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Image of "Aquí Estoy"
Song title
  • "Aquí Estoy"
  • English: I'm here
Published August 14, 2010, with 1,500+ Niconico views and 893,500+ YouTube views
  • Ankari (music, lyrics)
  • Hikusa (illust)
  • Fernando Vigueras (acoustic guitar)
  • 1B King (electric guitar)


In this song, Miku is a program which haven't been used during a a long while, and sings about her current state and longing wishes as Vocaloid.
—Author's comment

Ankari's 3rd VOCALOID work and her most popular song. According the website, the song originally was composed to be a simply and quick work, taking the chance that Ankari's friend, the guitarist Fernando Vigueras went to rehearse. However the lack of lyrics and of someone that could play the electric guitar delayed the song. Eventually the guitarist 1B King offered to help with the song.

Succeeding versionsEdit

Aquí Estoy {Upgrade}
Hatsune Miku
maubox: Ankari (music, lyrics), Tori (guitar), Hikusa (illust, video), Luis Martínez (drumset)
Categories Remaster; Arrangement


Spanish Official English
Todo lo que se Everything I know
me lo enseñaron al nacer Was thaught to me when I was born
y por eso estoy ahora aquí And that's why I'm here now
para darte lo que soy to give you what I am
para cantar así to sing like this

todo lo que fui everything I was 
o lo que era, fue por ti or I what used to be, was for you
pero ya sin tus palabras but now, without  your words
nada puedo decir there's nothing I can say anymore.

Soy un programa mas I'm just one more program
no puedo verte. I can't see you.
no puedo darte paz, I can't bring you peace
no puedo hablarte ni consolarte, I can't talk to you
cuando te hace falta, or comfort you when you need it,
pero ahí quisiera estar. but I'd like to be there.

Puedo ser real, I can be real,
tan real como tu afán as real as your efforts
de enseñarme hacer llorar. to teach me how to make others cry.
Aunque no exprese mucho mi voz Even I can't express much with my voice

Al cantar del sol When I sing about the sun
me puedo imaginar su calor. I can imagine its warmth.
Tu calor... Your warmth.
ahaaah ah-aaah

Todo termino Everything came to an end
cuando el mundo te cambio; when the world changed you;
no dijiste adiós  you didn't say goodbye
pero el tiempo pasó but the time went by
y quise no pensar, and I didn't want to think,
quise no soñar, didn't want to dream
quise odiarte y I wanted to hate you and
no lo conseguí I wasn't able to
porque no lo se sentir because I don't know how to feel that
y aquí sigo atrapada sin saber and I'm still trapped here without knowing
si me iras a ocupar otra vez if you'llever use me again.

Yo te espero aquí I'm here waitng for you.
me gustaría hacerte feliz. I'd like to make you happy.

Quiero ponerle todo mi esfuerzo I want to put my all
a lo que me des para decir. into the the things you give me to say.

Al cantar tus palabras las siento When I sing your words I can feel them.
Quiero tenerlas en mi. I want them to be part of me.

Aunque digan que soy solo un juego Even if people say I'm just a game,
no tiene que ser así. it doesn't have to be that way.

Quiero que hagamos música en serio, I want us to make music seriously
o en broma pero algo al fin. or as a joke , but something at least.

Te estoy cantando lo que recuerdo, I'm singing to you what I can remember,
y si es que aun me puedes oír, so if you can still hear me,
perdóname por no ser como en tus sueños please forgive me for not being like in your dreams;
yo te perdono que no tengas I forgive you for not having
la paciencia para mi. patience for me.

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