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Azuralunar is a producer who used both UTAU and VOCALOID (mostly Hiyama Kiyoteru). Other than making covers, she made Talkloids and tutorials for everyone.
STATUS:August 2010 → Retired
Azuralunar Avatar.jpg
ASSOCIATIONS:CircusP & Guitar Hero Piano Zero
OFFICIAL:Blog: Azuralunar
URL(s)Channel: Youtube
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "Mine" (Miriam) (Jan.21.2010)
  2. "The Disapearance Of Hatsune Miku" (Hiyama Kiyoteru) (Song of cosMo) (Aug.02.2010)
  3. "PoPiPo" (Hiyama Kiyoteru) (Song of Lamaze-P) (Aug.03.2010)
  4. "I'll Give Up Singing" (Song of Namahage-P) (Lily) (Aug.07.2010)
  5. "Doki Doki Yuri Gakuen" (Lily) (Aug.08.2010)
  6. "Lilium" (Hiyama Kiyoteru) (Aug.14.2010)
  7. "From A Person Who Will Die In Three Days" (Lily) (Song of Hatsune Miku) (Sep.03.2010)
  8. "The Disapearance Of Hatsune Miku" (Lily) (Song of cosMo) (Sep.05.2010)
  9. "Matryoshka" (Nekomura Iroha & Hiyama Kiyoteru) (Song of Hachi) (Sep.26.2010)
  10. "Bullet For Prisoner" (Nekomura Iroha) (Oct.01.2010)
  11. "The Application's Love" (Hiyama Kiyoteru) (Nov.14.2010)
  12. "The Dying Message" (Hiyama Kiyoteru) (Song of Utsu-P) (Nov.28.2011)
  13. "Still Alive" (Hiyama Kiyoteru) (Dec.23.2010)
  14. "Last Night Good Night" (Hiyama Kiyoteru) (Song of kz) (Dec.30.2010)
  15. "Koe" (KAITO) (Dec.30.2010)
  16. "Division Destruction Of Hatsune Miku" (KAITO) (Song of cosMo) (Jan.01.2011)
  17. "Dreaming Little Bird" (Hiyama Kiyoteru & KAITO) (Song of Hatsune Miku & Kagamine Rin) (Jan.04.2011)
  18. "Matryoshka" (Hiyama Kiyoteru & KAITO) (Song of Hachi) (Jan.07.2011)
  19. "Still Alive" (Big Al) (Jan.22.2011)
  20. "Alejandro" (Big Al) (Song of Lady Gaga) (Jan.23.2011)
  21. "Magnet" (Hiyama Kiyoteru & KAITO) (Song of minato) (Feb.06.2011)
  22. "I'll Quit Singing" (Big Al) (Song of Namahage-P) (Feb.11.2011)
  23. "Leia" (Hiyama Kiyoteru) (Feb.19.2011)
  24. "Lost Story" (Hiyama Kiyoteru) (Mar.12.2011)
  25. "Blue" (KAITO) (Mar.13.2011)
  26. "You And Beautiful World" (KAITO) (Apr.02.2011)
  27. "Friday" (Big Al) (Apr.09.2011)
  28. "iNSaNiTY" (KAITO, SF-A2 miki) (Apr.11.2011) (collaboration with CircusP)
  29. "Alumina" (Hiyama Kiyoteru) (Apr.23.2011)
  30. "Ten Faced (KAITO) (Song of YM) (Apr.29.2011)
  31. "mErcy" (VY1) (May.3.2011) (collaboration with CircusP)
  32. "Call Upon The Sea Ponies" (Big Al, KAITO & Hiyama Kiyoteru) (May.07.2011)
  33. "Psychopath" (Big Al & Hiyama Kiyoteru) (May.30.2011)
  34. "Sky High" (Hiyama Kiyoteru) (Song of nakano4) (Jul.19.2011)
  35. "Boats And Birds" (Big Al) (Aug.28.2011)
  36. "Amai Kotoba" (GUMI Power) (Oct.30.2011) (collaboration with CircusP)
  37. "Shatter" (SF-A2 miki) (collaboration with CircusP and EmpathP) (Jun.29.2012)

Songs / Featured Works


Uploaded 2011.04.11 Featuring KAITO, SF-A2 miki
Music Circus-P Main article iNSaNiTY
Lyrics Circus-P, Azuralunar
Video Circus-P
Circus-P's first original song to be sung in Japanese and is one of his most famous works (Note: The original YT URL was taken down; link is a re-upload on one of his new accounts.)


Uploaded 2011.05.03 Featuring VY1
Music Circus-P Main article mErcy
Lyrics Circus-P, Jennie, Azuralunar

甘い言葉 (Amai Kotoba)

Uploaded 2011.10.30 Featuring GUMI
Music Circus-P Main article 甘い言葉 (Amai Kotoba)
Lyrics Azuralunar
Video Circus-P


Uploaded 2012.06.29 Featuring SF-A2 miki
Music Circus-P Main article Shatter
Lyrics EmpathP, Azuralunar
Video Keti