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Speedyblue Speedyblue 24 August 2018

What’s Your Least Favorite Vocaloid Song?

I hate being negative, but I have a question to ask, just because I’m curious. Actually, you can just read the title. Maybe you don’t like the tuning, or the lyrics, or something else about it just BUGS you. My personal least favorite is Pane Dhiria, as I find Kaito’s tuning to be awful in that song. Other songs that I don’t like are This is the Happiness and Peace of Mind Committee, Maigo Life, and Starduster (“Ai O” is said too many times.) An honorable mention would be Gay Sex for just being so damn creepy.

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IStoleOumasPanta IStoleOumasPanta 24 August 2018

40 ways I've been triggered by Vocaloid

All of these have been taken from things people have said or done to me. The first half is things people have said and the second half is things people have done. A lot of these things are just stupid...

Please don't take this seriously, it's just a list of how people have triggered me by being idiots and saying weird stuff about vocaloid.

  1. "Sorry, I don't watch vocaloid..."
  2. "Oh my gosh Gumi stole Echo from Undertale!!!"
  3. "Hey, wasn't Hatsune Miku the first vocaloid?"
  4. "Yanhe's a boy!"
  5. "Piko's a girl!"
  6. "Flower's a boy!"
  7. "Gakupo's a girl!"
  8. "Fukase? I never knew they made a vocaloid based off of Ronald McDonald..."
  9. "Wait, you like Cantarella?! Oh my god that's way too mainstream!!! You really need to listen to more different vocaloid songs!!!" (I had the…
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IStoleOumasPanta IStoleOumasPanta 19 August 2018

I've noticed a pattern...

I don't think I'm the first person to discover this, but it seems like in all the songs I listen to there is some sort of pattern depending on the vocaloid who sings it:

Hatsune Miku: Jealous evil person who kills to get her way (Scissorloid, Rotten Girl Grotesque Romance, Gift From the Princess who Brought Sleep)

Kagamine Rin: The reason Len is always dying (Fear Garden, Servant of Evil)

Kagamine Len: Always dying (Prisoner, Fear Garden, Servant of Evil, Cantarella, Evil Food Eater Conchita...)

Megurine Luka: Either kills Miku or is in love with her (Scissorloid, The Tailor Shop on Enbizaka, magnet, Deja Vu)

KAITO: Miku does something yandere to him or vice versa and they end up together (Cendrillon, Cantarella)

MEIKO: Is always killing people …

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IStoleOumasPanta IStoleOumasPanta 13 August 2018

My Vocaloid Pet Peeves

I'll admit, sometimes the vocaloid community really annoys me. I don't think I'm alone in saying that. So here are some of my pet peeves about vocaloid and the vocaloid community. This is going to be a longer post than what I usually do, so just be prepared.


Please don't be insulted by anything on this list, it is just my opinion and I don't mean to offend anyone.


  • Kagamine Rin & Len


I am quite a fan of the Kagamines, but it annoys me when people call Rin and Len "twins". I know amateur fans call them twins (I used to but only while I was still getting into vocaloid) and I can understand why. Same surname, same age, same color scheme, it would make sense. However, it's never been confirmed by Crypton Future Media that they are actually twin…

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Prankster218 Prankster218 12 August 2018

I need help finding an old job plugin that disappeared with Vocaloid Otaku

I'm desperate. I'm having trouble making a VocaVerse account, so I have to resort to here (first blog post, hope I'm doing everything right).

Basically, back in the days of Vocaloid Otaku, there was an EngToJap plugin that automatically rearranged Japanese phonetics to fit english words, meaning you could automatically turn a section into Engrish. I had this plugin, but then my computer had an accident and I basically had to restore everything. I didn't realize that this had caused me to lose the plugin, and now Vocaloid Otaku is gone and I don't know where to find it again.

Were any Vocaloid Otaku users able to save the plugin or at least back-up the site so I can find it again? That plugin was my best friend when making Engrish covers. If …

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IStoleOumasPanta IStoleOumasPanta 10 August 2018

My Hopes For VOCALOID5

These are just some of the things I hope will happen for VOCALOID5:

1. Gakupo English

As a total Gakupo fangirl, I really want this. His English is amazing as is, but I would really like it if he got an English voicebank.

