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Image of "Beyond the Veil"
Song title
  • "Beyond the Veil"
Published October 29, 2019, with 1,800+ YouTube views and 460+ SoundCloud views
  • Lauren Estes (music, lyrics)
  • Rai (illustration)


Hey friends, happy Halloween! This song took me way out of my comfort zone as I started experimenting with genre I really haven't ever touched before. It was fun to make and I learned a lot! I also played around with making another sort of song-story - I hope you like it, and I'm looking forward to hearing people's theories and impressions! I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween night!
—Author's description

"Beyond the Veil" is an original song by Lauren Estes featuring DEX and DAINA.


Singer + Color

Never seen anything quite so incredible, never before has there been such a spectacle
Everyone gathering here for the masquerade, glittering gold with their glasses of Cabernet
Nobody knows where the host of the party is, all of the guests in the hall are in disguises
Unleash your spirit now, here in the full moonlight, let down your guard and go dance into the night

Someone turns to me and reaches for my hand
I don't know why I'd accept a stranger's grasp
But I could only laugh
I didn't know that just a glance would be the key
To a twisting and disorienting dance into a dream

Beyond the veil, I found someone
I want to stay, the night is young

I can free you from your old reality
We'll live inside your fantasy
By the end of the dream
You will belong to me

In my heart the stranger stokes a wicked flame
That grows stronger every time the clock hands turn
So hot that I could burn
I don't remember now the life I left behind
Though I cannot turn around now
I don't care if I return

Beyond the veil, I found someone
I want to play and have some fun
The world before tonight is gone
The darkness takes another one

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