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Song title
  • "Amazing Dolce"
Published March 24, 2016 (game release date) and June 8, 2016 (album release date)


"Amazing Dolce" is an original song by Hitoshizuku-P and Yama△. It written for the video game Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- X, and it is the prequel to the song "絶頂パティシエール (Zecchou Pâtissier)|Zecchou Pâtissier" released on If the World 2.

The Strawberry Witch (MEIKO) wants to make the best pastries. When Hänsel and Gretel (Len and Rin) come across her house, they offer her their help. Although the witch is reluctant at first she eventually listens to the children and lets them help her. Even with their advice, the witch is still a terrible cook.

This song is featured on the album VersuS. The song's themes are "Delicious" and "Disgusting".

Succeeding versionsEdit

If the World 2
Translation Zecchou Pâtissier
Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len
Hitoshizuku-P × Yama△
Categories Original Song
Sequel to Amazing Dolce. It was featured in the album If the World 2.


Singer + Color

Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
静かな森の夜 shizuka na mori no yoru
魔女は求める… 究極の魔法を… majo wa motomeru… kyuukyoku no mahou wo…
誰も勾引し、とびきりAmazingに誘う… dare mo kadowakashi, tobikiri Amazing ni izanau…
…Sweetsが、食べたいのっ!! …Sweets ga, tabetai no!!

甘い香り従わせて amai kaori shitagawasete
飢えた五感、呼び覚ませ ueta gokan, yobisamase
艶めく色 Ah、見せつけてSexy! tsuyameku iro Ah, misetsukete Sexy!
Magical Cooking、はじまるよ~♥ Magical Cooking, hajimaru yo~ ♥

甘いだけじゃ… つまらないでしょ? amai dake ja… tsumaranai desho?
適度な苦さも必要! tekido na nigasa mo hitsuyou!
ねえ、欲しいなら、可愛く強請って…? nee, hoshii nara, kawaiku nedatte…?
さあ、一緒に蕩けましょう♥ saa, issho ni torokemashou♥

綺麗に飾り付け、お披露目 kirei ni kazaritsuke, ohirome
そんなに焦らさないでったら…もうっ! sonna ni jirasanaidettara… mou!
準備はよろしくて? junbi wa yoroshikute?
最高のSweets Magic、見せてあげる♥ saikou no Sweets Magic, miseteageru ♥

とろけるように口づけて… torokeru you ni kuchizukete…
心ゆくまで… お召し上がれ! kokoro yuku made… omeshiagare!
神も魔王も惑わせる kami mo satan mo madowaseru
極上のHoney!!Sweetsが!!食べたいの♥ gokujou no Honey!! Sweets ga!! tabetai no ♥

苦い! 固い!べちゃべちゃ!焦げ過ぎ! nigai! katai! bechabecha! kogesugi!
今日も安定,アークマター! kyou mo antei, a-kumata-!
一口噛めばGo to hell? hitokuchi kameba Go to hell?
飯まずCooking,また失敗~!! meshimazu Cooking, mata shippai~!!

苦難の道… Magical Cooking kunan no michi… Magical Cooking
自慢の魔法も効かない jiman no mahou mo kikanai
もう,お手上げ! mou, oteage!
なんて不幸なEnding…!! nante fukouna Ending…!!
諦めるのは,まだ早~い! akirameru no wa, mada hayai!

簡単なことは…つまらないでしょう? kantanna koto wa… tsumaranai deshou?
パティシエの道は超~~~険しいっ! patishie no michi wa chou~~~kewashii!
それでも,好きならば…一流目指して soredemo, sukinaraba… ichiryuu mezashite
さあ,一緒に頑張りましょう♥ saa, issho ni ganbarimashou ♥

優しく…撫でるような手つきで…! yasashiku… naderu youna tetsuki de…!
そんなに乱暴にしちゃだめよsonna ni ranbou ni shicha dame yo
万事は,ぬかりなく… banji wa, nukarinaku…
本当のSweets Magic,見せてあげる♥ hontou no Sweets Magic, miseteageru♥

蕩けるようなSweetsの torokeru youna Sweets no
お味はBeauty…?Sexy…? oaji wa Beauty…? Sexy…?
甘い甘い甘い♥♥♥ amai amai amai♥♥♥
神も魔王も唸らせる kami mo satan mo unaraseru
極上のHoney Sweetsを,召し上がれ♥ gokujou no Honey Sweets o, meshiagare♥

