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  • "Autumn In Central Park"
Published March 11, 2005


Autumn In Central Park is a VOCALOID demonstration song, it is available as a free download on Jasmine Music Technology.

It is a lyrical song created using VOCALOID LEON without any special PM Styles. A simple style was added to Velocity changes, small Pitch Wheel moving, Expression curve for breathing and Noise curve for sharpening the consonants.

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Autumn In Central Park (full version)
Alexei Ustinov, Alex Yakovlev
Categories Original Song
This song is featured on the album, "Hot Stuff Dreams". The first link is to a listing of MP3s by the producers employing human singers.


Verse 1

Autumn in Central Park
And from the dawn till dark
Always it's full of good people like home
Nature's so wonderful
Weather's so beautiful
Well, if you have your health and freedom

Autumn in Central Park
Doggies run, jump and bark
Lake with the ducks, and they have no fear
People like horses race
Squirrels eat from your hands
Seems Love and Harmony all now live here


Yes, autumn's fine
Its end of year
But not all men
Are happy here
If dog is lost
There's a reward
But homeless man
May be ignored

Verse 2

Watching the sun go down
All trees are red and brown
It's surely good to live in Manhattan
So high above the ground
You see the Earth spin round
If you live here up high in Manhattan

Simple it may appear
But Schwarzenegger lived here
So it may become a new White House soon
"Sex and the City" was
Filmed right behind these doors
Robert De Niro's film was shot here too

Refrain 2

Yes, autumn's fine
Colors divine
And every man
Wishes and pines
A famous man
With business plan
And simple guy
From Paraguay

Refrain 3

They don't complain
They lose, they gain
Came young and old
From all the world
And each new day
Can still be great
When we believe,
Keep hope and live

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