The purple puppet.. The purple puppet.. 15 December 2020

five nights at freddy's 1

don't forget fnaf song Breaking hearts

Who are you to do this?

You live your life like you're the only one

Who deserves to live

You made us cry

Made us miss our families

You used our souls and took control but now

Something's gotta give
What goes around, comes around, round, round

Goes around, comes around, round, round

You know what they say about dirty lies

Yeah that karma don't forget then you die

The time is now

For us to walk together

And carry out the dreadful verdict that

You brought upon your fate

No hide and seek

Cause the shadows give no shelter

It's time to face the rage behind the mask

That you yourself create

What goes around, comes around, round, round

Goes around, comes around, round, round

You know what they say about dirty lies

Yeah that karma d…

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Angel Emfrbl Angel Emfrbl 7 December 2020

Discord stuff

Ignroe this blog, its me archiving some useful links from the Discord so I know where it is.

Thanks Pokeluver. :-3

Pokeluver223Today at 09:27 @Angelemfrbl So I was looking into old stuff regarding the Metal Gear Solid VOCALOID, we had it all wrong, the VOCALOID was literally just called "AI" There was an official page for the project METAL GEAR SOLID PEACE WALKER OFFICIAL WEBSITE コナミによるPSP用ゲームソフト「メタルギア・ソリッド・ピースウォーカー」公式サイト。 So ZEKE is not the name at all OMG I found demos!! (need to enable Flash)…

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Sailor Oliver Sailor Oliver 3 December 2020

Page 3

To do my part, I've gotten the lyrics from the official YouTube upload of Aisarenakute mo Kimi ga Iru:

最低の評価 でも 赤点の答案でも 君が百円つけてくれたら

嘘でも元気出るよ 嘘でも元気出るよ




嘘でも嬉しかったよ 嘘でも嬉しかったよ
















嘘でも信じたいよ 嘘でも信じたいよ














惑星ですらない デブリの海で












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Animevocaloidandutaurules538 Animevocaloidandutaurules538 1 December 2020

Profile update

So, one of my images from my profile (my avatar) was deleted last week, and I'm still trying to figure out why. Luckily, I downloaded another copy of it and got that in my profile. I apologize for any confusion, I'm just letting you all know that I got my image. Once I figure out why the old one was deleted, this page will be deleted. Thank you for reading ^w^

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Sailor Oliver Sailor Oliver 28 November 2020

Page 2

Update! I've started making more albums. So far, I have 6 albums in total (simplicity, lovely, Oyasumi Good Night, Tale of the Heart Maiden, Shinkai Otome, and Another). Ideas just kept coming to me. I haven't been able to work very much because of my birthday and Thanksgiving. Most of the songs I've written are for 'simplicity,' exempt from the CYBER DIVA original song. I have 2 more songs to add. I need to change the name of the Mew song (palace of dreams), since it's not giving me much inspiration. I would ask for ideas, but that would ruin it. The idea is that this is something made from my own mind and my own thoughts without asking for help.

The final songs for the 'simplicity' album (3/5 written) are [expected to feature] Mirai Komac…

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763492 is back 763492 is back 24 November 2020

Happy Thanksgiving

Halloween’s done for the year, now we are in the month of November, which Thanksgiving is coming up this week.

Please each of you list somethings you’re thankful for.

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Sailor Oliver Sailor Oliver 20 November 2020

Page 1

I've written 4 songs, 3 of which are part of the 'album' "simplicity" and one of them being a CYBER DIVA standalone song (single?). I'm going to work on some other songs. I will update if I get done with another song! :D See you later! すやすや, さよなら!

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Vflowerhasanawesomevoicebank Vflowerhasanawesomevoicebank 16 November 2020

Beginners Playlist

So i'm doing a project for school on Vocaloid, and i need you guys to recommend songs you would share with someone who is just getting into Vocaloid!

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763492 is back 763492 is back 20 October 2020

A Vocaloid Halloween

Hello there Vocaloid fandom!