2. Utatane Piko V5

Ok, this probably won't happen and I'll acknowledge that. Piko was released between the Kagamine Appends and VY2, towards the end of the VOCALOID2 generation. But I would still really like to see a Piko update.

3. IA English

I've heard rumors that this was in the works, so I hope said rumors were true. IA is really awesome and I can't wait to hear her English voicebank.

4. anon & kanon V5

I fell in love with Anon and Kanon while listening to their cover of Circus Monster, and I really want them to get an update…

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*Creativename* *Creativename* 7 August 2018


"this is a bucket."

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Shrawnpas Shrawnpas 31 July 2018

I'm sorry

I didn't know I was damaging the images of Kaai Yuki and Arsloid when I made them transparent, and I should've know to leave them alone. I will behave for right now, and if I get banned, I'll deal with it.

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IStoleOumasPanta IStoleOumasPanta 30 July 2018

10 Amazing Vocaloid Songs You've Never Heard Of

This is obvious, but I love Vocaloid. But not just the super popular songs (I absolutely HATE World is Mine...). I love finding the obscure producers who don't get enough credit for the amazing songs they make. So here's my list of 10 vocaloids songs I bet you've never heard of.

Submerged-  Mcki Robyns-P feat. Kagamine Len V4x English (English)

Dictionary-  ΔNDROID feat. v4flower (English)

HOLD FIRE-  heart★breaker feat Fukase English (English)

Lonely Star- KASANE music feat CUL (Japanese)

iridocyte- kurushii feat galaco V3  (Japanese)

Serenity- Azureflux feat AVANNA (English)

Avarice- Mcki Robyns-P and VirtualScones feat. Hatsune Miku V4x English and Kagamine Rin V4x Japanese (Bilingual English/Japanese)

NADZIEJA- MarvyanakaP feat. MAIKA (Polish) …

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IStoleOumasPanta IStoleOumasPanta 1 July 2018

Vocaloid Producers you should definetly check out!

These are a few of my favorite vocaloid producers I think you should check out, as well as some of their songs. (Note that I'm using they/them pronouns regardless of whether or not I know the producer's gender)

GHOST: They're pretty popular, so I'm guessing you've heard of them before. Anyway, they have some very interesting songs and a unique style. Check them out.

Songs: The Distortionist, Appetite of a People-Pleaser, Two of a Kind, Amygdala's Rag Doll

Akuno-P: Also known as mothy, Akuno-P created the vocaloid Seven Deadly sins series and the Story of Evil series. They create very good stories, and you really should check them out.

Songs: The Madness of Duke Venomania, Judgement of Corruption, Servant of Evil, Evil Food Eater Conchita

Mcki R…

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WintermintP WintermintP 15 June 2018

if only the admins could see this...

I'm wondering if I'm allowed to add the VocaDB description onto my article page... Also, I really need to know how to properly write something on the talk page.

Regards, WintermintP

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NintendoFan123 NintendoFan123 23 May 2018

Project mirai 2 + Project mirai DX

You know what's been bugging me? That the Hatsune Miku Project mirai 2 page lacked any information about Project Mirai DX other than its release in Japan, its supposied international release, its delay, and even its actual release date.  It's good to know that it exists, but I feel like it hasn't been mentioned on this wiki enough. So I decided to fix that by adding all the Project mirai DX additions. I'll list them down for you.

  • Project mirai DX adds an additional song, "Nice to Meet You, Mr. Earthling" and its accosiated module.
  • It adds the Super Hard difficulty for the following songs:
    • Romeo and Cinderella
    • Matryoshka
    • 1, 2, Fanclub
    • Arifureta Sekai Seifuku
    • Invisible
    • SING & SMILE
  • It removes most of the video PVs in favor of real-time animated PVs.
  • I…
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VocaNayi VocaNayi 18 May 2018

VSQx is coming up as .xml

Okay, i'm am so annoyed about this and i am sick of it. Everytime i want to download a vsqx i download it, right? and it downloads as .xml or .txt. Is there any way to prevent this or download as .vsqx file. I now i sound like i'm mean and rude but i am sick of it.

