AquesTone is a free vocal synthesis software developed by Aquest, who also developed UTAU Defoko's voice source from AquesTalk's female voice 1.


AquesTone is a VSTi plugin that can be used in audio editing programs such as FL Studio. AquesTone has four voice options: Female F1, Auto F1, Male HK, and Auto HK.


The software is not well known in the Western fandom. In Japan, it is more popular but only has a few songs in relation to any Vocaloid. Awareness of it in Japan and even in the Western world (with fans of Pop'n Music and the other BEMANI rhythm games like Dance Dance Revolution) was increased when a song featuring the AquesTone Female F1 voice credited to "Chilt Featuring AquesTone" appeared in the popular arcade game Pop'n Music.


  1. ちかてつ (Chikatetsu/Subway)
  2. (仮)あいうえおの唄-
  3. エアポートシャトル (Airport Shuttle)
  4. Springtime Air
  5. Prism
  6. ツボミ (Tsubomi/Flower)
  7. どこまでも
  8. 団地のおばさん
  9. 真夜中の華
  10. 合言葉は0
  11. ミルキーポケット (Milky Pocket)
  12. Time's Intersection

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  • [1] AquesTone Official website