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  • "Bad Guy"
Published September 26, 2010, with 7,000+ YouTube views

Background[edit | edit source]

*NOTE* I realized I didn't put the finished version in the video in the last one, so here is is revised. It's a small change but it would have driven me crazy thinking about it xD I'm sorry for deleting the last one :( *NOTE END*

Some people have suggested I try Lola, so here's my first go.

It's a little different than my usual, thought I'd have a little fun with this one ; )
—author's comment

Puffihn's first work with LOLA.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

If there’s a time I thought you kind,
then I have really never been more blind
‘Cause you say you love me the same time you’re shoving me,
which one do you think spoke clearer?

You’re top notch when others watch,
but the moment that they turn their heads your devil horns are showing
You can brainwash all you want.
You get minions but I win ‘cause I am right!

So this is how it ends.
I’ll be your bad guy
You can keep playing your broken hearted innocent
who’s mourning over the unfair loss of his “love”

Now if it’s just a prize you’re looking for,
then go knock on someone else’s door
‘Cause I’ve got no time for your rhyme or roses.
I’m not a thing to be won over

It takes more to make up for
all the times you made me cry
And you just say it’s my own fault ‘cause I expect perfection.
Well, if that means respect the yeah, I do

I don’t care if the world
thinks I’m the bad guy
Or that you’re just a broken hearted innocent,
since you’ll be the one who’s mourning unrequited love


You say we’re the perfect two
and I ruined it because I selfishly rejected “kindness”
If that’s true love we got thought,
then I’m liking the sound of a war

You might have won your game,
but I win real life
Since it means I don’t have to be around you
sweet and broken innocent who puts on one big show

About how it’s The End
And I’m the bad guy
You’re just the poor little broken hearted innocent
who’s whining about the rejection of his endless love

Of hurting me!!!

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