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BPG2697 BPG2697 15 April 2018


i just  wanna say,

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OfficialElys OfficialElys 7 April 2018

Willing Artists?

Seeing as I have no money but I need artwork for a PV, even if it's just a single image or different expressions or something, does anyone know of any artists willing to do artwork for a percentage of whatever comes in from the song once I start making money? ;;

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MeerkatQueen MeerkatQueen 5 April 2018

Where to Buy VOCALOIDs

This is a blog post that can tell you where to buy VOCALOIDs!

Please not that some sites may require a forwarding service to be shipped globally.

  • 1 Before purchasing VOCALOID
  • 2 Official distributors
    • 2.2 1st PLACE Co., Ltd.
    • 2.3 AH-Software Co. Ltd.
    • 2.4 Beijing Photek S&T Development Co., Ltd.
    • 2.5 Big Fish Audio, Inc.
    • 2.6 Crypton Future Media, Inc.
    • 2.7 E-Capsule Co. Ltd
    • 2.8 Gynoid Co., Ltd.
    • 2.9 PowerFX Systems AB.
    • 2.10 Shanghai HENIAN Information Technology Co. Ltd.
    • 2.11 ST MEDiA Co., Ltd.
    • 2.12 Zero-G Limited
  • 3 Third party
    • 3.1 amazon
    • 3.2 eBay
    • 3.3 mercari
    • 3.4 Rakuten
    • 3.5 Vector PC Shop

You can listen to samples of many VOCALOIDs on the VOCALOID.com audition room.

You can view a list of avalible trials on VocaVerse, and a full list of trials that are/ were available o…

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Pinkgirl234 Pinkgirl234 15 March 2018

Archiving Threads from VocaloidOtaku.net

Mirror archive links do not count in order to indicate a thread as complete.)

|- | style="text-align:center;"|March 14, 2018 |

  • Added archive.is links of the "Voicebank Retrofitting" thread.
  • Added archive.is links of the "Where to buy VOCALOIDs Thread" thread.
  • Added the links to the following threads:
    • VOCALOID3: Oliver
    • Hatsune Miku V3: Vivid & Light
    • VOCALOID2 Support (+ Import Tool) Terminating March 2016
    • galaco NEO
  • Added an option to expand or collapse the table.

|- | style="text-align:center;"|March 15, 2018 |

  • Added an option to expand or collapse the update logs table.
  • Added the links to the following threads:
    • Zero-G Vocaloid news - last ever chance to purchase Leon, Lola or Miriam!
    • V1 Engloid DLs still available for purchase!
    • VOCALOID MIRIAM now complete…
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OfficialElys OfficialElys 22 February 2018

Working on Songs!

Hi, hello, Elys is working on VOCALOID music and will be publishing it to YouTube soon.  Would one of you lovely moderators let me know the guidelines for making pages for artists who have published works?  Thanks so much in advance!!

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NovapooTheWeeaboo NovapooTheWeeaboo 13 February 2018

About Me

Hey there! My name is Ren (alias, anyway). I live in good old America and I was born on September 28th. I'm an aspiring artist and author, and I like visiting the wikia pages for references when writing fanfiction (yes, I do that :P) and drawing fanart. I really don't have anything else to say other than I'm a young, chubby otaku who lives in her parent's house.

Eh, but anyways, I have other ways you can contact me. I have accounts on MediBang, FanFiction.net and FictionPress, Scratch, and (obviously) an e-mail. I won't disclose them right away, as I don't want to be spammed by "WELCOME TO WIKIAAAAAA" (srsly, don't do that) and I am not too active on them since it's a busy semester in school for me. But I will share them with everyone later…

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Ihavenoideawhatsoever Ihavenoideawhatsoever 9 February 2018

How to add CC subtitles on Yotube videos

So, i said this awhile back, and i thought i should show eveyone how to add translations to CC of official Youtube uploads, made by Vocaloid Producers, on their own. Unfortunatly, i don't think i'm allowed to add images here, so i'll leave links to imgur posts instead. (Please tell me if there is a problem with the links.)

