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I wrote this song last year for Oliver's birthday, which is why I had him sing this one. Also, the obvious pun in the title. I was going for something in the style of The Beatles. A reboot of the older version which was sung by Oliver. I redid the music as well and made it a bit longer. The lyrics are somewhat different. I hope you like it!

"All Of Her Love" is an original song by Robyn IsANinja featuring OLIVER. A version with redone and longer music along with the lyrics being different was made featuring DEX and DAINA.

Succeeding versions[]

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Robyn IsANinja (music, lyrics)
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She took her heart and looked to you
All she knew
Was that someone would never help
All those days spent alone
In the dark where she'd never be found

How could this be?
Where did all of her light go?
What should have I known?
And in this cold place I look
For the way to reach her

Am I too late
Once again?
Once again?
I'm too late
Here I stand
Once again

She took my heart and looked away
Be like smoke before my very eyes
All my love, all her songs
Vanishing as I reach for my breath

Can't she just dream?
Is it so hard to see the weakness
Inside me?
If I called out now would I
Have the chance to save her?

I don't know
I'm a fool
This I know

She took her heart and looked to you
All she knew
Was that I was just too far away
All her heart fell apart
She could never find the strength to say

She lost her heart and ran away
And she swore
That she would never fall so deep
Saving face, losing pace
In the light where she was never found

She took her heart and looked to me
"Will you please come and rescue me?"
Someone would never help her
No one heard, no one knew
From the dark where she was never found

All of her love she gave to me

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