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Basute-P (バスてP), a shortened form of his full -P name, Bosu Hasirazu Isoide Aruitekite Bokurawo Tasukete-P (ボス走らず急いで歩いてきて僕らを助けてP) (Boss, Don't Run But Walk Down in a Hurry, and Help Us-P), is a producer known to make cover songs using KAITO and MEIKO; though there are several works that are original from him. Out of all, his most notable work is KAITO and MEIKO's A Fair Day for the Stray Dog to Run which reached over 200,000 views.

His P name comes from a nonsensical gag strip "Sugoiyo, Masaru-san!!!"

STATUS:May 2008 → Assumed active
GENRE:Folk, Classical
URL(s)Nico Nico Piapro
PLAYLIST(s):(Nico Nico Douga List)
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "Martial Arts" (KAITO) (May.14.2008)
  2. "Silver Dragon" (KAITO) (May.16.2008)
  3. "Cherry Beaks" (KAITO) (May.20.2008)
  4. "ake-kaze" (KAITO) (May.24.2008)
  5. "Wildlife Carcicature" (KAITO) (Jun.01.2008)
  6. "Poetry of the Gods" (MEIKO, KAITO) (Jun.23.2008)
  7. "Cherry Trees" (KAITO) (Jul.02.2008)
  8. "Beyond Love" (MEIKO, KAITO) (Jul.26.2008)
  9. "A Fair Day for the Stray Dog to Run" (MEIKO, KAITO) (Aug.19.2008) with subtitles
  10. "Wildlife Carcicature" (KAITO) (Sep.27.2008)
  11. "Heavenly Stars" (MEIKO) (Oct.21.2008)

Songs / Featured Works[]

野良犬疾走日和 (Norainu Shissou Biyori)

Uploaded 2008.08.19 Featuring KAITO, MEIKO
Music Basute-P Main article 野良犬疾走日和 (Norainu Shissou Biyori)
Lyrics Basute-P
Video una
Bosute-P's most notable work; achieving over 300,000 views.