Here is the longer post i made (and can't edit): https://imgur.com/a/vq9t2

But you can also just see it in small posts (that i can edit)

  1. How to access CC: https://imgur.com/a/oKujU
  2. How to add/edit CC: https://imgur.com/a/sacKL
  3. How to check other translations/subtitles: https://imgur.com/a/qgmFQ
  4. How to see if the CC is published (without going to the video): https://imgur.com/a/ozsXi

And here is a video Youtube made about the CC: Yo…

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Yumesuzuki Yumesuzuki 1 February 2018

Initial Song

Hello! I am Suzuki Yume-desu! I have a favour to ask everyone here, do you know the theme of the song 'Initial Song'? I am doing a project at school, the teacher said to pick a song, so I chose Initial Song, and she asks what is the theme of the song you choose, and I am stuck! 

Please Help!!

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Zach Mando Games Zach Mando Games 7 January 2018


Want to share your opinion on which Vocaloids have the best voices and pairings; need more attention; are popular, cool, underrated; etc.? Click on these links to vote. Note that I actually created some of these lists. Have fun!

  • 1 Positive +
    • 1.1 General
    • 1.2 With Utaus and Cevios
    • 1.3 Voices
    • 1.4 Gender
    • 1.5 Language
    • 1.6 Generation
    • 1.7 Companies
    • 1.8 Names
    • 1.9 Groups
    • 1.10 Attributes
    • 1.11 Attention
    • 1.12 Overall
  • 2 Negative -
    • 2.1 General
    • 2.2 Voices
    • 2.3 Groups
    • 2.4 Attributes
    • 2.5 Attention
    • 2.6 Overall
  • 3 Hate

  • Best Vocaloid Characters
  • Most Popular Vocaloids in History
  • Most Favorite Vocaloids

  • Best Female Vocaloids and Utaus
  • Cutest Female Vocaloid and Utaus
  • Best Male Singing Synthesizer Characters
  • Best Female Singing Synthesizer Characters
  • Best Japanese Singing Synthesizer Characters
  • Best English Singin…

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KOMKYO KOMKYO 7 January 2018

Flashing and Failing Television Signal【KOMKYO Lyrics】

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KOMKYO KOMKYO 27 December 2017

AiaiAIai Confliction【KOMKYO Lyrics】

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KOMKYO KOMKYO 27 December 2017

Lie Bouquet【KOMKYO Lyrics】

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KOMKYO KOMKYO 21 December 2017


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ALemon627 ALemon627 19 December 2017

I Dunno

Hiya! I'm new to this Vocaloid Wikia, so I just wanted to write a blog post! If I sound awkward, I'm sorry, I tend to be timid.  Who am I? Some little weeb scrolling the internet listening to vocal synthesizers make electronic Japanese music and enjoys it. I found out what Vocaloids are when I was about 9. I was scrolling the internet (for cats, like any little pink unicorn princess would), and came across a GIF of Miku with cat ears. I was so enamoured by it, I desperately scoured the internet for its source. I searched up "Blue Cat Girl Gif", if I do recall, and found out her name. Hatsune Miku. I remember the same day, by chance, my dad was watching a documentary on robots and came across Miku and her songs. I was so amazed by this, I s…

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Tigressnayi Tigressnayi 18 December 2017

Vocaloid 4 Editor???

Anyone recommend ANY souces where i can get vocaloid internationally??? I recently applied for a job and i haven't heard back yet. So any one???

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NiceTheSickestGamer NiceTheSickestGamer 1 December 2017

Introducing Me

Hello I’m max I love Vocaloid and my favorite and Waifu is Hatsune MikuI love her and I feel like she’s with me everywhere. I also love the games. My favorite somgs are Senbonzakura, Skeleton Orchestra and Lilia,and Electric Angel (Miku Ver),Name of the sin, Satisfaction, Holy lance explosion boy, and Amazing Dolce I owe my life to vocaloid and want to them a part of my life.

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OfficialElys OfficialElys 28 November 2017


Okay, no hate, but why do people ship VOCALOIDs...?  Like...I feel that's weird because.  You know.  They're.  Voicebanks.  And don't go

God, Elys, why do you have to ruin everything with your cynicism, you're LITERALLY not even legally an adult yet.

because I already said no hate.  I don't care if you ship VOCALOIDs, to be frank, it's just that I personally think shipping voicebanks is odd.

