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"anakin", previously known as AnakinPlays, is a VOCALOID producer.


Links Title Featuring Date Roles
[yt] "The Story of a Missing Child" Fukase October 7, 2017 producer
[yt] "In My Dreams" Fukase October 31, 2017 producer
[sc] "Infestation of the S▬t-Talking Plants" YOHIOloid February 23, 2018 producer
[yt] "Paranormal Reality" Kagamine Len V4 English June 26, 2018 music, lyrics, illust, video
[yt] "V i v i d" Fukase September 7, 2018 producer
[yt] "Fran" Rana September 10, 2018 music, lyrics
[yt][sc] "This Sugary Craving" OLIVER September 24, 2018 music, lyrics, illust
[yt] "Fighter" Fukase, Chika, and Eleanor Forte October 10, 2018 producer
[yt] "Spirits of Halloween" Rana and v4 flower October 31, 2018 producer
[yt] "Clairvoyant" Kagamine Rin and Eleanor Forte December 3, 2018 music, lyrics, illust, video
[yt] "Undermined" Utatane Piko December 9, 2018 producer
[yt][sc] "Neglected" Yuzuki Yukari December 27, 2018 music, lyrics
[yt][sc] "Tear Off" Fukase January 28, 2019 producer
[yt][sc] "Zip It" Fukase May 16, 2019 producer
[yt] "Amalgamation" Kagamine Rin, Eleanor Forte, and IA English C May 26, 2019 music, lyrics, illust, video
[sc] "Confrontation" Utatane Piko June 21, 2019 VSQx
[yt][sc] "Presence" Hatsune Miku August 7, 2019 music, lyrics, illust
[yt] "Blood on Film" KAITO September 6, 2019 tuning
[yt][sc] "Mothman" Rana and flower September 9, 2019 producer
[yt][sc][sc] "Thornbush" Fukase October 7, 2019 producer
[yt][sc][sc] "Jack's Admonition" Chika October 17, 2019 producer
[yt][sc][sc] "Fright Fair" Chika, Utatane Piko, Rana, flower, YOHIOloid, Eleanor Forte, Genbu, MEIKA Hime & Mikoto, OLIVER, Kagamine Rin, Yuzuki Yukari and IA English C October 27, 2019 music, lyrics, illust
[yt][sc] "A Twilight Carol" Utatane Piko and Fukase December 24, 2019 music, illust
[yt][sc] "Quarantine" YOHIOloid February 7, 2020 producer
[yt] "Mud to Mud" flower and Eleanor Forte February 25, 2020 producer
[yt][bc] "YESTERDAY" Kaori March 6, 2020 illust
[yt][sc] "Bad Luck Bunny" Fukase April 12, 2020 producer
[yt] "turtle" GUMI May 10, 2020 music, lyrics
[yt] "3AM" Utatane Piko and Fukase May 13, 2020 producer
[yt][sc] "humanity" Chris July 21, 2020 producer