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you are the main character in your life,you're preciuous and you're not alone.
—Author's note

"Afraid of daylight" is an original song featuring Hatsune Miku. It talks about an alone girl who stayed seven years home and cutting herself. She eventually regains hope and wants to live more.


Crouched in my emptiness
i can't see the hope in my... in my room
I want to feel alive again!
Maybe someday!

I'm not ready to suffer again
But my mother and father didn't listen to me
There's an angel inside my head
he continue to whisper: "go ahead"

I got these chain inside my mind
Cause i want to escape from my past mistakes
Same day everyday
With a knife in my hand
i feel so hopeless and weak
Neither God or hope
Stayed by my side
afraid of daylight.
Cut and cut again
Searching for myself
but now life is meaningless

Seven years home forgotten by people around me
Scars in my skin, tears in my eyes
Can you help me to find a way out?

I will try to change myself

on my own i found happiness and the will to live
on my own i found life and it's your chance
to start again!

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