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OfficialElys OfficialElys 28 November 2017

Intro...I guess?

〃゚ー゚)ノ Hello, children.

I guess this is an intro type of thing because I can. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Whee, anxiety, okay -

My name is Elysia.  I realized recently that way too many nicknames can come out of that, so you can just stic with Elys-P or Lys.  All of these are pseudonyms because the internet is scary and I don't want people coming after me.


I write (really edgy) lyrics, but I'm kind of in a fix where I can't really make music right now...?  But when I do, I want people to know who the real Elys is. ˙˚ʚ(´◡`)ɞ˚˙ Because.  You know.  People be lyin'.

Most of my time will probably be spent lurking because I'm bored and uninspired. *shakes fist at writer's block*  So expect to see "a lot" of me.

Okay that's it bye -

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PpoiyoPpoiyo PpoiyoPpoiyo 27 November 2017


For all you Vocaloid, and even Fanloid?Utailoid fans, comes the server VOCALOID CHANNEL 39! Read the rules, and be the first to enter this brand new vocaloid community server! We are looking for moderators and a second admin!!

Link: https://discord.gg/3bPRYSa

Thank You,


『 』

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Springtrapthecreepyrabbit Springtrapthecreepyrabbit 21 November 2017


I just got an awesome idea!! 


Here are some of my suggestions:

  • Otomachi Una could have a blueberry or a spice cake.

Reason for the blueberry: Una's hat looks sort of like a blueberry.

Reason for the spice cake: Her two voicebanks are sweet and spicy. Spice cake is sweet with some spice. Therefore, it resembles her two voicebanks perfectly!!!

  • Also, I think that Vy1's boxart for V3 presented a great idea for her character item: a flowered hairpin.
  • CYBER DIVA could have a lemon, due to her gold-themed color scheme.
  • RUBY could have a ruby, or a strawberry.

Reasons for a ruby: Her name is ruby. So it's perfect!

Reasons for a strawberry: Her color scheme is red and pink, like a strawberry.

I t…

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HachuneNova HachuneNova 18 November 2017

How much is an AH-Software starter pack?

Another blog post after Hindi vocaloids so now about vocaloid.

So, i was on the store and Vocaloid 4 Macne Nana stater pack was 22,500yen and i converted it, it was $265.88 and i was 'Holy fuckin' shit! that's expensive as', and i flipped the absolute fuck out, i was like, 'How am i gonna afford this im still living with my parents and i don't have a debit card yet'.

The youtube channel titled, addictedtoheroines, said they only paid USD $35 for the Yuzuki Yukari starter pack, so im confused.

Please tell me cause i am so fucking confused so yeah

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XZonafer XZonafer 4 November 2017


Welcome to my blog! Chat with me here!

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TLTHVN5 TLTHVN5 1 November 2017

Hello I can get a discord server please?

Hello people, i can discord server link please?

Check this: https://discord.gg/ctCkHAb

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Springtrapthecreepyrabbit Springtrapthecreepyrabbit 21 October 2017

Sad Vocaloid Songs

Ok, I am writing this while listening to the Miku x Len version of the Story of Evil, which has several songs that will make you cry. So I got an idea: I'm going to list the songs that have made me cry.

1.  Servant of Evil- Ok I bet some fans didn't cry at the end, but I did!! That ending- LEN-SENPAI FRIGGIN' DIED!!!

2. Regret Message- Even sadder than the ending of Servant of Evil!! Poor Rin... WHY DID MEIKO AND KAITO KILL LEN-SENPAI!?!?

3. Re_Birthday- Okay, I only cried because the ending was so freaking HAPPY.  (Okay, Daughter of Evil is the only song in this series where I DIDN'T cry. Don't judge.)

4. Pretty much any song I've ever listened to where Len-Senpai dies. Which is a lot.

5. Knife. Especially the Kaito, Luka and Len version. Beca…

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Animekyusie Animekyusie 13 October 2017


NOTE: THIS IS NOT A COMPLAINT IT IS A QUESTION. DONT GO IN THE COMMENTS AND SAY "Animekyusie, you a a f-cking complainting b-tch. i f--king hate you!"

