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Anders Södergren debuted in 2003. Known within the Western VOCALOID fandom for participating in community forums and having a hand in developing English voicebanks for synthesizers. He was a developer for the VOCALOID3 engine and the founder of VocaTone, which consisted of a group of VOCALOID enthusiast who created OLIVER and YOHIOloid. He acts as an independent representative who works for both Zero-G Limited and PowerFX Systems AB..

In working with Zero-G's synthesis development team he created demos featuring VOCALOIDs LEON, LOLA, and MIRIAM.


Links Title Featuring Date Roles
[→] "Is This It?" MIRIAM 2003—04 music, lyrics
[→] "Under The Moon" MIRIAM 2003—04 music, lyrics
[→] "Dupdah" LEON, LOLA 2003—04 music, lyrics
[→] "Falling" LEON, LOLA 2003—04 music, lyrics
[→] "Introducing LOLA" LOLA 2003—04 music, lyrics
[yt] "The Power FX Family" OLIVER, Sweet ANN, BIG AL October 31, 2011 VOCALOID arrangement, VSQ
Scarborough Fair OLIVER November 12, 2011 Mixer