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Image of "Always Be ^o^"
Song title
  • "Always Be ^o^"
Published July 25, 2015, with 1,899,000+ YouTube views and 8,800+ Niconico views 154,000+ SoundCloud views
  • StaticP (music)
  • Einshine (lyrics, video)
  • nyanafk (illust)


The first VOCALOID song released by ShinePhD (formerly known as Einshine) & Static-P in celebration of Shine reaching 500,000 subscribers on YouTube.

A song to remind you not to let your depression get you down, to remind you to smile and always be happy.


Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字) Official English (公式英訳)
今日も いい天気だね kyou mo ii tenki da ne It's another beautiful day, again today
笑顔うきうき egao ukiuki Smiling, happy, happy!
まって いっしょにいこうよ matte isshoni ikou yo Wait up! Let's go together
恥ずかしいけれど hazukashii keredo But I'm kind of shy

テストで取った0点も tesuto de totta rei-ten mo Even if you get an F on your test
大丈夫!(じゃ) daijoubu (jya-) It's O.K.
がんばれば ganbareba If you do your best,
できるはずだよ dekiru hazu da yo You can achieve anything!

Always Be Happy!
暗いときでも kurai toki demo Even when you're feeling depressed
いつも ポジィテブ! itsumo pojittebu! Always be positive!
だから dakara and I say!
Always Be Happy!
悲しいときも kanashii toki mo Even if you're feeling down
さあ みんなで saa minna de Come on everyone
笑顔スマイル egao sumairu Let's all smile


いま お腹がすいた ima onaka ga suita I'm hungry
グー グー gu- gu- grumble grumble
やっほ 食べに行こうよ yahho tabeni ikouyo Hey! Let's go out to eat!
お金ないけれど okanenai keredo I don't have any money though

おみくじで引いた凶も omikuji de hiita kyou mo Even if you get a bad fortune
気にしないで kinishinai de Don't worry,
絶対に zettai ni No matter what!
イイ事あるから ii koto arukara Good things will come to you

Always Be Happy
つらいときでも tsurai toki demo Even when it's tough
毎日パーティー mainichi paatii Everyday party!
だから dakara So I say
Always Be Happy
苦しいときも kurushii toki mo Even during the hard times
さあみんなで saa minna de Come on everyone
笑顔スマイル egao sumairu Let's all smile

あのさ ano sa Hey, listen
人生は jinsei wa Life may seem dark at times
辛いかもしれない tsurai kamo shirenai but
けれど keredo

笑顔 egao Smile
みんなで笑えば minna de waraeba If we all smile more often
大丈夫! daijoubu! Everything will be okay
あとさ ato sa also

たのしくやっていればいい! tanoshiku yatte ireba ii! We should act more positive!
じんせいはいちどしかないよ jinsei wa ichido shikanai yo We only have one life to live
大切な思い出は (ね) taisetsuna omoide wa (ne) Make sure to keep all your happy memories
心の中に永遠にしまいたい kokoro no naka ni eien ni shimaitai in your heart somewhere you will never forget

Always Be Happy!
寂しいときも sabishii toki mo Even if you're lonely
いつも楽しく itsumo tanoshiku Try to have fun
だから dakara so
Always Be Happy!
怒るときでも okoru toki demo Even if you feel angry
さあみんなで saa minna de Come on everyone
笑顔スマイルNOW! egao sumairu NOW! Let's all smile
Always Be Happy!
悩むときでも nayamu toki demo Even when you're worried
毎日Singing! mainichi Singing! Everyday I sing!
だから dakara so
Always Be Happy!
泣きそうになっても nakisou ni natte mo Even when you feel like crying
さあみんなで saa minna de Come on everyone
笑顔スマイル egao sumairu Let's all smile


KAITO V3's Cover
SweetSoSweet (video), PuppyAbaddon (cover, mixing, VSQx), Yonells, Clarphia, YOKONI, Yukimafu (models)
Categories VOCALOID Cover; Fanmade PV
Made for KAITO's 12th anniversary.

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