So on a wiki, there is groups. And in those groups, there are users. All the users are special but how do you join a group? Admins you should know this

ok tell me in the comments. i will do my best

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Pinkgirl234 Pinkgirl234 9 October 2017

A List of Vocaloid Producers Who Deserve More Recognition

Originally, the title of this blog was "A List of Underrated Vocaloid Producers" but I decided that "A List of Vocaloid Producers Who Need More Recognition" is a much better title plus it might probably be more subjective for people as to how underrated a VOCALOID producer is.

Okay, now to begin with, millions of VOCALOID songs have been produced over the years that have passed ever since VOCALOID came into existence. Numerous producers have received so much recognition. Big-name producers such as 40meterP, Kikuo, Pinocchio-P, DECO*27, Giga-P, CircusP, Crusher-P, Ghost, EmpathP...we've had heard of these producers numerous times and we have often praised and admired them for how well-made and amazing their works are.

But there are tons of VO…

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Animekyusie Animekyusie 9 October 2017

Should there be Vocaloids other than Japanese, Chinese, Engish and Spainish

I know User:Hoshi598 posted something simular about this but, it is a problem for outside speakers. Vocaloids Such as Hatsune Miku, Tonio, MAIKA and Xin Hua all have something in common, they have different languages for outside speakers other than Japan. Something Vocaloid doesn't have: is multiple languages. Vocaloids have been designed to have a voice AND a language so people outside Japan can join the craze. There are only 4 languages for the voicebanks: Japanese, English, Spainish and Chinese (Mandarin), but where are all the other languages?

Some Vocaloid songs have different laguages in them such as, Himitsu no Houkago, it has Vietnamese lyrics. And the vocaloid producer, Masa, they use Hindi, Russian and Arabic vocals.

I would actually…

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PrincessDaisyFan99 PrincessDaisyFan99 24 September 2017

My Vocaloid Shippings as if September,2017

  2. MIRIAM X Corrin (Male)
  4. Sweet ANN X BIG AL
  5. Hatsune Miku X YOHIOloid (OTP)
  6. Hatsune Miku X Starfy (My Friend Ships It)
  7. Hatsune Miku X Homestar Runner (My Dad Ships It)
  8. Prima X Tonio
  9. Rin X Len (Please Respect My Opinion if you hate Incest)
  10. Rin X Crow T. Robot (MST3K)
  11. Rin X Robo Bonanza (SEGA)
  12. Len X Akita Neru
  13. Len X Tei Sukone
  14. Gakupo X Gumi
  15. Len X Yumemi Nemu
  16. Luka X King K Rool (Nintendo) (Better than Luka X Gakupo)
  17. Luka X Tom Servo (MST3K)
  18. Luka X Bones (Alter/Ego)
  19. SONiKA X Kapp'n (But Kapp'n has a real Wife!)
  20. SONiKA X Homeschool Winner (SONiKA kinda sounds like Marzipan) (Simular to Homestar Runner X Marzipan)
  21. SF-A2 Miki X Utatane Piko
  22. Kaai Yuki X Ryuto
  23. Hiyama Kiyoteru X RUBY
  24. Hiyama Kiyoteru X Kyomachi Seika (Voiceroid)
  25. Hiyama Kiyoteru X Kizaki Airi
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HachuneNova HachuneNova 19 September 2017

Should there be hindi vocaloids?

No info about vocaloid 5 yet but if there is should there be hindi voc's

let me know in the comments!

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HatsuneMikuFan3939 HatsuneMikuFan3939 14 September 2017

Local Vocaloid Producers!

Hello! Karimah here again! So, I'm kinda writing this mini blog just wondering, if there are any Singaporean Vocaloid Producers out there that have created songs? I kinda need it for my music project and I have searched throughout the internet but to no avail... If you are a Singaporean Vocaloid Producer please message me or DM at Instagram! My instagram account is @nurulkarimah12 if you're wondering!

Thank you and have a nice day! XD

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PrincessDaisyFan99 PrincessDaisyFan99 27 August 2017

Top 20 Vocaloids I want to see in a Homestar Runner Toon

Inspired by WatchMojo's Top 10 Videos.

Have you ever imagine if Homestar Runner characters met some Singers?

