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And Uge (杏戸ゆげ, Ando Yuge) is a prototype Japanese VOCALOID developed and distributed by the Yamaha Corporation and was created in collaboration with 774 inc. and the Virtual YouTuber of the same name, And Uge. She was released via a limited lottery application in September 2023 for the VOCALOID β-STUDIO VX-β engine.

Her voice is provided by the Japanese Virtual YouTuber of the same name, And Uge (杏戸ゆげ; Ando Yuge). As a Virtual YouTuber, And Uge made her debut in February 2023 and was formerly a part of the 774 inc.'s branch group VApArt before its disband in January 2023.


And Uge was created as a high-performance, general-purpose humanoid, however, due to the excessive use of advanced technology, she has come to behave in ways that were as close to human-like as possible. She gets excited about things she likes, and is less excited about things that she doesn't like. She is described as a cute little humanoid who has the charm of a moody little sister.[1][2][3] Her birthday is listed as September 3rd, she is 129.5cm tall and her 774 inc. official "member" color is grayish blue, specifically the shade #B7CDDA.[4]






And Uge β
And Uge β, a prototype AI singing vocal described as being soft and cute.[5]

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