So as you’re already notice that Halloween season had spread all around us this year, even during the COVID-19 impact. And with that being said, let’s started this Halloween special to light up our holiday spirit. So here are the list of six I’m asking y’all.

  1. Could you think of Halloween/horror/supernatural songs that made through the Vocaloid software, mainly in English?
  2. What Vocaloid mascot would you like to dress up?
  3. Which Vocaloid do you find scary, both software and illustrated character alike?
  4. Name any horror fanfic and creepypasta based on Vocaloids
  5. What are things that the anime mascots of the Vocaloid software program are scared of? And kinda think of it, what’re things you’re scared of?
  6. What your favorite ca…

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Sailorsuntiktiok Sailorsuntiktiok 8 October 2020


Dear everyone in Vocaloid wiki, I have a question, when I enter the wiki and I carfully watched every short cut to a web in Vocaloid wiki, but it dosn't show the pic of the vocaloid/song.It is a bug or an error or something?

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Tou-Ho Li Tou-Ho Li 1 October 2020

Countdown for Vocaloid4 Fukase's Birthday!

October 31 is Vocaloid4 Fukase's Birthday! Me, Ace, Mirai, and Kirai are all doing a celebration countdown! We're throwing a party not just for Fukase but for Ace's Great Grandmother whose birthday is ALSO October 31! For Fukase Fans I'd like to know how you're gonna celebrate Fukase's birthday. Me, Ace, and the twins are gonna bake Cookies and just listen to his singing all day, Ace said she's gonna post a project on Scratch where Fukase sings every song she knows lol she knows loads of songs too. She knows over 100 Vocaloids, well some are Vocaloids, UTAU, UTAUloid, VOICEroid, SynthV, etc.

Let's countdown!

30 Days Until Fukase's Birthday!

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Bunai Di Bunai Di 28 September 2020

ACNH owns my soul

Hello, sorry I haven't been doing much but I've been passing the time playing Animal Crossing and trying to teach my pup things.

Besides that I will show when contacted via... Message Wall, Discord (mostly), and Twitter. Things have been rather slow so I have been holding back on wiki editing on a lot of the ones I am a part of. I am still thinking about implementing the layout for the UTAU wiki but want to wait out this latest feature the staff has going...

-- Bunai Di (talk) 22:20, September 28, 2020 (UTC)

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EGlint EGlint 17 September 2020

The Rabbit Hole of the Cult of ' '

Hi everyone!

I just finished making the page of the mysterious producer, XYXYZ. Researching about this producer is something and led me into a rabbit hole of mysteries.

When I was writing the description about this producer, I was wondering if I should include the mysteries. But I realized this is Vocaloid Wiki, and anything about the mysteries becomes off-topic so I did my best to write a description that is only Vocaloid-specific.

I wanted to talk about this mysterious producer more, but I have to rest first since I'm going to be a bit busy in real life. I'm planning to continue discussing this on my next blog if I have time.

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EGlint EGlint 15 September 2020

My First Blog

Hi, I'm Glint and this is my first blog.

I just finished working on シェーマ (Shamer), Chinozo's latest song. I watched the premiere yesterday and I really enjoyed watching it. After listening, I did my best to update シェーマ's page in Vocaloid Wiki.

For fun, I actually wanted this page to be up immediately because I wanted Vocaloid Wiki to become the first wiki to provide unofficial information of the song. A person who is close to me who studies Japanese helped me to provide the romaji of the song. It took few edits and the help of Vocaloid Lyrics Wiki to correct the errors. This attempt shows my friend and I cannot provide accurate romaji on the first publish. To be honest I was panicking when I learned about the errors. I really did my best to …

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Iruuuuu Iruuuuu 7 September 2020

social crap

i have some social media, you can find it all here

i kinda dont post tho lol

and yes, i adore miu

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GenrielStrikesBack GenrielStrikesBack 4 August 2020

I'm tired

Tired 👌🏻

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Hendentify Hendentify 26 July 2020


view my blog here

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AraChaChai AraChaChai 18 July 2020

Vocaloid Memesquad

please note: this article is new and doesn't have much information. you can help by editing and adding to it.

