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  • "Alive"
Published December 18, 2015, with 82,100+ YouTube views, 112,300+ SoundCloud views, and 1,796,000+ YouTube views (reprint)
  • Phillip Lober (music, lyrics)
  • Generdyn (mixing)

Background Edit

"Alive" is an original English VOCALOID song featuring AVANNA. It is orchestral music producer Phillip Lober's first piece utilizing VOCALOID software.

Lyrics Edit

And the spirits fly away, yet we wanted them to stay...
Tell us why we look outside, when it's all inside our minds...
Carry us to cradled coves...
Bury us beneath the hands of a monster who can dance...
To a faithful kind romance...

I saw you in the light. You fell from death and all it's neighbors...

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