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  • "A Broken Green House"
Published February 25, 2019, with 280+ Niconico views 130+ YouTube views


"A Broken Green House" is a song featuring Tonio by Big Void. No further details about this song were given.


Once there was a farmer sowing seed
We can see the traces run away
And he was a piper blowing reeds
It may be a place of castaways

There's a broken green house
standing in the field
Cut the over grown grass
Stack it in a heap
Oh my frozen freedom
scattered in the wind
Hear a lonely redstart
twitter in the lee

Once he was a lover lost his soul
in a sea of treasures thrown away
I have only to play rock'n'roll
I just wanna let time flow again

There's a broken green house
standing in the field
Push a barrow of sand
Drag the steel wheel
Oh my rustic kingdom
shining tenderly
Hear a lonely redstart
singing vanities

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