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The lyrics are here to give structure to the guitar
—Author's comment

"All in Duet" is a song featuring DEX by Bill White. No further details about this song were given.


See the swallows soaring at the setting sun
See all our reasons leaving
Smell the coffee carried on the morning breeze
Smell the future that we're weaving

Taste the honey poured at the blacing height of noon
Taste the fleeting thrill of breathing

Hear the birch bend through the heart of autumn's night
Hear our hearts as one beating

Touch the window's frost on a winter's evening
Touch the joyful tears of meeting

It's all in what you bring
It's all in what you give
It's all in what you learn
It's all in what you love

It's all in
It's all in

All in

Bring it home to us
home to us

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