The Vocaloid Memesquad (sometimes referred to as just The Memesquad), is a group of VOCALOIDs used to create internet memes. 

it is unknown how this unnoficial group came to be, or why certain characters were chosen. however, the meme squad consists of four vocaloids:

  • Utatane Piko
  • Fukase
  • v Flower

occasionally it is depicted with Kagamine Len and SF-A2 miki as well. normally in drawings the order goes as follows (left to right):







the name is a simplified way of saying "a group that makes/shares memes".

often in talkloids, Flower and Fukase are seen arguing quite often while Piko attempts to settle thing…

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Ashley Entertainment Ashley Entertainment 28 June 2020

My blogging post

Hello everyone!!!!!!!!!!!

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Kuu-asaur Kuu-asaur 24 June 2020

Unpopular Vocaloid opinions

  1. I'm scared of Len becaus I didn't eat my bananas
  2. I like Ryuto's design
  3. Evillious is memeable
  4. Piko should be there in Evillious
  5. Despite being scared of him, I can relate more to Len than Rin
  6. Rana is my favorite Vocaloid
  7. Teto is not a fake
  8. Haku is better than Neru
  9. Green is a creative colour
  10. Miku is proud but humble
  11. V5s are great
  12. V1s are great too
  13. Every vocaloid is great
  14. English Vocaloid songs are cool
  15. My favorite song is 'It's Dark!' by Oliver, Len, Piko and Fukase.
  16. Whenn is projecc sekai?
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SayanoPiano SayanoPiano 1 June 2020

F or F 2nd?

Should I get F or F 2nd? I'm getting a Vita for Christmas and the first game I'm gonna get on it is gonna be either one of these. Which one should I get?

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Bunai Di Bunai Di 28 May 2020

Five dayz layteer

Man, my internet and computer borked and I was without access for a week and half. Since it kept cutting in and out. But now I am back and hope to get caught up on some of my wiki tasks.

I am in the process of going through "Video game songs" and replacing the template with . This means taking any translated songs and placing them in a tab. I.E. キャットフード (Cat Food).

I am also doing touch-ups for the ==Background== section, it should match the intro seen in the layouts, with the song's title, vocaloid(s) featured, and producer(s) followed by any information that can be given about the song if not then feel free to leave that no further information could be given.

I am hoping to get more editors to fill out any 'missing' rhythm game entries in…

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TennisOnWii TennisOnWii 20 April 2020

Any recommendations on who i should listen to?

Yo, Im new to the vocaloid fandom so i really only listen to a few artists (Hatsune Miku, DECO*27 and 40mP are what i usually listen to). It would be nice if i could have some recommendations that are similar to what i listen to already. 


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GeekyWitch17 GeekyWitch17 16 April 2020


I am Geeky! Yes, this is very... unproffesional, but I like to get everything out of the way before continueing. I choose Geeky as my persona because I like a lot of differen fandoms! From Disney, to Marvel, to book serieses, to tv shows, all the way down to video games! Some of my favorite things right now are, -Maximum Ride, -Danganronpa, -Love Nikki, along with some other tv shows such as Stranger things. Yes, there is a long list. Alright. I can't think of anthing else. Okie, bye! 

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Tokina8937 Tokina8937 6 April 2020

And if we talk about a bot? (Tokikobot)

On VOCALOID Wiki we have several bot accounts. The two oldest ones are Tasks126, a bot account belonging to Xuanmien ; and Decembirth, belonging to Bunai. These two bots use the AWB program, an interface permitting for the bots to make many massive and repetitive tasks.

And I'm here to introduce you Tokikobot... It's been one year this little bot is running through the wiki every 10 days... But it's time to publicly tell what she is used for and her limits.

