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Image of "Anthony"
Song title
  • "Anthony"
Published November 22, 2018, with 470+ YouTube views and 90+ Niconico views


I am Anthony.
—Author's comment
Anthony is a song by jaho-P featuring Hatsune Miku, with depression as theme.

This song is featured in his EP called Stories of broken lives.


In these days of sameness
words spoiled by hatred
i collapse in my bed
with a bottle in my hand

Please take my hand
away from this grave
there's a life to be found
that'll hear my scars

there's no love anymore just empty days
my will is slowly fading out of my brain
i barely see the light in this chasm
i'm scared but i'll go on

time goes on left the darkness behind
my cold heart is broken but i'll stay alive

There's no hope anymore,just regret
but i'm willing to change and start again
i found a reason to live thanks to you my friend
i was tired to sleep with depression and death

time goes on left the darkness behind
my cold heart is broken but i'll stay alive

tired to swallow the mud (x2)
i can't call this a life cause i'm buried alive
tired to swallow the mud (x2)
the road is dark and i can't see the light

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