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ShawnaTheGamer ShawnaTheGamer 8 December 2019

i'm new to vocaloid

hi!! i just wanted to ask if anyone could reccomend me less popular vocaloid songs to listen to?

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Speedyblue Speedyblue 24 November 2019

Coming Out

Some of you know me, and some of you don’t. For those who don’t, I am Speedy, a Youtaite and generally inactive user on the wiki, as of now at least...

I’ve been here for about 2 years, and it doesn’t even feel like that long. I’m still relatively new here, so, get to know me however you like. Anyways, while I was gone, something changed. But I should start with what happened before that. Way before that.

Recently, I changed my gender section to “Questioning identity”. It seemed so sudden, and I’m not surprised if you thought, “What the hell is this? Is she going through a crisis??” I kinda was...with no internet access on my phone, my PC, anywhere, really, I felt trapped and sad. I have few offline friends, so I felt lonely. But enough abou…

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Speedyblue Speedyblue 14 October 2019

I Have Returned!!!

Except not really because I’m going away soon again. But if you want to contact me, email me! My email is speedyblue7606@gmail.com! Just state who you are, and you’re good to go!

Why did I go away? Long story really, and I don’t want to talk about it. But I’m willing to share some new stuff with anyone who is willing to talk!

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Jozephblakmarr Jozephblakmarr 25 September 2019

What Child Is This/We Three Kings

I know I'm early, but I decided to put together a jazz arrangement of Christmas partner songs (this is my first piece using vocaloids!). It features Oliver singing "What Child Is This" and Cyber Songman II singing "We Three Kings". I hope you like it!


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Phantom Blankenheim Phantom Blankenheim 4 August 2019

The Evillious Chronicles: Is It Really Over? Or Is There So Much More To Tell?

I know that the release of the song Master of the Heavenly Yard marks the end of The Evillious Chronicles, but I wonder: is this really the end? Or is there so much more to tell? My thoughts are that while it may have concluded with Master of the Heavenly Yard's release, it's not over. Since Riliane and Allen initiated a Re_birthday, creating a new world, that, to me, marks the end of the Third Period and the start of the Fourth Period. There could be a whole new story to tell with the start of the Fourth Period and the creation of the new world, such as the reconstruction of Lucifenia, Beelzenia, Asmodean, Marlon, Elphegort, Jakoku, and Leviant, the future of the contractors who have/may have repented for their sins, and more. Since reinca…

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JackiiSekaiReborn JackiiSekaiReborn 23 July 2019

Where's Teto Territory???

...or Kasane Territory... I can never remember

So, where's the page for the song on the wiki? I can't find it

Unless it was deleted for a reason... or just not on here

Just wanna know

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NanaPan NanaPan 17 July 2019


Hello!! (´。• ω •。`)

it's time to re-listen album ALGORITHM  (maybe for the first time listen х3)  is the sixth album by Utsu-P There are a lot of cool songs!! \(^▽^)/ (remembered when stumbled on video on YouTube ("Algorithm - Full Album" it seems to be written like this)) 

Enjoy listening (I hope, you like it)

Bye! _(:3 」∠)_

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Mia Dickerson Mia Dickerson 29 June 2019


doing a little research guys and there"s like ZERO proof that matt is secrectly KIRA 

But... They sound EXACTLY alike 

First take a listen to Patches by Circus-P 

Then take a listen to Hook'd by KIRA


A lot of people on BOTH Matt's and KIRA's soundcloud are saying it's true!

Someone needs to tell Kenji-B 

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Daggeronsdaughter120 Daggeronsdaughter120 4 June 2019


Meiko (Japanese: メイコ) (stylized as MEIKO) is a humanoid persona for Yamaha Corporation's Vocaloid singing synthesizer application. Her voice is sampled by Meiko Haigō. She has performed at live concerts onstage as an animated projection along with Crypton Future Media's other Vocaloids (like Hatsune Miku). She was the fourth Vocaloid ever released and the first to sing in Japanese.