  • 1 Introducing... Tokikobot
    • 1.1 Before she existed...
  • 2 Typically, how the VWVCU bot works
  • 3 Her limits
    • 3.1 Dead links
    • 3.2 The separators
    • 3.3 YouTube API tricks
    • 3.4 Some cases she doesn't see the counts well?
  • 4 In which cases should we MANUALLY update the view counts?
  • 5 Cases where Tokikobot is used for othe…

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Tokina8937 Tokina8937 25 March 2020

Help for long task - Turning Derivatives into Derivative... Without the fuss


Waaay better... It's easier to read the source already, and especially, we converted everything. :D

  • More info about the template Derivative way of working
  • In case you import more scripts
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NebulousViper NebulousViper 1 March 2020

VOCALOIDs in Need of More Song Pages

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Why is this a blog and not a thread?
  • 3 Who needs them?
    • 3.1 High Priority
    • 3.2 Mid Priority
    • 3.3 Low Priority
  • 4 Reminder

I haven't brought something up like this in a long time, but one of the things that we'd probably like to see more of is more song pages for the newer VOCALOIDs.

It's been a few years for some and to see how there aren't many pages to browse is a little worrying because we all know there's got to be more swimming around on these platforms. Something that can be measured as a "rule of thumb" if you will, is giving the vocals a common goal: a minimum of at least 20 pages.

For some, that would be easy! For others, to this day, they might not even have 20 original songs. That's what this blog and list is for: to keep track of …

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JustDance12345 JustDance12345 25 February 2020


I love Miku. Also Neru and Teto. Actually, I like all of them! LOL! :) ;) 

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Whatgiveslol Whatgiveslol 7 February 2020


Henlo I am Midori Gurin. I email Yanderedev on the daily.

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Meepsfordays Meepsfordays 28 January 2020


I just realized that since v flower sings Novocaine and hyperdontia. Does that mean they're the same person?!?!?!

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Meepsfordays Meepsfordays 27 January 2020


I finally finished my Novocaine drawing! I'm sooo sick though...

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Angel Emfrbl Angel Emfrbl 17 January 2020

Back to stage 1

So guys, Discord is currently not even loading for me, I don't know whats wrong.

But this is where I was before so... I'm back where I started.

If anyone knows how to resolve this, let me know.

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ShawnaTheGamer ShawnaTheGamer 8 December 2019

i'm new to vocaloid

hi!! i just wanted to ask if anyone could reccomend me less popular vocaloid songs to listen to?

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Speedyblue Speedyblue 24 November 2019

Coming Out

Some of you know me, and some of you don’t. For those who don’t, I am Speedy, a Youtaite and generally inactive user on the wiki, as of now at least...

I’ve been here for about 2 years, and it doesn’t even feel like that long. I’m still relatively new here, so, get to know me however you like. Anyways, while I was gone, something changed. But I should start with what happened before that. Way before that.

Recently, I changed my gender section to “Questioning identity”. It seemed so sudden, and I’m not surprised if you thought, “What the hell is this? Is she going through a crisis??” I kinda was...with no internet access on my phone, my PC, anywhere, really, I felt trapped and sad. I have few offline friends, so I felt lonely. But enough abou…

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Speedyblue Speedyblue 14 October 2019

I Have Returned!!!

Except not really because I’m going away soon again. But if you want to contact me, email me! My email is! Just state who you are, and you’re good to go!

Why did I go away? Long story really, and I don’t want to talk about it. But I’m willing to share some new stuff with anyone who is willing to talk!

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Jozephblakmarr Jozephblakmarr 25 September 2019

What Child Is This/We Three Kings

I know I'm early, but I decided to put together a jazz arrangement of Christmas partner songs (this is my first piece using vocaloids!). It features Oliver singing "What Child Is This" and Cyber Songman II singing "We Three Kings". I hope you like it!

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Phantom Blankenheim Phantom Blankenheim 4 August 2019

The Evillious Chronicles: Is It Really Over? Or Is There So Much More To Tell?

