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"A Crow's Trial" is a song featuring DEX and GUMI by Vane. According to the song's YouTube description, the lyrics were inspired by older nonsensical VOCALOID songs, particularly Deep Sea City Underground. While the lyrics are nonsensical, viewers can interpret what meaning that want from them.

The story is about a person named Nina ending up in Hell after she dies. Her demon guide, Kieran, explains that in twelve hours, she'll be put on trial to decide which part of Hell she'll end up in. Instead of going to the trial like normal, Kieran makes a deal with Nina that he'll help her kill the Devil so she doesn't have to suffer for an eternity, but only if they rule side-by-side. Kieran can't kill and take the Devil's power himself, so he needs the help of a human who can absorb the Devil's power. Nina agrees to the deal, and the two go through with their plan. Afterwards, Nina decides to betray Kieran. With her new power, she puts Kieran in the trial she was supposed to have in the first place.


Singer + Color

Guests line up to leave their moldy bedrooms
In a dimly lit, moonlit, motel
The turtles are dancing with raccoons
A zombie joins, but gets a firm "no thank you"

The mannequin's calling for a taxi
With a fee of twenty thousand yen
A familiar voice calls out to me
A feathered creature I have never seen

The crow offers me a smoke
He says
"It'll take you for a joyride"
No sir, I think I'd rather choke
Oh I'll be fine

"You're in a web of lies"

"On a busy street
You'll see the cityfolk
Run at the mercy
Of the singing crows.

The raven ponders
If he enjoys the gore,
While he takes
The frontal lobe and eats some more.

Little miss,
Don't sit, come join the fun!
We've only got
12 hours till the party's done.

Rules this world, so fake a smile!
Take a shot, some scotch
And wait until your trial."

Crows line up to greet the local mushrooms
Sticking flyers on their spotted head
The turtles are eating the raccoons
A zombie sits alone and cries "I hate you"

The mannequin's calling for a taxi
For a crow who knows we have a deal
A familiar voice cries out to me
A feathered creature, and he's come to see me

The crow offers me a smoke
He says
"It'll help you kill the third eye"
My, my, you think this is a joke?
"I swear it's fine!"

He's in a web of lies.

The clock takes shots as the dolls relax under the morning sky
They wonder if time would still proceed if they were to die

The devil's work
life, suffice to say
is comedy at best

He wonders if there
will come a time when
he can leave the nest

In a burning town around inferno's court
The crows are laughing with a glass of port
The woman wonders if she enjoys the gore
Still, she takes the devil's heart and
Eats some more

"Little miss?
This isn't the deal we had!"

Oh did I mess it up?
I guess it's just too bad

Rules this world, so fake a smile!
Take a shot, some scotch
I'll see you at your trial.


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