The name of the character comes directly from her voice provider's name, Haigō Meiko. Meiko's codename was "Hanako";[1] it likely came from Yamada Hanako (山田花子), a placeholder name for female characters, and the Japanese equivalent to "Jane Smith". "Megumi" was also a name considered during her development.[2]

Meiko was developed by Yamaha and sold by Crypton Future M…

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Rilena Rilena 22 May 2019

Dilema of choosing V5 or V6

My heart is telling me to get V5, whereas my brain tells me I should wait until VOCALOID6, which would be my last time to be elligible for an upgrade. Wouldn't everything that makes V5 a nice program be refined in V6? I haven't made any music with the software yet. I have covered a couple of songs for the sake of learning how to tune, but I feel like I have an obligation to compose at least ONE song. Especially since I have an almost-unused MIDI piano. Yes I will still be able to get V4 to sound realistic, but V5 really was a true upgrade. It kind of felt like the program went from V1-V2 and kind of jumped to V5 with some extremely minor tweaks. I gotta pay out of pocket for this software, it's not like I'm gonna get it as a present. I don…

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Satori0maiden Satori0maiden 6 May 2019


ive accidentaly deleted the post for angel twice now are you kidding me sorry that the image doesn't have a post yet, i'm a mess lol

i'm working on it

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Thesaltyspitoon Thesaltyspitoon 4 May 2019

EN Translation of First Lady by Kanon69

Here is the original wiki page

First Lady


My sad darling

Kiss me right here and now

Before you are bound to her

But we can’t go any further than this because the both of us are-

Together on the road back home

Until the bell for the last train sounds

There’s still another 15 minutes left.

When the magic wears off

We’ll return back to our original suit and uniform

Another 5 minutes left.

Even on Christmas eve and birthdays I can’t be by your side

I’m left behind as I’m nothing but your second lady

I block the door in hopes that I won’t have to wake up from this dream

For just 10 more minutes, even 5 is fine.

Please just look at me!

Please don’t go, darling

Kiss me right here and now

Before you become bound to her

But I can’t bring myself to say these wor…

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MeerkatQueen MeerkatQueen 18 April 2019

YES, you can still get a import code for Piko

Now I know that there is some concern for Piko due to him not getting an update, and that there is uncertainty over wheather or not you can get a import code but I wanted to confirm that yes, you can still get a import code for Piko. (At least in 2019)

I have heard that since V2's permanent retire, you can get a import code from YAMAHA but that seems to no longer be the case.
You'll want to email any import requests to piko@sme.co.jp

Something to note however, you may want to send the email and have its title in Japanese. I at first sent a bilingual email with a English title to no response. A week later I resent it completely in Japanese and I did get a response.
(Also, make sure to send your Piko serial code in the email)

However, if you want a …

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MeerkatQueen MeerkatQueen 9 April 2019

Thoughts on VOCALOID5

So I guess that enough time has passed where I can give my thoughts on VOCALOID5. (I posted a review on Equipboard that will basically sum this up if you don't wanna read allof this: link)

For those who don't know, VOCALOID is my favorite thing in the world. I love every single one of them (even the ones that I "hate"). Infact, it is a obsession and I may have a problem. So I guess if someone like me says that they have a problem with a VOCALOID product, something must be up.

VOCALOID5, as nice as it may look with some cool new features it has had a abundance of bugs and glitches that can make it unusable. The software would fix a glitch in an update, however would also introduce a new one in that same update. The first most noteworthy glitch …

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Litrexoid Litrexoid 25 March 2019

What Makes A Good Derivative (Synthesizer Cover)

I've noticed that as of recently, especially on the EZFG page, that derivatives are being added to the synthesizer covers list.

What necessarily makes a good one though? I'm kind of asking that myself sometimes. 

