Ahirugunsou-P (アヒル軍曹P) also known as "AKIJIN" produces both underground music (which receives few notes) and popular music. The producer himself has acknowledged the difference.

Several notable works from Ahirugunsou-P include "GHOST", "Lie and Time Machine" sung by Kagamine Rin and Len, also "Eager Believer" sung by Kagamine Rin, which has above 200,000 views.

STATUS:October 2008 → Assumed retired (October 2012)
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WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "Tokyo → Green" (Miku) (Oct.19.2008)
  2. "Kakera Mau Nakade" (Miku, Rin, Len) (Nov.19.2008)
  3. "CAUSE of FIGHT" (Len, Rin) (Dec.05.2008)
  4. "MICRO WORLD" (Miku, Rin, Len) (Jan.08.2009)
  5. "Madogiwa Shoujo" (Len, Rin) (Jan.30.2009)
  6. "Swan" (Miku, Rin, Luka) (Mar.02.2009)
  7. "Ichirin no Hana" (Rin) (Mar.15.2009)
  8. "Mellow" (Rin) (Apr.06.2009)
  9. "Be repentant" (Rin) (Apr.17.2009)
  10. "GHOST" (Len, Rin) (May.21.2009)
  11. "Uso to Time Machine" (Len, Rin) (Aug.02.2009)
  12. "Kuuchuu Teien" (Len, Rin) (Oct.05.2009)
  13. "Madogiwa Shoujo (Remake ver.)" (Len, Rin) (Nov.24.2009)
  14. "Eager♥Believer" (Rin) (Apr.20.2010)
  15. "Mannerism" (Rin) (Nov.04.2010)
  16. "Dendrobium Phalaenopsis" (Rin) (Nov.08.2011)
  17. "Tsukiyoumi" (Miku) (Dec.11.2011)
  18. "Yume no Yume (removed)" (Len, Rin) (Jan.23.2012)
  19. "Mr. Boogyman" (Len, Rin) (Aug.03.2012)
  20. "Yume no Yume" (Len, Rin) (Aug.03.2012)
  21. "Lazarus chōkō de dakishimete" (Rin) (Oct.01.2012)

Songs / Featured WorksEdit


Uploaded 2009.05.21 Featuring Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len
Music Ahirugunsou-P Main article GHOST
Lyrics Ahirugunsou-P
Video Mokeke
A sad song of unavoidable fate.

嘘とタイムマシン (Uso to Time Machine)

Uploaded 2009.08.02 Featuring Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len
Music Ahirugunsou-P Main article 嘘とタイムマシン (Uso to Time Machine)
Lyrics Ahirugunsou-P
Video Ryuno
One of Ahirugunsou-P's most notable works.

空中庭園 (Kuuchuu Teien)

Uploaded 2009.10.05 Featuring Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len
Music Ahirugunsou-P Main article 空中庭園 (Kuuchuu Teien)
Lyrics Ahirugunsou-P
Video Ahirogunsou-P
This song has reached over 165,000+ and has entered the Hall of Fame.


Ahirugunsou-P first album
Title Boku no Mote Kyoku (Tōsha-hi)
Ahirugunsou-P second album
Producer Ahirugunsou-P Ahirugunsou-P
Release Date December 27, 2009 November 14, 2011

Compilation albumsEdit

  • HOWRING -Released: May 9, 2010
    (Song(s) featured: イーガー♥ビリーバー)
  • アヒル童話 -Released: June 12, 2011
    (Song(s) featured: ユメノユメ)
  • kagamination -Released: June 12, 2011
    (Song(s) featured: アプリオリ)
  • 初音ミク Vision -Released: July 20, 2011
    (Song(s) featured: イーガー♥ビリーバー)
  • Rinpact! -Released: August 13, 2011
    (Song(s) featured: Life Judge Dice)
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