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  • "Baby Bear"
Published January 27, 2011 (NND) and January 30, 2011 (YT), with 13,900+ Niconico views and 7,300+ YouTube views


The song is about a girl (Kagamine Rin) who was given a stuffed teddy bear (BIG AL) as a present to help comfort her at night, the illustrations follow the storyline of the song. The bear keeps the nightmares away and she grows to love and adore him. In return the bear is grateful for her welcoming him to her side.

Later, she meets a boy she falls in love with, but her strict mother is against the idea of her having a boyfriend, so she practices showing her feelings on the bear. The bear takes interest in the boy as it only knows her from the time they spend together. After meeting the boy on what she believed was a date she finally learns that she and he have both mistaken each others feelings towards each other. In a moment of weakness towards her own mistaken feelings, the girl takes her pains out on the bear greatly damaging it in the process. When she realises what she has done to the bear, she regrets her actions, while the bear regrets that he could not protect her from her own mistake.

Without the bear, her nightmares return and she realises how much it meant to her and how fragile the bear was to begin with. Now knowing how much she depended on his comfort while she slept, she repairs him by herself and promises never to let the bear come to harm again.

This song is featured in the compilation album DEBUTANTE6 and the album RIN★MELTS 2 -ALIVE-.


Singer + Color
Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
Baby bear good night!
We will be friends forever

寂しがり屋のあたしは sabishigariya no atashi wa
離れたくない もう嫌ナイトメア hanare takunai mou iya naitomea
この手で ギュッと抱きしめた kono te de gyutto daki shimeta

(3.2.1 GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!)

枕元に届いた クマのぬいぐるみ makura moto ni todoita kumano meigurumi
ふかふか触り心地 ちょっと顔ゴツイけど fukafuka sawari gokochi chotto kao gotsui kedo

Thank you for receive me as a member
your dad choose me , It was so wise
I guard you against any nightmare
I'm always your hero

Baby bear good night!
I rely on you everyday

安らぎをいつもくれる yasuregi wo itsumo kureru
もう怖くない ありがとう 幸せ mou kowaku nai arigatou shiawase
やさしい キミを包み眠る yasashii kimi wo tsutsumi nemuru

大事な人ができた アタマ恋モード daijina hito ga dekita atama koi moodo
でもママは厳しいから キミで予行演習 demo mama wa kibishiikara kimi de yokouenshuu

What have you seen through me recently?
I know only you in your room
Please tell me everything even if
It's about his charm point

Baby bear good night!
We will be lovers forever

ぬくもり感じたいんだ nukumori kanji tainda
明日早くな デートが楽しみ ashita hayaku na deeto ga tanoshimi
今夜もいい夢見せてよね konya moii yume misete yo ne

突然終わりがきた 彼とすれ違い totsuzen owari gakita kare tosure chigai
弱さ悲しみ悔しさキミに 投げつけた yowasa kanashimi kuyashi sa kimi ni nage tsuketa

Though I stay by your side for a long time
I'm not able to defend you
All I can do is to follow you
(Because) I am only a stuffed bear

Baby bear good bye!
I have only myself to blame

あたし弱いだけ ゴメン atashi yowai dake gomen
キミがいない 手の中違和感 kimi gainai teno naka iwakan
悪夢にうなされ泣きじゃくる akumu niunasare naki jakuru

(3.2.1 GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!)

Baby bear good night!
I realized you were so tender

何も言わずそばにいて nanimo iwa zusobaniite
もう泣かない! ボロボロのキミを mou naka nai! boroboro no kimi wo
心を込めて縫い直す kokoro wo kome te nui naosu

Baby bear good night!
We will be friends forever

寂しがり屋のあたしは sabishi gari ya noatashiha
離れたくない もう嫌ナイトメア hanare takunai mou iya naitomea
この手で ギュッと抱きしめた kono tede gyutsu to daki shimeta

Baby bear good night!
We will be friends forever

本当の幸せをつかむよ(つかんで) hontou no shiawase wotsukamuyo

ah..ah.. I love you

(3.2.1 GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!)

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