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Angel Emfrbl Angel Emfrbl 21 March 2019

"I want a Piko Update"

Rather then keep repeating myself, I'm going to write this blog and link to this in future.

I'm going to update this as I remember what to note.

  • 1 The initial Reaction
    • 1.1 The Avatar
    • 1.2 The voice
    • 1.3 The name
  • 2 What Sony did
  • 3 The first year
  • 4 So the State of things
  • 5 TL;DR?
  • 6 Version edits;

I'm going to describe the aura of the time Piko came out;

Basically in 2011 a large number of fans began to compare Vocaloids that were coming out and it got silly. As a consquences, there were knee-jerk reactions to this. When people said things like VY1 sounded like Miku Dark, people took it as an excuse the poster was trying to say VY1 wasn't special and they got a bit stubborn about the issue. There was also a sense of this towards everything; design, name, you name…

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Angel Emfrbl Angel Emfrbl 13 March 2019

Ranking CFM Vocaloids

So I'm bored and decided to rank the Vocaloids of CFM for no other reason then I don't know if I've done it yet.

  • 1 6th Place
  • 2 5th Place
  • 3 4th Place
  • 4 3rd spot
  • 5 2nd Spot
  • 6 1st Place
  • 7 Overall

Kagamine Len

They've had 5 releases; Act1, Act2, the Appends, V4x and English.

And of those 5 only the Append and V4x have anything decent about them and the 4Vx range offers the least amount of options of all. So both Kagamines are stuck with the hard luck award and the worst of CFM's Vocaloids overall. So of the two of the Len, Len has always been the worst for his lack of realism being a male voiced by a female and often reported much harder to use. In terms of the grand scheme of things, his Act1 and English are very much guilty of not sounding masculine at all…

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Speedyblue Speedyblue 1 March 2019

I Just Realized

Yesterday was the one year anniversary from when I joined the wiki (if you don’t count when I was an anon)! Wow, time flies hahah.

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Angel Emfrbl Angel Emfrbl 27 February 2019

So... Technically today its Vocaloids birthday

So today Vocaloid celebrates making it to another year.

We often see Vocaloids being celebrated, but rarely anyone celebrates Vocaloids official birthday itself.

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Ihaveleftpeople Ihaveleftpeople 26 February 2019

Best Vocaloid Songs In My Opinion

this includes unnoficial covers

5. senbonzakura (tohoku zunko) unofficial cover

4. tsukema tsukeru (vflower v3) unnoficial cover

3. circus monster (aoki lapis) unnoficial cover

2. sand planet (matcha) unofficial cover

1. charming kiss (chikai from AAA and chika) official song

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Meiko Megurine Meiko Megurine 25 February 2019

The hate against iXima's art style and iXima Style art

I saw a tweet from Haneokka, (I think I spelled her name right), in which she spoke against UTAUs drawn in the style of iXima, and like, 10 minutes later, I see a tweet from MystSapph in which she spoke against it as well, and when I opened the tweet to see the comments, several people were in agreement with her, with one person referencing the "balding Miku" thing, and another making a comment about the "neutral" facial expressions characters illustrated by iXima receive.

I fail to see what the problem with iXima's art style is. In my honest opinion, I think people are just sour over the fact that it's not the cartoony anime style they're all used to and got their panties in a twist over someone bringing something new to the table, in this…

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HatsuneMikutheREALvocaloid HatsuneMikutheREALvocaloid 8 February 2019



I’m new to the fandom k

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RetroTVHead RetroTVHead 19 January 2019


Hey there. I joined about five months ago, but I'm actually starting to do things here. Not much, though. I'd like to start making a Utau but I'm not enitrely sure how. Should I introduce myself? Okay, well, I like to draw, I guess. GHOST & Hachi are two of my favorite Utau/Vocaloid song producers. I might do a lot of Utau covers of their songs. I probably won't use anyone's Utau or Vocaloid besides mine (if I figure out how to make one). Anyway, seey'all.