Here is some 20 Vocaloids to debut on the Homestar Runner Toon.

  1. Utatane Piko.He Sounds like Homestar Runner, But Didn't have the same Voice Actors. He will be in a Strong Bad Email Episode where Piko meets the Brothers Strong and The Cheat. and Even meet Homestar! The song in The Cheat's Record Player is Piko Piko☆Legend of the Night.
  2. Mew. Imagine if the Hurricane sounds simular to Prima and Mew. She can be in a Toon where Marzipan encounters one of my Favorite Vocaloid3 Japanese Female vocals. She can have a Vocaloid cover of Cool Tapes.
  3. SeeU and UNI. Imagine a Homestar Runner toon where SeeU, Vora, Khylin and UNI teach the Homestar Run…

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PrincessDaisyFan99 PrincessDaisyFan99 22 August 2017

Homestar Runner Characters as Vocaloids

Have you ever know that if Homestar Runner characters are voiced by Vocaloids in Japan? Here it is! The Homestar Runner characters as Vocaloids!

Homestar Runner as VY2

Strong Bad as Gakupo Kamui

The Cheat as Yumemi Nemu

Strong Mad as Marie Ork (Alter/Ego)

Strong Sad as Yohioloid

Pom Pom as Wil

Marzipan as VY1

Coach Z as Fukase

Bubs as Tonio

King of Town as Big Al

Homsar as Nigaito

Senor Cardage as Macne Papa (Garageband)

Stinkoman as Kyo

1-Up as Yuu

Homeschool Winner as Kaito shion

Champeen as Otomachi Una

Preshy as Kagamine Rin

Rafferty as Kagamine Len

The Hurricane as Prima

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PrincessDaisyFan99 PrincessDaisyFan99 20 August 2017

If Vocaloid meets Homestar Runner....

Gakupo Kamui and Homestar Runner

Tone Rion,Yumemi Nemu and The Brothers Strong and The Cheat

Nekomura Iroha and Pom Pom

Gumi and Marzipan (Because I ship Gumi with Gakupo better than Gakupo X Luka)

Fukase and Coach Z (Even though Coach Z sounds like Fukase)

Otomachi Una and Bubs

Anon and Kanon and The Sad Kids

Hiyama Kiyoteru and Senor Cardage (Kaai Yuki's Sensei and Strong Bad's most wanted Dad!)

Yohioloid and Homeschool Winner

Ruby and Champeen

Oliver and Kaai Yuki and Preshy and Rafferty

Cyber Diva and The Hurricane

If Mike and Matt Chapman know about Vocaloid. Maybe there will be a Future April Fools vocaloid known as Limozeen, Sloshy or Strong Bad.

I wanted some of my Favorite Vocaloids to do a japanese cover on each Homestar Runner songs!

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Mikuhatsune123 Mikuhatsune123 31 July 2017


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PrincessDaisyFan99 PrincessDaisyFan99 15 July 2017

Vocaloid Characters as Homestar Runner Characters

Yohioloid as Homestar Runner

Gackpoid as Strong Bad

Ryuto as The Cheat

Macne Papa as Strong Mad

Yowane Haku as Strong Sad

Kaito as Pom Pom

Hatsune Miku as Marzipan

Fukase as Coach Z

Big Al as Bubs

Nigaito(The Green Shion Brother) as Homsar

Hagane Rin and Len as The Sad Kids

Taito(The Purple Shion Brother) as Senor Cardage

KYO as Stinkoman

YUU as 1-Up

WIL as Pan Pan

Galaco as 20X6 Marzipan

Yuzuki Yukari as Cheerleader

Megurine Luka as So and So

V3/V4 Flower as What's Her Face

Cyber Diva as The Ugly One

Utatane Piko as Sci-Fi Greg

Tonio as D n' D Greg

Cyber Songman as Open Source Greg

Hiyama Kiyoteru as Japanese Culture Greg

VY2 as Homeschool Winner

VY1 as Champeen

Kagamine Rin and Len as Preshy and Rafferty

Meiko as The Hurricane

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Hubcapz Hubcapz 26 June 2017

Gumi's Birthday!

I'm so excited!! Happy Birthday Megpoid a.k.a. Gumi!

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