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Series title
  • "悪マ"
  • Romaji: AkuMa Series
  • English: AkuMa Series
Published December 23, 2008


The AkuMa Series is a trilogy created by uniMemo-P and Bucchigiri-P as a collaboration.The plot behind this messy series talks about how Rin receives the help of a demon girl called MaRin to finally confess to her love, Len. MaRin lends part of her power to the original Rin, thus transforming her into a demon girl too. Then both Aku MaRins assault Len in an attempt to conquer his heart with disastrous (yet hilarious) results.

The series is quite random, full of jokes, parodies and fan-service in major and minor degree. Despite the randomness of the series, one thing can be assured: Len ALWAYS gets dressed up in an embarrassing and humiliating way at the end of each song.

The songs of this series were compiled in the album 「プリティパンティ☆悪マリン」 (Pretty Panty☆AkuMa Rin).[1] It also has its doujinshi called Aku-Maximum, sold during the The Voc@loid M@ster 14 and done by You-ring, the illustrator of this series.[2][3]


Pretty Panties☆Aku MaRin (プリティパンティ☆悪マリン)

Uploaded December 23, 2008 Featuring Kagamine Rin, backup by Kagamine Len and Hatsune Miku
Music uniMemo-P, Bucchigiri-P
Lyrics uniMemo-P
Video Kitano Tomotoshi
The song starts with both demon girls entering Len's room on Christmas Eve to play some pranks on him. Len panics as he was expecting Santa Claus and asks who they are. The girls present themselves as "Pretty Panties☆Aku MaRin", and wish him a "Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday.", then proceed to give him a "Christmas gift": with the magic words "Rinrenraririn", they strip Len and dress him in the majokko school swimsuit from "Kagamine Len no Bousou".

The girls mock a confused and angered Len, saying that the suit fits him very well. However, as the girls failed in their "real mission", they bid their farewells to Len and leave the room through the window they used to enter. Len, humiliated, is about to protest when Miku enters his room and complaining about the noise finds him dressed in the swimsuit.

Pretty Fundoshi☆Aku MaLen (プリティふんどし☆悪マレン)

Uploaded November 26, 2009 Featuring Kagamine Len, Megurine Luka and Kagamine Rin, backup by KAITO and Camui Gackpo
Music uniMemo-P, Bucchigiri-P
Lyrics uniMemo-P
Video Kitano Tomotoshi
By unknown means Len appeared as a demon too and along with Tako Luka, decided to play the same prank that he suffered in the previous song with KAITO as the victim. They entered his room and KAITO became panicked by the abrupt intrusion. He asked who they were. The Demon Boy introduced himself as "Pretty Fundoshi ☆ Aku MaLen".

He invited everybody to see the show (with the exception of the MaRins). Len said the magic words "Rinrenraririn" and began to take KAITO's clothes off and dressed him with the same majokko swimsuit that the MaRins used to ridicule him in the previous song.

In that moment Len discovered that things weren't resulting as he expected, and when he and Tako Luka tried to remove KAITO's fundoshi, they discovered that he used two overlapping fundoshis (KAITO immediately states that he feels insecure with just one).

When they finally dress KAITO with the majokko suit, they discovered that he is actually enjoying it. Despite that Len mocks and compares him with a perverted idol, it is in that moment when the MaRins burst in.

One of the MaRins was angry for seeing what Len did with her gift; they confront Len while he tried to justify himself, meanwhile the other MaRin finds KAITO's fundoshi in the floor.

In that moment, the first MaRin decided to punish Len, obligating to use the fundoshi (with the help of KAITO and Tako Luka). He complained that he should have been playing the prank.

Both MaRins mock and obligate him to sing Len no Bousou along with KAITO. Seeing that isn't enough moe the first MaRin suggests to step on them to make them sing in a higher pitch.

Listening to the commotion, Gackpo enters, katana in hand, just to see the end of another victim of both MaRins.

Pretty Panties☆Aku MaRin Ep. 0 (プリティパンティ☆悪マリン ep.0)

Uploaded August 10, 2011 Featuring Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len, backup by Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka, MEIKO, KAITO and Camui Gackpo
Music uniMemo-P, Bucchigiri-P
Lyrics uniMemo-P
Video Kitano Tomotoshi
To explain the background behind the two previous songs, the events of this song happened before, during and after the events of Pretty Panties ☆ Aku MaRin and Pretty Fundoshi ☆ Aku MaLen.

It started with a timid Kagamine Rin in her room, who was practicing her confession to Len in front a mirror. Incapable to overcome her shyness she made a wish to the mirror, wanting more courage to express her feelings for Len. To her surprise the mirror answered, her reflection replaced by a girl identical to her with a punkish and devilish attire. Surprised, Rin asked where and who she was.The girl chuckled and said that she is inside of the mirror, and then introduced herself as "Pretty Panties ☆ Aku MaRin".

