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aqu3ra (read Akuera, アクエラ) is a producer who started composing VOCALOID songs in December 2018. Prior to his debut as a producer, he had made several utaite covers and gained some certain amount of popularity.

aqu3ra's music has a distinctive sound, sometimes bearing electric music elements also. He mainly uses Hatsune Miku and flower in his works, many of which have gained over 100 thousands views on YouTube.

It is noted that a number of fans would inaccurately address him as "Apu3ra". In response to this common mistake, Aqu3ra would jokingly create an alternative account Apu3ra (あぷえら), where he had posted two VOCALOID songs as well.


Links Title Featuring Date Roles
Sleeping Awake Hatsune Miku December 08, 2018 music, lyrics
Sleeping Awake - For Club (Bass Boosted) Hatsune Miku December 14, 2018 arrangement
アイボリー (Ivory) flower January 01, 2019 music, lyrics
ロンリーユニバース (Lonely Universe) Hatsune Miku, flower April 06, 2019 music, lyrics
メーデー (Mayday) flower June 02, 2019 music, lyrics
ラムネ (Ramune) flower July 16, 2019 music, lyrics
チョコレートミルク (Chocolate Milk) Hatsune Miku September 21, 2019 music, lyrics
ゴーストダンス (Ghost Dance) Hatsune Miku October 12, 2019 music, lyrics
シックス・フィート・アンダー (Six Feet Under) flower January 03, 2020 music, lyrics
Day&Night Hatsune Miku May 09, 2020 music, lyrics
Snow Mile Hatsune Miku December 11, 2020 music, lyrics
解けない夏 (Tokenai Natsu) Hatsune Miku March 14, 2021 music, lyrics
ミッドナイトサン (Midnight Sun) flower May 08, 2021 music, lyrics
[nn][yt][bb] "アイスドロップ" Hatsune Miku July 18, 2021 music, lyrics



Affiliation Title Featuring Date Roles
Independent Parallel Planet Hatsune Miku, flower November 17, 2019 music, lyrics


Affiliation Title Featuring Date Roles
Independent lonely planet Hatsune Miku April 27, 2019 music, lyrics


Affiliation Title Featuring Date Roles
KARENT, Crypton Future Media, KAMITSUBAKI RECORDS "KARENT presents Planet Traveler feat. 初音ミク" Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin January 22, 2020 music, lyrics
Independent Number Compilation Album Hatsune Miku, GUMI, IA, flower, Kasane Teto April 16, 2020 music, lyrics
Independent "Pianism" GUMI, IA, Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, Otomachi Una June 14, 2020 music, lyrics
Independent "キメラ" Hatsune Miku, flower, Otomachi Una, Kagamine Len, and Kaai Yuki October 15, 2021 music, lyrics
Crypton Future Media, Inc. "「初音ミク GALAXY LIVE 2021」 OFFICIAL COMPILATION ALBUM" Hatsune Miku December 13, 2021 music, lyrics