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Song title
  • "Blackjack"
Published November 04, 2010, with 1,875,000+ Niconico views, 50,500+ YouTube views, and 11,400+ piapro views


"Blackjack" is a song featuring Megurine Luka by Yucha-P. It is one of Yucha-P's most popular songs. It is the sister song to "Poker Face", is featured in the EXIT TUNES compilation album and Yucha-P's fourth album.

It has reached the Hall of Legend.

Succeeding versionsEdit

Vocalonation PV
Niconico logo
Megurine Luka
Tama (illust, video)
Categories Promotional PV
The PV used to promote the Vocalonation album.


Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
これから辞めるわ 『もう一回』 kore kara yameru wa "mou ikkai"
ただ飽きたら捨てるわ 『もう一回』 tada akitara suteru wa "mou ikkai"
でもこれだけ試して 『もう一回』 demo kore dake tameshite "mou ikkai"
気を引きたいだけの人 ki o hikitai dake no hito

月夜を切裂く 赤い 雑音 ノイズ tsukiyo o kirisaku akai noizu
叫んで 響いて 『もう一回』 sakende hibiite "mou ikkai"
ほら冷たい唇差し出して hora tsumetai kuchibiru sashidashite
嘘こぼれ出ちゃうかもね uso kobore dechau kamo ne

唐突にかざした感情 優劣に悩んだ干渉 toutotsu ni kazashita kanjou yuuretsu ni nayanda kanshou
恍惚に照らした愛情 一人占めで koukotsu ni terashita aijou hitorijime de
有限に気付いた反証 盲目に愛した代償 yuugen ni kizuita hanshou moumoku ni aishita daishou
全て壊して 狂いましょう subete kowashite kuruimashou

制約の犬に 今ナイフを突き刺して seiyaku no inu ni ima naifu o tsukisashite
現実を睨む手前 『もう一回』 genjitsu o niramu temae "mou ikkai"
二十一の感情をただ吐き出しただけの nijuuichi no kanjou o tada hakidashita dake no
這いずるだけの唄 haizuru dake no uta

悠然に見出した絶望 必然に感付いた欲望 yuuzen ni midashita zetsubou hitsuzen ni kanzuita yokubou
整然に片付いて消耗 今日も独り seizen ni katazuite shoumou kyou mo hitori
雄弁に慣らされて服従 傲慢に逆らえず追従 yuuben ni narasarete fukujuu gouman ni sakaraezu tsuijuu
全て失くして subete nakushite

追いすぎた理想に 今刃物で切り裂かれ oisugita risou ni ima hamono de kirisakare
競争に沈む手前 『もう一回』 kyousou ni shizumu temae "mou ikkai"
二十二の現実にただ押し潰されただけの nijuuni no genjitsu ni tada oshitsubusareta dake no
敗北者の為の唄 haibokusha no tame no uta

Below is an unofficial English translation: via Project DIVA. Amendments may have been made to the original translation. —Featured in Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- F 2nd, the writer is uncredited.

I'm going to quit "Hit me"
Ditch it when you're sick of it "Hit me"
Just try this one thing "Hit me"
If you only want to get my attention

Red noise sunders the moonlit night
Shout it out, let it echo "Hit me"
Come on, stick out those cold lips
I bet the lies will come spilling out

Emotions brandished without warning, intervention stressed over pros and cons
Love glowing with ecstasy, winner takes all
The contradiction that knows the limit, the price of loving blindly
Let's go mad and destroy it all

Stab a knife into the watchdogs right now
Right before staring down reality "Hit me"
Ah, this song just crawls along
Belting out that feeling of hitting "21"

Casually discovered despair, inevitably realized hope
Perfectly tidied attrition, I'm alone again today
Eloquently conditioned to obedience, unchallenged arrogance begats sycophancy
I've lost everything

The ideal I pursued too far shreds me with a knife
Right before the competition sinks me "Hit me"
Ah, this is a song for the losers
Crushed by the reality of "22"


karisome cover ft. KAITO
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karisome (cover, illust)
Categories VOCALOID Cover
Eaver cover ft. Hatsune Miku
Eaver (cover, mixing), AzuraLunar (UST), ohgana (video)
Categories VOCALOID Cover
Joshua-san Covers' cover ft. Kagamine Rin
Joshua-san Covers (cover, mixing), AzuraLunar (UST)
Categories VOCALOID Cover
AzuraLunar cover ft. Luna Amane
AzuraLunar (cover, illust, UST)
Categories UTAU Cover

Rishe's cover
Niconico logo
NnTeA (mixing), Satobo (encode)
Categories Human Cover
Soraru and Shamuon cover
Niconico logo
hatsuko (illust), ke-sanβ (video)
Categories Human Cover
Four Person Chorus
Niconico logo
Montea, Kora, Minipurin, Ryo-kun
51 (mixing)
Categories Human Cover; Chorus

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