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Aku P is a 21-year old producer who uses both VOCALOID and UTAU. He is the creator of the UTAUs Magane Yonai and 60RDON38.
STATUS:February 2016 → Present
Aku P
URL(s)Channels: YouTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp
Social Media: Twitter Facebook
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "Love In Secret" (Fukase) (Feb.26.2016)
  2. "How Do You Know" (Fukase) (Jul.06.2016)
  3. "I'm Okay" (MAIKA) (Jul.16.2016)
  4. "Connected" (Fukase) (Oct.16.2016)
  5. "Feathers and Rain" (OLIVER) (Nov.21.2016)
  6. "Feel The Rain" (Prima) (Vocamerica Contest 2nd Place) (Nov.01.2016)
  7. "5 Seconds" (Fukase) (Dec.10.2016)
  8. "Let Me Go" (Hatsune Miku) (Jan.27.2017)
  9. "A World To Escape" (Yumemi Nemu) (Feb.18.2017)
  10. "FACES" (DEX) (Mar.10.2017)
  11. "Time to Change That" (Sweet ANN) (Mar.10.2017)
  12. "Be Friends Again" (DAINA) (Apr.9.2017)
  13. "Would You Try" (Fukase) (Apr.15.2017)
  14. "A Song For A Heartbroken Boy" (Aug.9.2017)
  15. "So What?" (Kagamine Len) (Dec.18.2017)
  16. "Días de Estrés" (MAIKA) (Apr.3.2018)
  17. "That That's That" (DAINA, DEX) (May.17.2018)
  18. "Lavanda" (Miku) (May.31.2018)
  19. "Dear Sad Eyes" (Eleanor Forte) (Sep.05.2018)
  20. "Sueño" (Miku) (Dec.31.2018)
  21. "Stay" (Fukase) (Jan.21.2019)
  22. "Déjame Reír" (Miku) (Apr.19.2019)
  23. "Give It Up for Now" (Fukase) (Apr.28.2019)
  24. "Hey, Did You Forget?" (Miku) (Jul.21.2019)

Songs / Featured Works[]

How Do You Know?

How do you know.jpg
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Uploaded 2016.07.06 Featuring Fukase
Music Aku P Main article How Do You Know?
Lyrics Aku P
Video Galgani, Mrs. Pumpkin (illust)

Feel The Rain

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Uploaded 2016.11.01 Featuring Prima
Music Aku P (music), Wodzu (guitar) Main article Feel The Rain
Lyrics Aku P
VOCAMERICA Contest: Prima 2nd Place Winner

A World To Escape

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Uploaded 2017.02.18 Featuring Yumemi Nemu
Music Aku P Main article A World To Escape
Lyrics Aku P, Paolo Zambrana
Video Cheapcookiez (illust)

So What (song)

Uploaded 2017.02.18 Featuring Kagamine Len
Music Aku P Main article So What (song)
Lyrics Aku P
Video iii (illust)

BOOM BOOM ☆ In My Heart

Uploaded 2018.09.24 Featuring Megurine Luka and GUMI
Music VNaneP (music, Spanish tuning), ryusouta (Luka English tuning), Aku P (GUMI English tuning) Main article BOOM BOOM ☆ In My Heart
Lyrics VNaneP
Video Megara Blue (illust)
A tribute song to samfree and the Night Series.