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Image of "Ang Bituin, Makina at si Monika"
Song title
  • "Ang Bituin, Makina at si Monika"
  • English: The Star, Machine and Monika
  • Official Japanese: 星と機械とモニカ
Published January 26, 2018, with 760+ Niconico views, 1,100+ YouTube views, and 70+ SoundCloud views
  • Aryuna (music, lyrics, video)
  • Fei (illust)


The beating of my heart was like a fading star.

Slowly fading away to the darkness.

"Ang Bituin, Makina at so Monika" is an original Hatsune Miku song by Aryuna.


Tagalog Official English
Itong bituin ko'y maaayos pa kaya? Can my star even be fixed?
Dating liwanag ngayo'y kadiliman The once light is now darkness

Bakit nga ba nagkagan'to ang bituin ko kaya? Why did my star even wind up like this?
Bakit nga ba dumidilim din ang buong mundo ko? Why is my whole world going dark?

Naririnig mo ba ang tibok ng bituin ko? Can you hear the beat of my star?
Kay munti, kay sakit na nawawala ito Little by little, it fades so painfully

Sobrang lungkot It's so sad
Sobrang sakit It's so painful

Para magkaroon muli ng liwanag ang bituin So that my star can have its light again
Kinabitan siya ng isang makina A machine was attached to it

Lumiliwanag na ang aking bituin My star is finally lighting again
Pero napakasakit ng gumising sa umaga But waking up in the morning hurts so much
Nagdaan ang mga araw at kadiliman nalang ang nakikita ng aking mga mata The days passed and all my eyes could see was darkness

Hindi na 'ko muling magigising sa mundong ito I'll no longer wake up in this world anymore
Kay tahimik, ang bituin ay nawala sa kadiliman So silently, the star fades into the darkness


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