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Ayase (born April 4th, 1994) is a producer who first debut on December 2018 and rose to popularity with the release of his song "Last Resort".

Alongside his Vocaloid work, Ayase is also part of a non-VOCALOID related musical unit known as YOASOBI in collaboration with vocalist ikura.


Links Title Featuring Date Roles
先天性アサルトガール (Sentensei Assault Girl) Hatsune Miku December 23, 2018 music, lyrics
彩愛のロキシー (Ayana no Roxy) Hatsune Miku December 25, 2018 music, lyrics
アンチソーシャルパーク (Anti-social Park) Hatsune Miku December 30, 2018 music, lyrics
泣いてない (Naitenai) Hatsune Miku January 22, 2019 music, lyrics
ハッピーエンダー (Happy End) Hatsune Miku February 01, 2019 music, lyrics
夜撫でるメノウ (Yoru Naderu Menou) Hatsune Miku February 11, 2019 music, lyrics
[nn][yt][bb] "ラストリゾート" Hatsune Miku April 30, 2019 music, lyrics, video
人間モドキ (Ningen Modoki) Hatsune Miku, flower June 08, 2019 music, lyrics
キラークイーン (Killer Queen) Hatsune Miku July 27, 2019 music, lyrics
フィクションブルー (Fiction Blue) Hatsune Miku August 31, 2019 music, lyrics
ヴァイオレッタ (Violetta) Hatsune Miku October 31, 2019 music, lyrics
[nn][yt] "幽霊東京" Hatsune Miku December 03, 2019 music, lyrics, video
[nn][yt] "シニカルナイトプラン" Hatsune Miku March 24, 2020 music, lyrics, video
よくばり (Yokubari) Hatsune Miku June 22, 2020 music, lyrics
ワンダラー (Wanderer) Hatsune Miku August 29, 2020 music, lyrics
[nn][yt] "シネマ" Hatsune Miku May 8, 2021 music, lyrics


Affiliation Title Featuring Date Roles
幽霊東京 (Yuurei Tokyo) Hatsune Miku November 11, 2019 music, lyrics, vocals
MIKUNOYOASOBI Hatsune Miku January 06, 2021 music, lyrics