After she left the mirror, the Demon Girl started a conversation with Rin. After Rin asked her about her strength the Demon Girl said the "magic word" Rinrenraririn, which transformed her into a Demon too... but the Demon Girl just took Rin's clothes off (just like in the previous songs).

Embarrassed, Rin began to cry, while Aku MaRin says that she should stop the tantrum and that kind of frilly dresses aren't going to work to conquer Len's heart. After she received her Demon Lolita attire Rin transformed into Aku MaRin, ready to go on a rampage.

Meanwhile, Len is in his room, complaining about the Christmas when he turns to his window just to see GackpoSanta Claus. The girls in Rin's room see him too, and afraid he would interrupt their plans, they blasted him away and assaulted Len in his room, leading to the events of "Pretty Panties ☆ Aku MaRin".

After the failure of the first song, the girls regroup in Rin's room, and with a freakier idea, MaRin suggests Rin to use her tongue to win Len's heart (ironically, it worked in the end). After a bit of practice they began her second assault, triggering the events of Pretty Fundoshi ☆ Aku MaLen song.

After another failure, Rin insists in confessing her feelings. Aku MaRin suggests to her to practice her confession with her, managing to spit it out. This causes that Aku MaRin kiss her which triggers a fusion of both girls.

Meanwhile, outside Rin's room was Len with Gackpo, preparing to assault Rin's room and put an end to this. Gackpo asked if enough "armor" as Len is barely dressed with a fundoshi, Len says that he shouldn't worry. He enters to the bedroom just to discover that he committed a deadly mistake: Both girls are now fused in a powerful and voluptuous Demon Queen.

Unable to control her tongue the fused MaRin swallows Len in one gulp. Then parodying El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron's gameover/continue sequence, the time was reversed to the moment when Len was preparing to enter to Rin's room. This time Len ask to Gackpo his best armor which resulted to be a Princess dress and enters to the room for the final battle.

Parodying a button mashing sequence, Len and the fused MaRins engaged in a "tongue battle". In the middle of the combat Len asked what's wrong with them and why they are after him. Rin replied shyly that she wanted to tell him something and finally spits out her confession, causing that their tongues tangle up and forcing up a kiss between them.

Len, confused, woke up just to find himself in a comprising situation. Meanwhile he tried to understand what's going on MEIKO, KAITO and Miku enters to the room. While MEIKO and KAITO congrats to Len for his "achievement" Miku panicked screams "Noooo! The world isn't ready for this". The video finally ends with zoom out of the house and the scream of the humiliated Len.

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  • About the song "Pretty Panties ☆ Aku MaRin":
    • The name of the Demon Girl actually is a wordplay. This one can be translated as "Evil Marin" (悪マリン Aku MaRin), where Marin is in fact a girl's name. Also this name is homophone of 悪魔リン (Akuma Rin) which can be translates as "Devil Rin". The name of Len's Demon version imitates this (悪マレン Aku MaLen or Aku MaRen), but fails ironically as Maren and Malen are actually girl's names. It's not known if this was accidental or intentional.
    • The magic word Rinrenraririn that the Imps say before undressing for changing the clothes of their victims is the name of the first work of uniMemo-P.
  • About the song "Pretty Fundoshi ☆ Aku MaLen":
    • When Len and Tako Luka are undressing KAITO, he calls Len "the Great Magistrate". This is a joke of old japanese culture when magistrates harassed the girls in kimono.
  • About the song "Pretty Panties ☆ Aku MaRin Ep. 0":
    • The moment when Len is preparing to burst into Rin's room, his dialog with Gackpo and his eventual demise in the hands of the fused Aku Marin is a parody of the El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron's E3 2010 Trailer
    • When the talk between Gackpo and Len repeats after the time reversal Len appears dressed as Lady Gaga.
    • Len's Princess Dress is actually Rin's nightgown shown at the beginning of the video.
    • It's hard to notice it but after the kiss scene, shortly after Len wakes up, you can notice that Rin is practically naked, barely covered by her briefs (making the whole situation even more awkward).
    • The original video in NicoNico Douga presents various exclusive animations and effects (in a similar fashion to Double Lariat). Those ones are:
      • At 1:30, after the MaRins blast Santa Claus (Gackpo) out, a chibi avatar of him with a knockout expression appears rolling in the upper bar .
      • At 2:35, at the beginning of the 2nd intermission which correspond to the song "Pretty Fundoshi ☆ Aku MaLen", in the upper bar appears a chibi avatar of Aku MaLen. This one quickly escapes, panicked when the avatars of Aku MaRins appear shortly after.
      • During the parody of the Shaddai's gameover sequence, when Takoluka talks she appears in the upper bar with a creepy expression.
      • Continuing the parody of Shaddai, during the time-reversal the scrolling comments go backwards with the video.
      • In the button-mash sequence appears a Combo counter. As is suggested by the buttons shown in screen, this one actually counts the "w"s of scrolling comments in that moment.



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