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MeerkatQueen MeerkatQueen 11 January 2019

An apology

I would like to apologize for my inactivity lately. I usually don't like to talk about my personal life on the internet but it's been getting out of hand and I feel like I owe everyone an explanation. Recently my chronic pain has been getting alot worse and it has been getting incredibly hard to function and even think. I have had to go home from work early and/ or just call out alltogether because it has been getting so bad. I can't help but wonder if I'm even going to be able to keep my job or worse. And if I do get fired I am absolutely certain that because of my visible disabilities, tourettes tic, and inability to get a further education I can't help but fear that I may never be able to get another job again. There is one medication t…

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Rilena Rilena 10 January 2019

I am tired of all the anime/cartoon designs for mascots

I am serious when I say I am tired of all the cartoon box art we have for VOCALOID voice banks, regardless of how the product sounds. Ever since the release of Hatsune Miku, I believe (not sure, since there's not lots of evidence) that there has been an increase in cartoon style avatars for boxes. This especially became common in V3 and V4.

Also, when the V5 standard vocals were released, there were a bunch of people who were upset because their designs looked like something from The Sims 2. The issue is that their vocals were high quality, yet some people only seemed to care about what the "character looked like." They're allowed to say that, but when I see dozens of comments saying the same thing, I'm reminded that VOCALOID has sometimes …

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Iammacskyrunner Iammacskyrunner 28 December 2018

A New Adventure

Hey! The name is Makaia, though most people nowadays call me by a name I made up for the main character of my orginal story, Mac Skyrunner. I am an aspiring VOCALOID artist, primarily using Hatsune Miku, and then comes the rest of Crypton Future Media's crew, and Megpoid GUMI. I plan on being a vocalist in most of the songs too. I am currently saving up for Miku's voicebank, which well be my first besides the free Utaloids, and FL Studio (I'll move onto Logic Pro eventually).

I have finished writing the lyrics for many of my original songs, and have the background music ready in my head, so I am just waiting on the money for the software. Song titles for my finished songs are "Living Young," "Orb of Music," "Joyful Synthesizer" (this one is…

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Nuclearsos Nuclearsos 27 December 2018

All my VSQx's and VPR's


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Meiko Megurine Meiko Megurine 24 December 2018

Is this Megurine Luka V3?

So I found this cool drawing of Luka on Google images, then it dawned on me that that's probably the artwork of Luka used for the New Luka demo video that featured a silhouetted version of Luka. After comparing the drawing to the silhouette in that video, I reached the conclusion that that's possibly the official design of Megurine Luka V3. What do you think? Do you think that's probably the design of Luka V3?

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LOLbootington LOLbootington 24 December 2018


I would make a "poll" about who is best girl, but there's to many to choose!!!!

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Zach Mando Games Zach Mando Games 18 December 2018

Vocaloid Choice Awards 2019

Vote once per category for your favorites.

  • 1 Songs
    • 1.1 Japanese Solo Song Of The Year
    • 1.2 Chinese Song Of The Year
    • 1.3 English Song Of The Year
    • 1.4 New Japanese Song Of The Year
    • 1.5 Japanese Collaboration Song Of The Year
  • 2 Artists
    • 2.1 Japanese Male Artist ♂f The Year
    • 2.2 Japanese Female Artist ♀f The Year
    • 2.3 Chinese Artist Of The Year
    • 2.4 English Artist Of The Year
    • 2.5 Non-Vocaloid Artist Of The Year
    • 2.6 Vocaloid Voice Of The Year
    • 2.7 Japanese Non-Utaite Composer Of The Year
    • 2.8 Chinese Composer Of The Year
    • 2.9 English Composer Of The Year
    • 2.10 Utaite Of The Year
  • 3 Overall
    • 3.1 Concert Of 2018
    • 3.2 Concert Of The Year
    • 3.3 Song Of The Year
    • 3.4 Composer Of The Year
    • 3.5 Artist Of The Year

IMPORTANT NOTE: If 2 ore more artists perform a solo song together, then that song is placed in Japan…

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Angel Emfrbl Angel Emfrbl 18 December 2018

The lost souls of 2018

Its no secret the Vocaloid craze is over and that we're seeing a decline since 2014 in growth. But what remains is strong right? Well... Yes and No.

