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Alexandre Mey (known as Alexoualexou) lives in Paris, France. He states that he composes music as a hobby, he uses tracker-style software. Currently using Renoise 2.8, and also VOCALOID. His music is rather kind of like a video game soundtrack or experimental/pop.
STATUS:June 10, 2011 → Active
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URL(s)twitter tumblr

SoundCloud channel Youtube channel Nico channel

WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "The second time" (Prima) (Aug.03.2011)
  2. "Light Feather" (Prima) (Oct.18.2011)
  3. "Fell Apart (mix V2)" (Prima) (Mar.03.2013)
  4. "Fell Apart (mix V3.5)" (Prima) (May.06.2013)
  5. "Randomized minds (mix V1.4)" (Prima) (May.06.2012)
  6. "One step forward (mix 2.1)" (Prima) (Jul.22.2012) (Oct.22.2012 on YT)
  7. "Surrounded (soap bubble) - mix 1.0" (Prima) (Dec.18.2012)
  8. "Surrounded (soap bubble)" (AVANNA version) (Jan.04.2013)
  9. "All possible destinies" (AVANNA/Prima V3) (Jan.06.2013)
  10. "Drowning to a new life (mix v1.0)" (Prima) (Mar.20.2013)
  11. "Drowning to a new life (mix v1.0)" (AVANNA) (Mar.20.2013)
  12. "Droit devant mix 1.0" (AVANNA) (May.01.2013)
  13. "Je ne ressens plus rien" (AVANNA) (May.29.2013)
  14. "Falling snow" (AVANNA/Prima V3) (Jun.13.2013)
  15. "And it's yet to be defined" (AVANNA) (Nov.12.2013)
  16. "New Universe" (MAIKA) (Apr.21.2014)
  17. "Nuevo Universo" (MAIKA) (Aug.18.2014)
  18. "Sailing Seeking And Suffering" (AVANNA) (Sep.13.2014)

Songs / Featured Works[]

Randomized minds

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Uploaded May.06.2012 Featuring Prima
Music Alexoualexou Main article Randomized minds
Lyrics Alexoualexou
Video Alexoualexou

One step forward

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Uploaded 2012.10.22 Featuring Prima
Music Alexoualexou Main article One step forward
Lyrics Alexoualexou
Video Alexoualexou (video), Nyanko78 (illust)

Surrounded (soap bubble)

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Uploaded 2012.12.18 Featuring Prima (original), AVANNA (cover)
Music Alexoualexou Main article Surrounded (soap bubble)
Lyrics Alexoualexou
Video Alexoualexou

All possible destinies

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Uploaded 2013.01.06 Featuring AVANNA (lead vocal), Prima (back vocal)
Music Alexoualexou Main article All possible destinies
Lyrics Alexoualexou
Video Alexoualexou

Droit devant

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Uploaded May.01.2013 Featuring AVANNA
Music Alexoualexou Main article Droit devant
Lyrics Alexoualexou
Video Alexoualexou
An original completed in 1999, redone with VOCALOID with French addtions.

Je ne ressens plus rien

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Uploaded May.29.2013 Featuring AVANNA
Music Alexoualexou Main article Je ne ressens plus rien
Lyrics Alexoualexou
Video Alexoualexou
First use of AVANNA singing in French.