I know that the release of the song Master of the Heavenly Yard marks the end of The Evillious Chronicles, but I wonder: is this really the end? Or is there so much more to tell? My thoughts are that while it may have concluded with Master of the Heavenly Yard's release, it's not over. Since Riliane and Allen initiated a Re_birthday, creating a new world, that, to me, marks the end of the Third Period and the start of the Fourth Period. There could be a whole new story to tell with the start of the Fourth Period and the creation of the new world, such as the reconstruction of Lucifenia, Beelzenia, Asmodean, Marlon, Elphegort, Jakoku, and Leviant, the future of the contractors who have/may have repented for their sins, and more. Since reinca…

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JackiiSekaiReborn JackiiSekaiReborn 23 July 2019

Where's Teto Territory???

...or Kasane Territory... I can never remember

So, where's the page for the song on the wiki? I can't find it

Unless it was deleted for a reason... or just not on here

Just wanna know

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NanaPan NanaPan 17 July 2019


Hello!! (´。• ω •。`)

it's time to re-listen album ALGORITHM  (maybe for the first time listen х3)  is the sixth album by Utsu-P There are a lot of cool songs!! \(^▽^)/ (remembered when stumbled on video on YouTube ("Algorithm - Full Album" it seems to be written like this)) 

Enjoy listening (I hope, you like it)

Bye! _(:3 」∠)_

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Mia Dickerson Mia Dickerson 29 June 2019


doing a little research guys and there"s like ZERO proof that matt is secrectly KIRA 

But... They sound EXACTLY alike 

First take a listen to Patches by Circus-P 

Then take a listen to Hook'd by KIRA


A lot of people on BOTH Matt's and KIRA's soundcloud are saying it's true!

Someone needs to tell Kenji-B 

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Daggeronsdaughter120 Daggeronsdaughter120 4 June 2019


Meiko (Japanese: メイコ) (stylized as MEIKO) is a humanoid persona for Yamaha Corporation's Vocaloid singing synthesizer application. Her voice is sampled by Meiko Haigō. She has performed at live concerts onstage as an animated projection along with Crypton Future Media's other Vocaloids (like Hatsune Miku). She was the fourth Vocaloid ever released and the first to sing in Japanese.

The name of the character comes directly from her voice provider's name, Haigō Meiko. Meiko's codename was "Hanako";[1] it likely came from Yamada Hanako (山田花子), a placeholder name for female characters, and the Japanese equivalent to "Jane Smith". "Megumi" was also a name considered during her development.[2]

Meiko was developed by Yamaha and sold by Crypton Future M…

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Rilena Rilena 22 May 2019

Dilema of choosing V5 or V6

My heart is telling me to get V5, whereas my brain tells me I should wait until VOCALOID6, which would be my last time to be elligible for an upgrade. Wouldn't everything that makes V5 a nice program be refined in V6? I haven't made any music with the software yet. I have covered a couple of songs for the sake of learning how to tune, but I feel like I have an obligation to compose at least ONE song. Especially since I have an almost-unused MIDI piano. Yes I will still be able to get V4 to sound realistic, but V5 really was a true upgrade. It kind of felt like the program went from V1-V2 and kind of jumped to V5 with some extremely minor tweaks. I gotta pay out of pocket for this software, it's not like I'm gonna get it as a present. I don…

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Satori0maiden Satori0maiden 6 May 2019


ive accidentaly deleted the post for angel twice now are you kidding me sorry that the image doesn't have a post yet, i'm a mess lol

i'm working on it

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Thesaltyspitoon Thesaltyspitoon 4 May 2019

EN Translation of First Lady by Kanon69

Here is the original wiki page

First Lady


My sad darling

Kiss me right here and now

Before you are bound to her

But we can’t go any further than this because the both of us are-

Together on the road back home

Until the bell for the last train sounds

There’s still another 15 minutes left.

When the magic wears off

We’ll return back to our original suit and uniform

Another 5 minutes left.