千枚の葉も一葉から… miru no fi-yu mo hitoha kara…
…一枚ずつ、重ねて? …ichimai zutsu, kasanete?
五感を駆使して gokan wo kushishite
…感性を研ぎすませ? …kansei wo togisumase
妥協は許さない… dakyou wa yurusanai…
調理場は戦場だぜ? chouriba wa senjou da ze?
さあ、ビシッ!バシッ!といきましょう♥ saa, pishi! pashi! to ikimashou ♥

厳しい修行の日々を超えて kibishii shugyou no hibi wo koete
完成!Cool&Brilliant!なSweets… kansei! Cool & Brilliant! na Sweets…
So Beauty!! So Beauty!!
確かな、愛情と… tashika na, aijou to…
たゆまぬ努力と… 苦労の積み重ね… Yes!! tayumanu doryoku to… kurou no tsumikasane… Yes!!
…それでは、It's show time!! …sore de wa, It's show time!!

とろけるようなスイーツを torokeru you na suiitsu wo
心ゆくまで… お召し上がれ! kokoroyuku made… omeshiagare!
仕上げはこのSpiceで shiage hako no Spice de
魔法を掛けましょう… さあ! mahou wo kakemashou… saa!
『美味しくなーれ、萌え萌えきゅん♥♥♥』 "oishiku naare, moe moe kyun ♥♥♥"

とろけるような口溶けは… torokeru you na kuchidoke wa…
好吃? hao chi?[note 1]
Buono? Rico? Buono? Rico?
Excellent? Delicious? Excellent? Delicious?
美味い×3♥♥♥??? umai umai umai ♥♥♥???
神も魔王も惑わせる kami mo maou mo madowaseru
極上のHoney Sweetsを… gokujou no Honey Sweets wo…
たらふく、召し上がれ♥ tarafuku, meshiagare ♥

Written by an unknown artist for the English version of the video game Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- X.

In the quiet forest night
A witch is seeking…the ultimate magic…
To lure them in, a most amazing invitation!
Sweets are what we wanna eat!

Follow that sweet smell
Rouse your starving senses!
That alluring color, ah, show it! Sexy!
Magical cooking, here we go! ❤

"Sweet" on its own is boring, right?
Balancing with bitterness is important too!
Hey, if you want some just ask for it…in a cute way!
Now, let's melt together! ❤

Dress it up fancy, it's debut time
Don't be so impatient…c'mon!
Oh, sorry!
You got everything you need?
The ultimate sweets magic, that's what I'll show you! ❤

Kiss it and watch it melt
Now eat up, as much as you like
Gods and devils, neither can resist
The ultimate honey sweets! I wanna eat'em! ❤
They're bitter! Hard! Sticky! Overdone!
Tasty as always, dark matter!
Take one nibble and go to hell?
Awful cooking, another mistake!

It's a difficult road to walk…magical cooking
Not even my magic works
I give up!
What an unhappy ending!
Don't give up yet!

If it was easy, it'd be boring, right?
The patissier's path has its pitfalls!
But if you like it despite that then aim for the top
C'mon, let's try together! ❤

Spread it out, be gentle
Don't be so rough now, that won't do! ❤
Oh, sorry!
Taking care with everything
The true sweets magic, that's what I'll show you! ❤

Those melting sweets…
The taste is beauty? Sexy?
Sweet, sweet, sweet! ❤❤❤
Gods and devils, both groan out loud
Ultimate honey sweets! Eat your fill! ❤

A thousand layers start with one…
Stack them up, one at a time?
Use all five senses to the limit…
Sharpen your sensitivity?
No compromises…
The kitchen is a warzone!
Now, wham! Slam! Let's do this! ❤

Many days of hard training past
They're ready! Cool & brilliant sweets!
Such beauty!
Love you can count on…
Unflagging effort…continuous hard work…then yes!!!
Ready, folks? It's show time!

These melting sweets…
Eat your fill! ❤
Finish it off with this special spice
And a little magic…there!
"Be delicious, boil, bubble, wheee! ❤❤❤"

It melts in your mouth…
Hao chi?
Buono? Rico?
Excellent? Delicious?
Tasty, tasty, tasty ❤❤❤???
Gods and devils, both enchanted
By these ultimate honey sweets…
Snack to your heart's content! ❤


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  1. Mandarin; commons:File:Zh-hǎochī.ogg

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