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The pre-painted figurine of Yuzuki Yukari

AHS also released an official sticker that is about 25x30 cm, and features Tohoku Zunko's VOICEROID+ boxart and has her name signed at the very bottom, next to her left foot. There were also several polyester straps made for her manufactured by the company S・O・F・T .[1]


A jacket was produced based on her own jacket design.[2]

In 2012, merchandise of both her and SF-A2 miki were released, including mugs and T-shirts.[3] More merchandise were released in 2013, which includes another T-shirt design.[4]


A PVC figure of Yukari was produced by Pulchra. The PVC figure has a garage kit version as well, which was produced by Biifuru. The release date was planned for December 22, 2013, then it was later changed to March 6, 2014. It was finally released on March 15, 2014. And there has been collectibles from gashapon dispensers.[5]


Art book[]

A kickstarter project was started in order to fund a special illustration and manga compilation book for Tohoku Zunko. Within the first twelve days, the kickstarter reached over half of its goal. The required amount to get all the funding is $30,000. The kickstarter raised $41,586. The deadline was April 4, 7:02 P.M. EDT.[6]


Tohoku Zunko received a novel that published to Japan in Summer 2013, published by PHP Institute Inc.. Her book contains stories from her Twitter, posted by, the voice provider of Zunko herself, Satomi Satō.[7]


Mobile Apps[]

archery app icon

There has been a Android smartphone widget created for Zunko. The widget is simply training a chibi Zunko in her archery skills, gaining experience points to earn new levels where, on a certain level you can unlock wallpapers for your phone. After a certain amount of training Zunko will grow tired, and you have the option to replenish her energy by giving her a break and her energy goes back to normal over time, or you can prepare and give her Zunda Mochi to heal her. It is available in the Android Marketplace but only in Japanese.[8] [9]

Alongside this app, the AR東北ずん子ちゃん app was also released, this is a augmented Reality camera app which will place her in any environment.[10]

A second App was produced called Tohoku Zunko camera.[11]


Unveiled during an AH-Software broadcast broadcast on Ustream, VOCALOMAKETS has now added two online flash applications for making short snippets of songs with the Yuzuki Yukari voicebank to their website,YuyuSequencer Plus, and YuyuSequencer. Finished songs can be shared via Twitter, Facebook, or mixi. They are transferred via a plain text format called “YuyuSeq Code." An English interface is supposedly coming soon.


Yukari has a featured, limited edition emoticon set for the app Line, a Japanese chat application/social site. The emoticons feature several different chibis of Yukari with various expressions from happiness to sadness to sleeping. The emotes were available for a limited time and were priced at $1.99 USD.

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Yukari is due to appear in the Social RPG "Hack Doll - Nightmare Sequencer" (ハックドール-Nightmare Sequencer-) by Mobage. The game is for the Android, and Yukari is unlockable by meeting certain conditions within the game.[12]

3D model[]

An official 3D model of Yukari and Zunko appears in the software "AHS キャラミん Studio". Guest feature model, GUMI, in her Megpoid and V3 Megpoid versions are also featured in the software.[13] As part of marketing for this, a event was held where participants could do karaoke to Yukari and Gumi songs. A drink based on both girls were also offered at the event.[14]



Yukari featured in a special live event on the September 15th. In this event, she was featured "playing" the game Minecraft.[15]

  • Note; The Voiceroid software has often been used by Japanese gamers to narrate gameplay in "Let's Play" videos, sometimes portraying the character itself. Yukari is one of the more popular voices to appear in these videos. As such, there is numerous fanart of Yukari in these games (notably Minecraft, as mentioned above) on sites such as Pixiv and Nico Nico Douga.

Social Media[]

  • Zunko has an official Twitter account.