Even on Christmas eve and birthdays I can’t be by your side

I’m left behind as I’m nothing but your second lady

I block the door in hopes that I won’t have to wake up from this dream

For just 10 more minutes, even 5 is fine.

Please just look at me!

Please don’t go, darling

Kiss me right here and now

Before you become bound to her

But I can’t bring myself to say these wor…

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MeerkatQueen MeerkatQueen 18 April 2019

YES, you can still get a import code for Piko

Now I know that there is some concern for Piko due to him not getting an update, and that there is uncertainty over wheather or not you can get a import code but I wanted to confirm that yes, you can still get a import code for Piko. (At least in 2019)

I have heard that since V2's permanent retire, you can get a import code from YAMAHA but that seems to no longer be the case.
You'll want to email any import requests to

Something to note however, you may want to send the email and have its title in Japanese. I at first sent a bilingual email with a English title to no response. A week later I resent it completely in Japanese and I did get a response.
(Also, make sure to send your Piko serial code in the email)

However, if you want a …

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MeerkatQueen MeerkatQueen 9 April 2019

Thoughts on VOCALOID5

So I guess that enough time has passed where I can give my thoughts on VOCALOID5. (I posted a review on Equipboard that will basically sum this up if you don't wanna read allof this: link)

For those who don't know, VOCALOID is my favorite thing in the world. I love every single one of them (even the ones that I "hate"). Infact, it is a obsession and I may have a problem. So I guess if someone like me says that they have a problem with a VOCALOID product, something must be up.

VOCALOID5, as nice as it may look with some cool new features it has had a abundance of bugs and glitches that can make it unusable. The software would fix a glitch in an update, however would also introduce a new one in that same update. The first most noteworthy glitch …

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Litrexoid Litrexoid 25 March 2019

What Makes A Good Derivative (Synthesizer Cover)

I've noticed that as of recently, especially on the EZFG page, that derivatives are being added to the synthesizer covers list.

What necessarily makes a good one though? I'm kind of asking that myself sometimes. 

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Angel Emfrbl Angel Emfrbl 21 March 2019

"I want a Piko Update"

Rather then keep repeating myself, I'm going to write this blog and link to this in future.

I'm going to update this as I remember what to note.

  • 1 The initial Reaction
    • 1.1 The Avatar
    • 1.2 The voice
    • 1.3 The name
  • 2 What Sony did
  • 3 The first year
  • 4 So the State of things
  • 5 TL;DR?
  • 6 Version edits;

I'm going to describe the aura of the time Piko came out;

Basically in 2011 a large number of fans began to compare Vocaloids that were coming out and it got silly. As a consquences, there were knee-jerk reactions to this. When people said things like VY1 sounded like Miku Dark, people took it as an excuse the poster was trying to say VY1 wasn't special and they got a bit stubborn about the issue. There was also a sense of this towards everything; design, name, you name…

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Angel Emfrbl Angel Emfrbl 13 March 2019

Ranking CFM Vocaloids

So I'm bored and decided to rank the Vocaloids of CFM for no other reason then I don't know if I've done it yet.

  • 1 6th Place
  • 2 5th Place
  • 3 4th Place
  • 4 3rd spot
  • 5 2nd Spot
  • 6 1st Place
  • 7 Overall

Kagamine Len

They've had 5 releases; Act1, Act2, the Appends, V4x and English.

And of those 5 only the Append and V4x have anything decent about them and the 4Vx range offers the least amount of options of all. So both Kagamines are stuck with the hard luck award and the worst of CFM's Vocaloids overall. So of the two of the Len, Len has always been the worst for his lack of realism being a male voiced by a female and often reported much harder to use. In terms of the grand scheme of things, his Act1 and English are very much guilty of not sounding masculine at all…

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Speedyblue Speedyblue 1 March 2019

I Just Realized

Yesterday was the one year anniversary from when I joined the wiki (if you don’t count when I was an anon)! Wow, time flies hahah.

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