A lovely orchestral album by NananaeUK. Apart from being a long time Nana enthusiast (Utau and Vocaloid), he's been studying, performing and working as a musician for several years. He's trained classically but can play jazz as well, which shows specially in Moonsong II. Excited at the prospect of more folks celebrating Nana, we hope you'll listen to his magnum opus Arise.

Arise is an album by NananaeUK. The album cover was illustrated by 3eep. It contains four originals and four instrumentals featuring Macne Nana.

The full download includes a poster of the album cover art.

The album can be purchased here on BandCamp.

Released September 30, 2015
Producer NananaeUK
Price $3
Illust. 3eep
Label Vocallective Records
Track list
1. Moonsong
Macne Nana
2. Moonsong II
Macne Nana
3. Nana's Mood
Macne Nana
4. Therru's Song
Macne Nana
5. Moonsong
6. Moonsong II
7. Nana's Mood
8. Therru's Song
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