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Song title
  • "a world sideways"
Published July 14, 2012, with 270+ SoundCloud views, 640+ YouTube views, and 540+ Niconico views
  • yuzuki (music)
  • Curbeh (lyrics)
  • Mari (illustration)
  • Pengy (video)


Someday, I'll return to the world within my dreams.
"a world sideways" is an original song by yuzuki featuring IA. It is about a girl who happens to arrive in a different world after finding a storybook. She happily explores in that world for a while but soon realizes that she has to return to her home world and that her adventure will come to an end. Alas, her adventure ends but the girl desires to someday return to the "world of her dreams".

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Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字) Official English (公式英訳)
窓の無効に雨雲が空を黒く染める mado no mukou ni amagumo ga sora o kuroku someru Rainclouds darken the sky off in the distance
散らばった本から一つを拾って chirabatta hon kara hitotsu o hirotte I pick up a storybook from the volumes scattered around me
色あせたカバーに隠された世界に飛び込む iroaseta kabaa ni kakusareta sekai ni tobikomu Diving into the world hidden behind the faded covers,
中の言葉が想像の果まではこぶ naka no kotoba ga souzou no hate made hakobu the words inside carry me towards the limits of my imagination

世界は突然に変わる sekai wa totsuzen ni kawaru Suddenly, the world around me changes
神秘と驚異溢れ shinpi to kyoui afure with overflowing mystery and wonderment
最初の一歩に躊躇って saisho no ippo ni tameratte Hesitating, I take my first step
新しいの世界飛び込む atarashii no sekai tobikomu and dive into this brand-new place

この世界から離れたくはない kono sekai kara hanaretaku wa nai I don't ever want to leave this world
この大地、この空はどこまでつづく? kono daichi, kono sora wa doko made tsuzuku? with fields that stretch forever in the distance
やることは無量 yaru koto wa muryou There's endless things to do
後先は不明 atosaki wa fumei and nothing to be afraid of
楽しみ無限だよ! tanoshimi mugen da yo! The fun here will never stop!

何?何でここに?逆じゃない? nani? nande koko ni? gyaku ja nai? Hm? What's this? Why's it upside-down?
どうやってそこまでいけるかな? dou yatte soko made ikeru kana? I wonder how I'm supposed to get up there?
すべてを見れないかも! subete o mirenai kamo! I might not be able to explore it at all,
探検するほど、凄いもの出現 tanken suru hodo, sugoi mono detekuru but if I try hard enough I might find something amazing!

ここは僕の居場所じゃないや koko wa boku no ibasho ja nai ya But this isn't where I'm supposed to be
しっかりしないとダメ shikkari shinai to dame I've gotta keep things under control
自分の舞台の(主人公)になる jibun no butai no hiiroo ni naru Someday I'll be the heroine of my own fairytale
どんな未来にも立ち向かう donna mirai ni mo tachimukau and face whatever the future may bring

出ないまま、誰も気づいてくれる? denai mama, dare mo kizuite kureru? Will anyone notice if I never come back?
過ぎ行く日々はますます褪めている sugi yuku hibi wa masumasu samete iru Life seems more meaningless every passing day
冒険最果て bouken saihate I'm gonna stay focused
限界まで見よ genkai made miyo till my adventure is over
あともう一歩!行くよ! ato mou ippo! iku yo! Just one more step! Here we go!

そういう考えはいけないよ sou iu kangae wa ikenai yo I can't let myself think like that
毎日はもう奇跡 mainichi wa mou kiseki Every day is a miracle on its own
未発見のものまだまだある mihakken no mono madamada aru There's still so many things I've yet to discover
でも僕にすべきことがある demo boku ni subeki koto ga aru and so many things I should do

冒険はここまでにするけれど bouken wa koko made ni suru keredo My adventure has come to an end, but
明日を迎える体験が楽しみ ashita o mukaeru taiken ga tanoshimi I can't wait to do it again tomorrow
何が待てるかな... nani ga materu kana... I wonder what awaits me...
いつか戻りたいの itsuka modoritai no Someday I want to return
僕の夢の世界 boku no yume no sekai to the world of my dreams



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