As I've pointed out for the last couple of months, V5 has presented itself with a number of problems going forward and some producers have slowly been jumping to CeVIO while others watch Synth V. For us Vocaloid fans, the joy ride is over and it remains to be seen if Vocaloid will see a increase of sales this year like every year since 2007. I haven't seen any sales reports, here is praying.

I think this reflects, however, in the most recent Vocaloid Mirai Komachi and Haruno Sora. These two girls have been popular, sure, but at the same time neglected. ITs not just them but V4s era in gene…

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Angel Emfrbl Angel Emfrbl 16 December 2018

Why I don't automatically Love Miku

Okay so when your a Vocaloid fan, you get this impression at first you have to love Miku. Everyone who thinks you a Vocaloid fan that isn't thinks that you do. When you defend Miku people think your doing it because you love her.

But I don't love Miku and the 8 years in the fandom I've spent saying I don't, its true though.

Basically the issue is Miku is at her core something I'd have loved in 2000-3 when I was just getting into Anime via the internet. I saw anime in the 90s creep in more and more and there was a huge buzz in the early 2000s over it on the internet especially when combined with the amount of shows on TV. To the point wherein by 2006, I was sick of anime. Well, not anime itself, but of the fans and the attitude towards a…

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LayetriP LayetriP 22 November 2018

The next big thing is coming!

[Reprint of https://blog.layetri.nl/announcing-lone-wolf ]

Hey guys,

It’s release announcement time again! We’ve been spoiling some hints online the past few months, but it’s finally here: TeamLayetri’s new album “Lone Wolf” will be released on December 16, 2018! And man, we’ve done a lot to make this album happen…

Let’s start with the good stuff: songs. There are a lot of those on this album, 11 to be precise. From reworked older songs to metal, we’ve put together a truly diverse compilation of our musical possibilities. Here’s all the songs on the album:

  1. Alone LayetriP, Takahiro178, Hatsune Miku
  2. Under the Cherry Trees LayetriP, Takahiro178, Hatsune Miku, danielvw
  3. Lone Wolf LayetriP, Takahiro178, Xin Hua
  4. Warm My Heart LayetriP, Takahiro178, Hats…

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South Batoko South Batoko 12 November 2018

Re: Discord verification

Yes, that's mine.

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IStoleOumasPanta IStoleOumasPanta 4 November 2018

My Top 8 Favorite Miku/Gumi Duets

Yes, there's a lot of MASA on here. I've been listening to a lot of MASA songs lately and I'm honestly suprised by how much I like it.

This is entirely my opinion, please do not be offended.

8. エルゴノミックヒーロー (Ergonomic Hero)

My first ever MASA song was The Fox's Wedding. My second was Ergonomic Hero, and I was pretty surprised. Normally it wouldn't be something I listened to, but like a lot of MASA songs it's so freaking catchy. Not like "Oh my gGakupo this is all I can think about" catchy, but like "Wait, when did I start humming this?" catchy.

7. マトリョシカ (Matryoshka)

So, I didn't listen to Matryoshka until literally yesterday. And hey, it's pretty good. Not my favorite song in the world but it's pretty good. I personally prefer IA and Lily's cov…

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Angel Emfrbl Angel Emfrbl 22 October 2018

Predictions for the rest of V5

Thought I'd do this for fun, but these are my predictions going forward, I want to see what comes true.

