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Song title
  • "Already Dead"
Published February 19, 2019, with 10+ SoundCloud views 30+ SoundCloud views Premium ver.


"Already Dead" is a song featuring Amy by Kotoba Project and is part of the "Subliminal series".


that old tale you told me one day
a princess was looking at her kingdom
there was only ashes of all the tears
dropped in the sea

and only the princess saw the
abandoned crown

you know the fire
the pain slowly increases
and the last sunrise
were of the ones you loved

you know the fire
the whole universe will get hurted
as the time just runs
the world will decade

that song you sing with me one day
now became memories
of the past we've loved
again the fire of my eyes...

now are the memories of that what
we've called home
now are the ashes of the world
where my heart where...

the past
the future
we've were promised
na na na na wo m m m m

illutions faded by
the arrogance of your
heart and love
all the trash we've became

i don't care anything
My Heart is Already in Pain!.

i saw in your heart
the tears dropped by this horrid time
the horrible crown
the princess were promised

the tears
the fire
of the radiant sun
now makes

a peaceful world
but all the tears where here

the crown the princess
were promised
by her vein
our pain

a kingdom of fate
but there
was nothing
but the rain

there was nothing
you could believe in
the kingdom
were sad

the princess was crying
for the damned kingdom
you know will never cry

i don't care anything
i know you'll be dead
as my horrible heart
you make me the one

that would kill this ah world
i hope you're happy just now

the damned crown the sad one
just were promised
tears of blood surround us
my heart is already...

one of the eternal
suffering souls
i don't care anything
i can't cry anymore

the tears
were the last
words i wanted to
tell you all

there's nothing left i can
do for your ah horrid
heart of pain
The Sad Song you singed with me

i don't care anything

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