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Image of "Blossom"
Song title
  • "Blossom"
Published April 21, 2016, with 410+ Niconico views, 5,600+ YouTube views, and 110+ SoundCloud views
  • Myriad:
  • Lystrialle (music, lyrics, mixing, arrangement)
  • Xue (arrangement)
  • DoNotCross-P (art)


This song has been in production since long before Ruby's release, and because of that we were debating for a long while over who the singer should be. But in the end, the consensus was that she ended up too perfect for the song.
I don't remember what exactly they were about, but when I sent the first draft of the lyrics to Xue she told me it was surprisingly depressing for something I would write, so I decided to rewrite the whole thing into something completely different. I can't say it came out any less depressing, but...there's something about it that came from the heart that I thought was important regardless.
I'm so happy this song is finally done! I didn't know that this genre existed at all until Lystrialle proposed we make a song like this! It's an awesome mix of folk and rock and is just amazing. I definitely want to make more songs like this!
ok I'm just happy this song is finally out and that I got to participate in it in some way. I'm very proud of everyone. This beautiful fusion of our members' unique styles is exactly why we have Myriad assembled. I hope there will be more songs like this in the future. Yay!

"Blossom" is an original song featuring RUBY. It is a folk rock genre song created by the Myriad group.


If I waited for you here
would I feel your presence near?
I don't know where my heart is anymore

I still remember all the days you were here
and all the happiness of times that I could see
All of my life that I said I would give to you
I thought that was all that it could be

"Things that I want to do...
I want to spend eternity, just with you"
But in a fragile space of time, I lost it all
I wondered if that had been selfishness too

Broken fragments all around
of my memories abound
Like the petals falling from a flower,
down to the floor
With the dreams to never be
You were ripped away from me
And I wallow in regrets
I didn't have before

Even if it's said and done
Just the two of you, there's only one
You are precious, you are loved,
and that you are even now
Torn and ripped apart inside
Trapped with nowhere else to hide
Just to live, I've but all forgotten how...

In this delusion of "if things had been changed"
Despite the fact that there was nothing I could do
I blame myself in my anger, I despise myself
for never being stronger just for you

Left a void behind
The unrelenting anger within my mind
I can't forget the fleeting last encounter
when I saw you with no proper answers to find

Plucked and tossed aside to die
Watered with my tears to cry
Like a withered flower drying up
and wasting away
You were all there was to me
and there's nothing left to be
Searching aimlessly just to find
a meaning for today

All the time I thought was there
disappears into the air
Only lingering in traces,
in pathetic old dreams
Reaching for you far away
Wishing that you'd only stay
All before it was ripped out at the seams

Even if I tried to just forget you were there
The void still inside me would stay behind
I'll never know why things had ended this way
If I were there...
If I could only have been there so I could find...

Someday I can move ahead
To a future life instead
Even though I can't forget you,
I will come back anew
But before the time is here
I am left with only fear
Wishing all that had happened
hadn't happened to come true

Like the flower once again
Blooming in a lonely den
I can stand alone and rise up
from the ground where I lie
But I'll always wonder then
Thinking back on it again
For I never can beg to know just why...

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