Okay here there are;

  • 1 or 2 new Korean Vocaloids
  • 2 to 4 Chinese
  • 2 or 3 new English, since we've only got Zero-G going forward
  • 8-12 new Vocaloids for Japanese

One of the biggest issue is this is likely going to be a expectation going forward in Vocaloid in general from now on. Vocaloid is slowly trailing off back to the days when Vocaloid was expecting to produce far less overall stuff in my opinion. We'll not see it fade away entirely and it likely due to its loyal Japanese fandom be around for another 2 engine versions at least.


  • About 4 a year on average
  • I don't think there is too much concern unless we near the 2 year period ending, …
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OfficialElys OfficialElys 21 October 2018

This might be a promo and idk if promos are illegal

  • kicks in door* HELLO!  It's me, that one person.

After, I kid you not, MONTHS of working on it and being afraid to post it, I finished a freakin' song.

Since I can't make the page myself (potential bias and whatnot), I would really, really appreciate it if someone could make a page for it.  Please.

If I'm not allowed to do this then tell me I'm sorry feel free to delete this I'm so freaking hfdjks stupid but I'd really appreciate it if it were possible okay tHANKS BYE

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Aihavenoideawhatsoever Aihavenoideawhatsoever 13 October 2018

So i guess i should've said this earlier but....

I don't doubt that there might be users that suspected this or outright know what i'm about to say and i'm sorry if i'm making it sound dramatic but it is imporatant to me okay! It's already cold and my anxiety is only maikng me tremble more.
(I'll be talking on third person for a while so i apologise if the whole thing sounds cringy or something along the line)

Um, hello

So i've been here for a while and i guess i hid something that's sort of important but not really. The thing is i'm worried it might be breaking the wiki's rules tho i've never read them to know....(yeah sorry about that, haha... it's really only because i didn't see a link to them anywhere)

So i go by Ai or Aaaaaiiiiiiii here but i also happen to be User:Ihavenoideawhatsoeve…

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NebulousViper NebulousViper 9 October 2018

Vocaloid Wikia Discord server now open!

Speedyblue brought up the suggestion that Vocaloid Wikia should have a Discord server. She's brought up that plenty of other wikias do it, so why not this one?

And why not?

Good question. Good suggestion. Anyways, here's Vocaloid Wikia's Discord server.

Channels should be straightforward. You've got a place for general chatting, a place to reach admins, help section, page requests, and channel suggestions. Trying to avoid voice channels if we can help it folks! Also, please set your nicknames on the server to your Vocaloid Wikia username if possible or at least a shorten version of it so we know how to reach you over here if needed!

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Speedyblue Speedyblue 9 October 2018

Should This Wiki Have a Discord Server???

I mean it doesn’t have to, but it’s just a suggestion

Hi all. This is Speedy here. I was just wondering whether or not this wiki should have a Discord server. A lot of wikis have them, so I wonder if this one should have one too...

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Speedyblue Speedyblue 30 September 2018

I Made A Mistake in Adding Subtitles For An Official YouTube Video

Hi all. I’ve made an embarrassing mistake...so, I was adding subtitles for the Japanese lyrics of Let's Be Honest, and when I clicked the add translation button for Japanese, I accidentally published a Google Translated version of the English lyrics...I have since cleaned up my mess (the revised subtitles are still being reviewed), but if anyone knows how to prevent this from happening in the future, please tell me, and I’ll take your advice. Thank you.

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The Foxy17 The Foxy17 29 September 2018

Lola and Leon second name

Hello everyone, I would like to question with you the best "second name" for Leon and Lola. I think the best second name would be Saisho, because saisho means first, and they were the first vocaloids. What do you think?

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TomboyJessie13 TomboyJessie13 12 September 2018

Don't worry folks, I'm unblocked now

The situation has been resolved, I'm unblocked from the wiki

It turns out the reason I was blocked is because I was one of the many innocent IPs who were unintentionally blocked because VOCALOID Wiki had this troll going around doing things they're not supposed to here, and they won't stop doing that, so they had to do one of those range blocks or global bans to drive them out. Unfortunately innocent IPs(me included) got caught up in it because of the troll's country or something like that. 

