOID-flex, it does not use the same licensing as VOCALOID, and is restricted to just AH-Software as a voicebank development source.

  • Voices:
    • Tsukuyomi Ai (月読アイ) & Tsukuyomi Shouta (月読ショウタ), two children with an elementary school theme. They were released for the original VOICEROID software.
    • Yoshida-Kun (吉田くん) is a character from the flash animation series, "Eagle Talon". He was the first VOICEROID+.
    • Tsurumaki Maki (弦巻マキ) is a part of the fictional band, Jam Band. She was released for VOICEROID+; later she migrated to CeVIO AI Talk and also got Synthesizer V Studio singing libraries (now as a bilingual Japanese/English voice).
    • Yuzuki Yukari (結月ゆかり) was the first vocal developed by Vocalomakets for both VOCALOID3 and VOICEROID+. She later got CeVIO AI Song and A.I.VOICE libraries, though not distributed or marketed by AH-Software.
    • Tohoku Zunko (東北ずん子) was the second VOICEROID+ to become a VOCALOID3 vocal. She later got NEUTRINO and CeVIO AI Song libraries.
    • Minase Kou (水奈瀬コウ) is the third male voice for the VOICEROID+, and a fellow teacher to Hiyama Kiyoteru.
    • Kyomachi Seika (京町セイカ) is a VOICEROID+ and was created as a mascot for Seika, Kyoto in Japan. She later got a Synthesizer V Studio singing library.
    • Tohoku Kiritan (東北きりたん) is a VOICEROID+ and little sister of Zunko. After getting an UTAU singing voicebank, she became one of the first NEUTRINO singing libraries; later she also got a CeVIO AI Song library.
    • Kotonoha Akane & Aoi (琴葉 茜 ・ 葵) are two pairs of voices released for VOICEROID+. They are considered sisters. They also got a Synthesizer V Studio singing library; later, they got A.I.VOICE speech libraries for both Japanese and English, though not distributed or marketed by AH-Software.
    • Kizuna Akari (紲星 あかり) was the second vocal developed by Vocalomakets for both VOCALOID4 and VOICEROID2. Like Yukari, she later got an A.I.VOICE speech library, also with no AH-Software involvement in distribution or marketing.
    • Haruno Sora (桜乃そら) was released as both a VOCALOID5 voicebank and a VOICEROID2.
    • Tohoku Itako (東北イタコ) is the eldest of the Tohoku sisters. She is a VOICEROID2. Like Kiritan, she also got an UTAU singing voicebank; also like both Kiritan and Zunko, she later got both NEUTRINO and CeVIO AI Song libraries.
    • Tsuina-chan (ついなちゃん) is the first VOICEROID2 to have both standard and Kansai-ben dialects. Later she also got a Synthesizer V Studio singing library.
    • Iori Yuzuru (伊織弓鶴) is the latest male voice released as a VOICEROID2. Like the Kotonoha sisters, he later got an A.I.VOICE talk library which was also not sold by AH-Software.
    • Koharu Rikka (小春六花) is a female voice originally announced for VOICEROID2 in partnership with TOKYO6 ENTERTAINMENT. She too got a Synthesizer V Studio singing library, while her VOICEROID2 talk bank was cancelled in favor of a CeVIO AI Talk bank.


Developed Voicebanks[]

Voicebanks that the company developed.





Distributed Voicebanks[]

Voicebanks that the company did not develop, but are distributing.



Promotional involvement[]


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Tohoku Zunko received a novel that was published in Japan in Summer 2013, published by PHP Institute Inc.. Her book contains stories from her Twitter, posted by, the voice provider of Zunko herself, Satomi Satō.


An android smartphone widget was made for Tohoku Zunko. The widget stars a chibi version of Zunko, where users teach her archery skills.

Christmas Illustration Contest[]

From December 12, 2011 to January 10, 2012, AH-Software held an illustration contest of Nekomura Iroha with the theme Nyanglebell (Nyan and Jingle Bell).

Social Media[]

A twitter account was made for Tohoku Zunko.



AH-Software made the agreement with Piapro and users are able to post AHS's VOCALOIDs and creations onto the site (No VOICEROIDs).[6]


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