And I understand if you're not fond of this Damesukekun person but it wasn't their intent so don't be picking on them, it's not worth starting an internet war. 

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Otori0Menta Otori0Menta 12 September 2018

Blocked users

Hello, everyone. I didn't know how to contact the admins so I'm writing this. I really hope you admins read this. I've got a friend who has been blocked in this wikia. She wrote a post about that, saying that she hadn't been in this wikia for a long time and she didn't understand how did that happen. Here you have her post about this: https://www.deviantart.com/tomboyjessie13/journal/Blocked-on-Vocaloid-Wiki-for-abuse-763494754

Damesukekun blocked her. I've heard this is something that happened sometimes, but I really hope someone changes this. Please stop blocking people randomly. The motive written was: abusive multiple accounts but in fact she only has one account, and she rarely uses it. 

Thanks for your attention and sorry for the trouble…

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Speedyblue Speedyblue 10 September 2018

The Truth About MikuIsAwesome

Hi all. I’d like to announce that HatsuneMikuIsAwesome is actually a fake account I created to see how fast I could get banned from FANDOM for being a hardcore troll. I’m extremely sorry for doing this, and I know it was a stupid thing to do. If you decide to block me, that’s okay; I’ll deal with the block. If you don’t, I promise to be good, and I will never (intentionally) break any more rules.

Thanks for reading, and hopefully understanding.

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Speedyblue Speedyblue 10 September 2018

What Languages Would You Like Vocaloids To Be Available In?

I know this is a stupid question, but I’m just curious. Personally, I would really like to have French and Italian Vocaloids, but having Cantonese Vocaloids would be nice too.

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Speedyblue Speedyblue 6 September 2018

I Think I Should Tell You This...

Hi all... I really want to keep sensitive topics of the wiki...but I just want to share something...

If you’ve read my userpage (which I doubt), you may have noticed that I said I have depression...well...in the past few weeks, I wanted to kill myself...

If you are wondering why I want to kill myself...it’s mainly because of extremely low self confidence and bullying...I usually tell myself “You are a worthless piece of dog shit, who has no purpose in this world other than to be made fun of and ridiculed.” I’ve also been frequently bullied for being partially blind...

I’m absolutely sorry for wasting your time by having you read this...please yell at me and tell me I’m worthless in the comments...I’ll just...hide in a corner...

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NintendoFan123 NintendoFan123 2 September 2018

VOCALOID Song Additons

Check out this: https://vocaloid.wikia.com/d/p/3294873499205735807

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NintendoFan123 NintendoFan123 29 August 2018

MurasagiYT Channel Takedown

The channel MurasagiYT has been taken down for some reason or another, so the associated derivatives on the Nanatsu no Tsumi to Batsu and Shukufuku no Messiah to Ai no Tou pages were removed accordingly. I'm not sure why they would take down the channel.

Apparently, according to their Twitter Page, it seems that ONLY their YouTube Channel got wrongly terminated for spamming and deceptive advertisement. Must've been a mistake. On the other hand, their NicoNico account is still active, so the appropriate links are brought back.

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IStoleOumasPanta IStoleOumasPanta 26 August 2018

I'm having a crisis...

This is going to sound rather stupid, but I don't know what my first vocaloid song was and I'm trying to figure it out. There are 3 potential songs and I'm not sure which one qualifies as my first song.

Senbonzakura- The first time I listened to it was the music box version without any vocals, so I'm not sure whether or not this would count. This was before I knew about vocaloid.

Echo- I heard the song through the Undertale animation (because I'm a WEEB) so it wasn't the actual version of the song. I'm not sure if that would count or not, because I still didn't know what vocaloid was then.

Outer Science- I listened to this song right as I learned about vocaloid (so like last November) but instead of the original version it was the Shirou Nova…

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